Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Monday December 01, 2008



In attendance:   Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Kim Gray, Michele Katsutani, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha




Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.     Admin Services:

     David Tamanaha









Budget Restriction Updates


Anticipated System- wide Budget Shortfall


Revenue Update



Update on unpaid student tuitions




·          David presented the present and proposed organization charts to the Academic Senate, explaining updates; changes discussed.

·          Diane’s Faculty Coordinator position is indicated by dotted lines leading to the VCAA position.  It will be noted on the org chart that the position will be appointed by VCAA in consultation with Academic Senate leadership

·          After consultation with John Morton, it was decided that for the present the name of the Molokai Education Center will remain the same.


·          Governor’s office indicated that they are interested in reviewing casual hire 89-day positions and other budget items.


·          It has not been determined at present what UHCC’s share will be of the budget shortfall.


·          Spring 2009: $1,381,000 revenues projected, based on registrations. This is a 1.3% decrease from last year.  Fall 2008 revenues: $2,456,000. 


·          Suzette has asked faculty to assist in determining whether students who are on the unpaid list are attending classes.  She has received some reports that payments have been made.





·          Suzette to email David T. changes in the text of the chart.

·          Michele to discuss re-org with AS executive committee and will email any recommendations to David.

·          David to change “division” to “department” wherever it appears.





·          David to report on what Maui CC’s contribution may be.





·          Suzette will ask faculty to report on how many students on the list are not attending classes.

2.  Student Services:

     Alvin Tagomori

Spring 2009 Enrollment Update




Online Application Update


Marketing Update: Katie




1,777 compared to 1,706 last year at this time.

1,421 students are continuing students from fall to spring; 356 are new or returning students.  

681 applications received compared to 547 last year at this time.


·          Students list several choices on their applications. If Manoa is first choice and does not accept the student, application is to be forwarded to the second choice school.  Question about how this happens.

·          Newspaper ads resulted in increased enrollments; students in Kaulana`ao student housing went from 20 to 90.

·          6-8 community newsletters published and distributed.

·          Established new relationships with Japan; listed on Study USA website, with two students recruited.

·          College fairs on mainland not considered optimum use of resources.

·          Facebook campaigns have resulted in a few clicks on ads. 

·          Website redesign completed. 

·          Held on-campus recruiting event

·          Running newspaper ads every week; using “Where Success Begins” theme.

·          Running radio ad campaign.




·          Chris to provide report of the 1,421 continuing students by major; Alvin to share information with Suzette.



·          Alvin to follow up with Manoa regarding process in forwarding applications of students who apply to more than one UH institution; will confirm receipt of applications from Manoa with MCC staff and other UHCC deans.




3. Academic Affairs:

    Suzette Robinson

Chinese Trip




Report on ATPs





















Lecturers for ABIT: Diane




Technical Committee and donation of computers: update from Diane



·          Suzette reported on her successful trip to China; strong interest from Chinese students.  Over 500 faculty and students attended her speech and video presentation.


·          Gerontology – Social Science and Allied Health will continue dialogue on how social science courses can be integrated into the gerontology program.  Lee Stein and Nancy Johnson leading the discussions.


·          Update from Suzette regarding the possibility of a sub-change requirement affecting ATP timelines; request sent to ACCJC for determination whether a sub-change is necessary.


·          Update from Suzette on Mark Hoffman’s presentation of his Applied Engineering ATP to outside tech groups; program proposal to be completed by end of this week.


·          Applied Ocean Sciences: RDP to provide funds for Frannie; HIMB will also provide funding.  Judy Lemus will be assisting Frannie with creating the curriculum. 


·          IT designed to be part of ABIT concentration.


·          Alvin reported increases in nearly all CCSSE categories for Maui CC.



·          A lecturer will teach one IT class in Spring 2009.


·          Mark Ramsay will be asked to teach a class on the supercomputer, perhaps starting in the summer; possibility of a Spring 209 class discussed. 


·          Donor may be invited to tech committee meeting on Dec. 10, 2008.  Clyde will attend to discuss donation.



·          Suzette to organize get-together with Maui Chinese community groups.


·          Diane to provide update.








·          Suzette to find out what tech groups Mark will be presenting his ATP to.



Chancellor’s Report


Meeting with Ralph Wolff, Teri Cannon, David McClain, Linda Johnsrud, and John Morton.















  • Clyde reported on the group’s meeting with Barbara Beno. 



  • Maui CC will continue with efforts; vetting the process with Academic Senate.
  • 2+2 approach: neither West Oahu nor Hilo has the engineering background
  • Use West Oahu faculty for distance education.
  • Straddle both commissions.
  • Ralph wanted to hear what UH wanted to do; felt that Maui CC should not be disadvantaged with two commissions.
  • John Morton: with so few students in ABIT, felt college should straddle two commissions.  Ralph mentioned that this is common among colleges.





  • Clyde to send information about the meeting to the college.


Business Advisory Council

  •  What our institution can do to provide the training for our students. 


Draft by next Wednesday.

Palauea Implementation Plan Costs


  • Janet still working on plan.



Strategic Plan Outcomes Update



  • Chart to be distributed among Executive Committee members for input.
  • Will start revisions of chart at Implementation Council meeting.


  • Draft to be ready before faculty returns.


Outcome of meeting with Dr. Mary McKeown-Moak, Sr. Partner MGT of America, Inc.


  • Formula based funding discussed



Upcoming Events


  • NSF Day Conference – Dec. 3, 2008