Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance:   Pat Adams, Dawn Freels, Michele Katsutani, Diane Meyer, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto,  Alvin Tagomori, David

                        Tamanaha, Marilyn Umetsu

Guests:             Debbie Nakama, Lorelle Solanzo-Peros, Jennifer Egami-Sim, Crystal Alberto, Wayne Aguiran, Kari Luna


Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

Kabalikat Council, Kabatak Club, and  Pamantasan Conference information

       Kabalikat and Kabatak leaders reported on groups’ development, plans, and activities.  Positive survey feedback was received on Maui CC offering courses in Philippine Studies, with strong interest in Filipino language classes. Complete results of survey to be announced at Pamantasan conference.

       Pamantasan 2009 conference scheduled for April 3, 2009, possibly with J.Segundo.

       Debbie Nakama to connect Kabalikat activities with Strategic Plan.

       Debbie forming community advisory group.


       Suzette, David, & Alvin to provide some financial support for J.Segundo’s honorarium.

Spring 2009 update

       Current Maui CC enrollment is 3,372, a 21% increase over same time last year, when it was 2,787.

       Suzette provided individual program enrollment counts of students who continued from Fall 2008 to Spring 2009.


Hale Haumana

       Search continuing for project manager to lead the renovation of Hale Haumana.

       Awaiting a response from letter sent to Howard Todo on removal of Hale Haumana from bond system.

       Possible assignment of rooms being discussed.  Department chairs toured the facility on Tuesday; HOST interested in several rooms.

       David to follow up with Yuki Lei on project manager search.

       Suzette to follow up to see if nursing is still interested in rooms.

       Lorelle to discuss with HOST Advisory Committee.



       Alvin working with manager to resolve reported problems.



Budget priorities

       Budget committee met, discussed the $65,129 restriction. 

       Suzette working with department chairs on prioritizing the lists of department needs.

§  The restriction will be absorbed by carry-

      over funds.

§  Departments to plan ahead, purchase

      enough supplies to begin the next FY.

§  If extra funding should materialize, Admins to review areas that were cut.

Deficit status

       David reviewed deficit status & discussed possibilities.

       Alvin to continue to work on “pay as you go” to avoid delinquent student balances

Sculpture update

       The sculpture foundation has been completed

       David to keep abreast of status

Program Proposals

       Applied Engineering Technology: revised version went to curriculum committee today. If passed, will go to Academic Senate on 3/13/09.

       Clyde addressed questions about the AET degree that Michele brought

      from the Academic Senate Executive committee members.

       Information Technology: Authorization to Plan is on hold.

       Gerontology: Nancy & Lee Stein working to include more social sciences.

       Applied Ocean Studies: Franny Coopersmith working on it.




§  Michele will report information to the Academic Senate Executive Committee members.



§  Suzette to confirm date of Dr. Lemus visit; to work with Frannie on curriculum development.

Dental Hygiene AS degree

       Sub-change for the degree was approved by WASC


Outreach Education Centers

§  Pat is working on a monthly report template for all outreach education centers to use so information can be compiled and reported consistently.  Executive Committee members discussed and gave input. 


       Dawn reported on non-credit programs to be offered on Molokai, e.g., two-week computer course, CDL training; working with employers to agree to hire workers when they are trained.











       Pat reported on utilization of Molokai Farm classroom by credit classes, CTAHR meetings, and community groups.

Outreach center report template will include the following: 

§  Enrollment updates (to include comparisons with previous semester and year when available).

§  Recruitment activities.

§  Marketing activities.

§  Retention strategies employed (what was done to retain students).

§  Persistence data (number of students returned from previous semester).

§  Community’s higher education needs and opportunities, e.g., a Molokai Farm Plan.

§  Responses to local economic downturn.

§  Updates on the employment situation, e.g., news of unemployment insurance for community members running out.


§  Pat to report on number of students enrolled in classes held in Molokai Farm classroom.

Chancellor’s report

       Classroom shortage issues need to be addressed.

       Chancellor expressed appreciation to everyone involved in Library & Pilina blessings last week.

       Distance meeting with Dr. Landry of Seton Hall University at 9:30 a.m. on April 6, 2009.

       Workflow & document tracking project ongoing with Bran Hieda & David Tamanaha.

       Committee of Diane, Pat, Katie, and Jill working on alignment of new UH System maps and campus maps as they appear in the schedule and catalog. 

       Herman continuing to work on Palauea details.


§  Robyn Klein will be asked to give guidance.






§  Lisa Deneen will be asked to serve on signage committee.

Shanghai University partnership

       Suzette reported that Shanghai Normal University will be visiting Maui CC in mid-April, 2009.