Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, August 22, 2008

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Herman Andaya,  Kim Gray, Michele Katsutani, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori

Guest: Elaine Yamashita



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.     Enrollment Report - Alvin

       Enrollment currently 3,022 vs. 2,980 last year at this time; continuing students,1,515; new, returning, transfer students, 1,507

       Student semester hours, 1,997; tuition revenues, $2,280,699

       Outreach enrollments:   Hana, 13; Lahaina, 56; Kihei, 7; Lanai,17; Molokai, 222

       Enrollment by majors was also shared (attached).  ECED (Early Childhood Education) exists in our system but not on our campus

       Timing & designations of majors are sometimes being done based on financial aid

       Re-examination of tuition refund dates to be put on future meeting agenda




       Elaine & Suzette to work on having ECED  (Early Childhood Education) as a separate listing.  Suzette will provide update.

2.     Student Housing - Alvin

       Hale Haumana, 26; Kulanaa’o, 81


       Thefts reported at dorms.  Security camera not in operation at the time.  Solutions discussed, including possible restitution from foundation account; group contributions; loan of laptop; bookstore discounts; ensure ongoing safety briefings; repair (if necessary) of security cameras.

       David to analyze dorm rate adjustment feasibility

       Alvin discussing security with Cary Lefton.

       David to look into foundation assistance.

       Katie to organize fundraising efforts.

       Suzette to look into loan of a laptop.

       Possibility of bookstore discounts.

       Security briefings to be ongoing

       Security cameras to be checked

3.     Student Orientation - Alvin

       Number of students attending new student orientation, 413; general orientation,102.  Students signed up for Saturday orientation, 85

      Chancellor commended Student Services for their efforts.  Chancellor also commended Suzette, Diane, and Pat for the New Faculty Orientation.

       Objectives & format of orientations need to be planned & engaging

       Online orientation follow-up to be scheduled for next meeting agenda

4.     Academic Affairs – Suzette


       Planning Documents







Weekend College






Dental Hygiene

Class Cutting Report

       Dept chairs continue to follow up with continuing students, encouraging them to register


       Applied Engineering – Mark Hoffman working on

       Information Technology -- Margaret Christensen working with her department for most feasible timeline

       Sustainable Sciences – searching for consultant

       Gerontology – ATP submitted to system & on agenda for Academic Senate.  BK has been briefed on ATP progress.

       Weekend College updates: English, 19 students; Sociology, 24 students

       Some students who attended the weekend college information sessions were placed in other evening classes, according to their needs

       Cohort cohesion – working on strategies

       Consider opening classes to non-cohort students when space is available

       Discussion on cohort enrollment numbers

       Discussed enrollment growth fund strategies

       Pre-Accreditation Visit – October 9-10, 2008

       Class cutting report/process shared

       Fall 2007 – 425 classes net

       Fall 2008 – 452 classes net

       Added 37 classes to meet student needs





       Suzette to talk with BK about ATP’s. Clyde & Suzette to discuss with Academic Senate










       Keeping track of enrollment growth fund

5.         5.  Revenue and Budget Update -- David

       Maui’s restriction portion - $59,000; prorated formula was shared & discussed.  Several factors were considered in determining MCC’s portion: vacancy savings, old vacancy savings (2 years old), general fund appropriation, cash balance.

       Additional restriction is probable this fiscal year.  $336,017 carry-over savings.  Since more restrictions are anticipated, the carry-over savings will remain as is.

       Budget was approved as presented


6.  Chancellor’s Report

       International Report -- Suzette

       Status of International report discussed

       Change in procedure because of new chair.  Report presented at the Council of Chancellors meeting was intended as a working draft for Chancellors’ review and input.

       Suzette to work with Alice Luther and Leon Richards on revising the report

       National Science Foundation – Clyde






       MEDB event

       Head of NSF, Dr. Bement, was here 8/21/08

       Janet already working with George Wilson (NSF liaison)

       Dr. Bement is interested in working with Kamehameha Schools and DOE; Maui CC’s move towards baccalaureates; a marriage between culture and science; and especially sustainability.

       Dr. Bement will be bringing in a team of scientists in December; proposal process could start earlier

       MEDB raised $186,000 at event

       Suzette to work with Janet to identify programs that could be funded by NSF (math, instruction, biology, ocean science)



       Maui CC must express what kind of interest the college may have

       Convocation recap

       Discussion on new time change

       Discussion on campus connectivity slowdowns; shared IP’s

       Survey monkey to go out

       Herman to share convocation feedback & follow-up on next agenda

       Bookstore grand opening

       Pilina grand opening

       Bookstore grand opening scheduled for September 4th

       Date for Pilina grand opening discussed

       Suzette to follow up on invitations for Pilina grand opening & work with Alvin & David on appropriate date

6.     Upcoming Events

       First Day of Instruction:  August 25, 2008



       Tenure and Promotion meeting with UHPA Rep and Sandra Uyeno:– September 6, 2008, 2:00 p.m., Ka`a`ike 109



       Board of Regents meeting. – October 23, 2008



       NSF Day Conference – December 3 & 4, 2008