Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, February 13, 2009

8:30 a.m., Ho`okipa Conf. Room


In attendance:  Herman Andaya, Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier, Michele Katsutani, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Clyde Sakamoto, Mike

Yamashita, David Tamanaha, Lori Teragawachi, Marilyn Umetsu


Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

Introduction of Student Government Liaison

  • Mike Yamashita


Reports from Vice-Chancellors and Administrators


Administrative Services – David


































Student Services – Alvin


















Academic Affairs – Suzette Robinson









Addressing the Latest Budget Restriction:

  • Latest Governor’s restrictions = $65,129; plan to transfer amount from carry-over funds.
  • Further restrictions are possible; dependent on report from Council of Revenues.
  • $410,000 debit balance in tuition and fees.  Even without collecting the entire amount, we have exceeded our targets; some additional collections will come from financial aid.
  • Amount does not include monies for Spring 2009 and Enrollment Growth Fund.  Will need to carry over savings In anticipation of further cuts from Legislature.
  • Once Hale Haumana property is removed from the bond system, rehabilitation monies will be needed.
  • To review budget cuts that were made as a result of past restrictions and reductions. 
  • Need to plan conservatively and consider stocking up on urgent and needed supplies in anticipation of a potential economic downturn.



Update on Management Services Contract, Sculpture, Revenues, Energy RFP, installation of electrical system:

  • Management Services Contract: recommended Sodexho.  Will be meeting with Sodexho in a few weeks; waiting for Sodexho to submit a performance bond. 
  • Sculpture on lawn: foundation has been poured.
  • Energy Service Company contract to retrofit chillers, electrical systems, etc.:  Payment comes from savings in electrical costs. The contract includes renewable energy (PV panels in back parking lot).    Invitation for proposal will be sent to Johnson Control, Honeywell, and Chevron.  MECO is also interested in submitting a proposal. 
  • Energy Management System follow-up:  Installation of Electrical System: Phase 1 to refurbish electrical system nearly completed.   Phase 2 will be going out to bid.  Electrical system needs to be upgraded before science building is built.


Spring Enrollment Update: 3,353 students Spring 2009, an increase of 566 students from the 2,787 in Fall 2008. 


2,247 students continued from Fall 2008 to Spring 2009; 967 did not continue.  Student Semester Hours (divided by 15 credits) = 1,867 FTEs.


Update on unpaid tuitions:

$371,478 Spring ’09 (down from $418,000)

  • Financial aid: About $100,000 
  • Payment plan (still coming)
  • Third party payments (still coming)


Online Application Update

  • No change; still trying to connect payment option.


Kulanaa`o – Rental policy and security concerns:

  • Alvin and Clyde will be calling Cary Lefton.   


Update on Program Proposal:

Applied Engineering Technology

  • Suzette, Michele and BK met; revisions will be made by February 24, 2009. 
  • Timetable: proposal to CAOs in March; to chancellors and BOR in April.
  • Teri Cannon of WASC: once UH system approves the proposal, then it can be submitted to WASC via a sub-change request. 
  • Sub-change to WASC: will review the third week of May.


Update on ATPs:



  • Nancy and Lee met; getting feedback from social science dept.


Information Technology

  • On hold


Sustainable Sciences

  • Awaiting comments from STEM on ATP.
  • Diane to follow up on screening committee’s memo to Suzette about interviews for positions.

Applied Ocean Sciences

·         Curriculum committee is reviewing APT.



Technical Support Committee (TSC) and donation of computers–update from Diane:

  • Donor to give laptops to students.  TSC working out guidelines on eligibility of students to receive laptops, e.g., which programs, full-time, GPA requirements, financial need; what kind of software will be needed.  Donor, Student Tech Fee, and students could share the cost. 
  • May have to hire someone to maintain computers.


Separation of Early Childhood numbers:

·         Elaine and Lee working with registrars’ office. 


Dental Hygiene Degree update:

·         Sub-change completed and submitted to WASC.  Meeting with sub-change committee next Friday.  Received Dental Association accreditation; classes will begin March 2009.


Comprehensive Program Review team reports

·         Media and Hana review team reports completed.

·         Culinary, ECET, Business Careers review team reports have not been received.


Key Ingredients Gala February 13, 2009; Grand Opening February 15, 2009.


Library and Pilina Opening: February 26, 2009, 10:30 a.m.

·         Student government allocated $1,000 for food.


























Suzette, department chairs, and Clyde should be included in the meeting.

Diane to get together with Mike Takemoto and Jennifer Owen to plan dedication.










































































Suzette to report on whether schools are required to post the results of their program reviews (healthy, unhealthy, cautionary).  

To place on the agenda for next Exec meeting.



Chancellor’s Report


Update on Palauea, County Projects and Budget Timetable:


  • Renewable Energy request revised and re-submitted to county.
  • Nursing and Dental Hygiene should begin preparation for county budget submittals.
  • Workplace Violence Workshop: February 19, 2009, Laulima 225, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.






Strategic Plan Outcomes Update

Under development



Workspace Issues


Discussion of shortage of classroom space:

  • Once projects are moved to Hale Haumana, office space will open up.  DHS 5 & 6 may move.  Department Chairs will be touring the Hale Haumana facility on February 24, 2009 to check possibilities.
  • If shortage of classrooms a problem, could consider offering classes on Fridays and Saturdays or in early mornings.


Chancellor will draft statement and share with Executive committee.


Personnel Action Status

Dean position: re-writing position description and ad. 


Upcoming Events


Library and Pilina blessings: February 26, 2009, 10:30 a.m.