Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, December 12, 2008

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102




In attendance: Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Laura Lees for Michele Katsutani, Beverly Lashley, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha,



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

Reports from Vice-Chancellors and Administrators


       Administrative Services: David











       Student Services: Alvin




























Academic Affairs: Suzette Robinson









       Update on reorganization document: Library section is being finalized; Suzette to discuss with head librarian.  Once the document is completed, Michele will discuss with AS Executive Committee.


       Anticipated System-wide Budget Shortfall: Governor’s budget includes 10% cut for the University System.  $167,583 electricity reduction; $10,000 Security;   $22,259 Student help; also dormitory security. Total  $258,912.

       Governor spared Maui furniture and equipment $3.7 million.  David hoping for increase to include vertical windmills.

       No word yet on budget restrictions update.

       Revenue Update – 6% increase. $1,620,000 for Spring.  Target $2.011 million.


       Funding needed for New Student Orientations. Have $25,000; need additional $11,000; David suggests utilization of reserve.

       Need to establish relationship between success of NSO and monies allocated to it.  Need to decide how this should this be done, e.g., administratively.

       Could look at student’s academic goals (certificate or degree) and monitor students who return from the fall semester.

       David suggests using enrollment numbers to determine success of NSO.

       Students may need a support piece.


       Spring Enrollment Update:  2,301 students (last year 1,976)

       Follow-up report on enrollments by majors; Sustainable Construction Technology  (SUSC) not included in the report.  Paperwork submitted to IRO office to create SUSC department.

       Early Childhood and Human Services: Elaine worked with Steve and Georgette; will need to transmit to curriculum committee.  Goal for completion is Fall 2009.  Elaine also working with other campuses to separate Early Childhood and Human Services.

       Destina, student government member: “Many students are working long hours and often find it difficult to do homework.  Would be helpful if classes could have more in class work and less homework.”


       Update on unpaid tuitions: Suzette has asked faculty to assist in determining whether students who have not paid are attending classes.




       Online Application follow-up: If UH Manoa does not accept a student, Manoa will forward the application to a second choice college if one is indicated,


Report on ATP

       Gerontology follow-up:  Social science and Allied Health will continue dialogue on how social science courses can be integrated with the gerontology program.  Lee Stein and Nancy Johnson taking lead.


Maui Long Term Partnership – Center for Aging with Aloha: Core Leadership Group met with Clyde and Nancy.  See literature from National Academy of Sciences regarding gerontology.

       Update from Suzette regarding whether sub-change would affect timeline Request made to ACCJC for determination whether a sub-change is necessary for Dental Hygiene; no word yet. 

       Update from Suzette on Mark Hoffman’s ATP and presentation to outside tech group; meeting on Monday afternoon.

       Applied Ocean Sciences:  Approved by STEM department and moving to curriculum.  Frannie working with Dr. Lemus on curriculum development.  Dr. Lemus responsible for writing the COSEE WES grant for USC.  College of Education has experienced great difficulty in getting teachers to come back for a post baccalaureate degree and then teach sciences in DOE schools.

       IT – ABIT concentration:  Faculty looking at having IT as possible ABIT concentration.  Mark suggests having it in his program as well.  Should be discussed in the Business Advisory Council.  Mark feels that jobs will come from system administration; Margaret sees future in web design.

       Achieving the Dream: some students lack the discipline the skills needed for college life.  Plan will be submitted to help prepare students (academically, emotionally, etc.) for the rigors of college.   

       Suzette’s China Trip:  Suzette will be meeting with Li Ping and coordinators from HOST, culinary, OCET and other programs regarding possible connections with Chinese Universities.  Dr. Li from Shanghai University interested in 2+2 program.

       Follow-up on lecturers for ABIT: Mark Ramsay will be asked to teach a supercomputer class in Fall 2009.  Will attempt to have a class for Spring 2009. DebaSheesh and Battacharya to be asked to teach visual basic.

       Technical Committee and student computers: discussion of student tech fee being used to supply all students with laptops. Students could keep the computer as long as they are full time students.  According to David, using the tech fee for this purpose could be a problem.





























Diane to follow up with IRO (Sharon) and get a date when it will be completed.









Suzette to report on progress in finding how many from the list are not present in class and have not paid.

Alvin  to create checklist.

Alvin to confirm with Maui CC staff and other deans.







Suzette should also be part of this group. 



Diane to call Lily.














Suzette to organize get-together with Maui Chinese community groups.

Date to be set: Li Ping, Suzette, Hong Tzu

To bring up during Business Advisory Council


Chancellor’s Report


  • Passing of Representative Bob Nakasone:  Chancellor attended family service.
  • Nakasone was backbone of college’s CIP development.  College to look into naming a space or a building for Nakasone.
  • Tentative public service on campus on December 20, before or after Nursing Commencement. College to handle costs.


  • County Budget requests: renewable energy, $100,000; Allied Health, $500,000; Maui Long Term Care, $300,000.


  • David will be meeting with CAC Government Committee to discuss state, county, and federal proposals.












Herman to send out budget info to David and Martin Luna.


Business Advisory Council (BAC)



Responses to BAC recommendations transmitted to Tom Kelly.

ICT, STEM: Positioning Maui CC as educational powerhouse on the island and in the state.

STEM: preparing students in the pipeline; American Diploma Project and ATD.


Create Agenda


Pilina Dedication



Diane to work with David.

Library re-opening



Library staff coordinating.  May want to do Pilina and Library opening together.




Only one purge of students who have not paid to be made on January 2, 2008.  After that students will be held responsible for paying for all classes they register for.


Strategic Plan Outcomes Update

Chart to be distributed among Executive Committee members for input.