Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Monday, April 13, 2009

8:30 a.m., Ka`a`ike 210


In attendance:  Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Dawn Freels for Lori Teragawachi, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha


Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

Student Affairs

Alvin Tagomori








Update – Hale Haumana



Update – Kulana`ao



New Student Orientations





·         As of today, 36 students have enrolled vs. 17 last year at this time.

·         Summer registration glitch being worked on; may be system-wide. 

·         Summer School applications received: 108 vs. 81 last year at this time.

·         Fall 2009 applications received: 789 vs. 404 last year; increase coming from high schools.  Largest number from Maui High School, with 177.


·         HOST advisory committee to meet at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday to discuss renovation of Hale Haumana and possible uses and occupants.


·         Alvin and Desiree to meet with Cary Lefton on April 15, 2009 to discuss Kulana`ao housing issues.


·         New Student Orientations, mandatory for graduating high school students, to begin on Wednesday; will continue most Wednesdays through the summer.






Administrative Affairs

David Tamanaha



Budget restrictions


·         Depending upon economy, Governor may impose additional budgetary restrictions; should know more in late April or May.

·         Legislature considering 20% reduction plan; Maui CC science building F&E not included. 

·         UH System losing unfilled positions.


Report on Revenues


·         Fall 2008 revenues at this point in time: $2,469,000; revenue target was 2.3 million dollars.



Report on Deficit Status






·         OCET: Lori to give presentation on status of deficit at next meeting.

·         Culinary: Will need $100,000 in working capital for management services contract; company to receive percent of gross sales over $600,000 per year; contract renewable every three years.



Repairs on Campus


·         Dependent on funding; health and safety are priority issues, e.g. broken sidewalks and non-working handicapped door buttons.

·         Proposed list of repairs to be transmitted to campus when decisions are made, possibly in July


Handicapped access doors to be checked.




Academic Affairs

Suzette Robinson

Update on Program Proposals







·         Applied Engineering: will go to April Board of Regents meeting for information only.




Update on ATPs


§  IT: On hold for now.


§  Gerontology: Lee Stein will be working with a consultant during the summer.


§  Applied Ocean Studies: Approved by the Curriculum Committee and the Academic Senate; will be transmitted to Chief Academic Officers. Frannie Coopersmith to work with consultant Dr. Judith Lemus.


§  Cultural and Natural Resources (2 year): approved by curriculum committee; will go to the Academic Senate.



Education Center


·         March report submitted; Pat will submit monthly reports after the first Friday of each month.



Chancellor’s Report

PIN Conference

·         Clyde reported on his participation in the 2009 Postsecondary International Network Conference held in New Zealand.  The focus of the conference was sustainability and the role that the PIN institutions play in influencing and educating communities to engage in sustainable development and to live more sustainably; how PIN members are developing or could develop more sustainable organizations; and curricula for education in sustainable practices.

·          PIN Conference will be held on Maui in 2010.  Theme for conference will be “Entrepreneurship for Sustainability.”

·         Mark Solomon has been instrumental in creating a billion dollar project for the Maori people in New Zealand, where they are seen as national resources. 

·         Sustainability issues common on islands around the world, e.g., threatened seashores.

·         Need to identify Maui CC champions for sustainability.



Laptop Initiative

Dr. Stephen Landry and Paul Fisher of Seton Hall University to visit campus April 20-21 to consult with faculty and staff on implementation of laptop initiative.


Senator Daniel Inouye visit to campus

Senator Inouye will visit the campus at 2 p.m. today; will meet with students and faculty to discuss accomplishments made possible by federal funding.


Public Relations

Possibility to showcase cars donated by the community at the swap meet.  Proceeds to go to automotive and auto body programs.


Katie will work on ways to encourage donations of cars.

John Morton to Visit

UH Vice President John Morton will visit Maui CC and make a presentation to the Academic Senate on April 23.


David McClain to Visit

UH President David McClain will visit Maui CC on May 1.