Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, August 8, 2008

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier, Kim Gray, Michele Katsutani, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori

Guests: Debbi Brown, Mikahala Helm, Kiope Raymond



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.     Enrollment Report - Alvin

       2,710 registered for fall (2,595 last year); 227 students may be affected by purge; 2,041 fall applications (1769 last year); 687 summer (683 last year)

       Student housing resident count:  Hale Haumana, 24 students;

      Kulanaa`o, 70 students (6-10 continuing students)

       Enrollments by major shared; new student orientations well attended (354 students)

       Student Services and everyone who has taken part in cooperative joint efforts commended for being proactive with orientations

       Considering online New Student Orientation; Kapiolani CC has one in place

       Low enrolled majors: Suzette reported on progress & plan of actions

       More assistance needed to recruit housing residents

2.     Academic Affairs - Suzette

       Successful retention report shared.  Dialogue occurring with faculty in courses where retention rates may be low

       Successful strategies noted:  assigned counselors; student contacts; selective criteria (admission to college is open, but programs can be selective); program orientations, highly motivated students because of low-paying jobs; students not encouraged to work; financial support; study groups; mutual support in cohorts

       Weekend College update:  46 attended informational session; 26 students already have credits, Sociology teacher is Loren Lapow; English 100 has 20-23 students, instructor TBA

       Authorization to Plan for Applied Engineering Information Technology, Sustainable Sciences and Gerontology sent to VPs for reviews.  Applied engineering and IT program plans are being created


       Dental Hygiene pre-accreditation visit on Oct. 9-10, 2008; forms have already been submitted

       OCET has been utilizing the Rapid Response fund; last year $40,000, this year $140,000; employers who laid off at least 50 employees are eligible to have their employees receive a tuition discount

       Ed Center enrollments: Molokai – 185; Lanai – 21; Lahaina – 56; Hana – 14

       Class Cutting:  Next class cutting is August 14.  Classes with 50% or lower enrollment will be considered  

       Department chairs are following up with continuing students who have yet to register

       Reasons why particular programs have high student retention and success rates should be shared with faculty


       Should feature recruitment advertising on MCC TV


       Curriculum Committee also needs to review ATPs

       Need to address on future agenda: math requirement; appropriate preparation for COMPASS

       General faculty should be apprised of visit




       Suzette to find out how many students are Molokai Ranch employees.

       Students should be told that they can contact instructors when attempting to sign up for a class.

       Students should also consider and be encouraged to take other classes, such as business and HOST, that do not have pre-requisites

       Next year agenda: what we can do during the summer to prepare students for fall courses, e.g., math

3.     Administrative Services

       Revenue and Budget Update



       Campus Budget












       Update on RFPs, RTRF,

      O&M, etc.

       $10 million cap for the entire system

       Received 4% reduction in base budget and 4% restrictions; more may be coming 

       System has indicated plans to take $500,000 from the enrollment growth fund

       Draft budget shared

       Although restrictions and reductions are imposed, our outlook may be OK if enrollment increases

       Banner Assessment:  considering using the assessment to support a system-wide IT facility

       Prior year’s carryover balance: $304,949.  Some colleges have $1 million balances due to decreases in student enrollments.  System working on a possible re-distribution of these balances to other campuses

       Projected carryover balance:  over $200,000

       Proposal from Pukoa Council – student tutors to benefit Native Hawaiian students added to budget request

       Culinary RFP resubmitting; PV RFP – on the back burner until reorg is complete; Windmill: Alex and David identified possible locations; looking at Waihee site

       Need to look at economic diversification and sustainability





       Need to communicate with employers









       Submissions to campus budget process must be timely in future years


4.     Chancellor’s Report

       International report

       Achieving the Dream

       UH Executive retreat 8/29


       Strategic Plan outcomes – benchmarks being prepared for BOR





       NSF:  Head of NSF will be here on August 21 and again in December


       Publication of the Algebra II test given to students who have completed Algebra II at both DOE schools and community colleges; results not very promising; math summit is planned

       State Ethics Commission policy 

       BOR will meet on Maui on October 23rd this year (not November)

       Slipper Tours will occur again this year

       UH Athletics Pride Day:  Governor’s initiative; encourages people to show support by wearing school colors on first Friday of the month.

       UH response to the economic downturn

       Suzette asked to work w/Alice on report

       ATD to be mentioned at Convocation

       Suzette & David will attend retreat for Clyde

       Suzette to review accuracy of data  being used in Strategic Plan reports.  Need to focus on community economic employment and connection to our educational efforts.

       Suzette to identify programs that could be funded by NSF (e.g. math instruction, biology, ocean science).



       Ethics document will be distributed.





       We should work with employers and see what new opportunities are emerging 

5.     BOR proposals

       November: Authorization to Plan – Applied Engineering & Information Technology; Conveyance of Property at Palauea (Maui)

       January: Authorization to Plan – Gerontology & Sustainable Sciences

       Spring: Program Plan: Cultural and Natural Resources; prospective  name change from Maui Community College to University of Hawaii – Maui College

       TBA: reorganization




       Hale Haumana Student Housing fee increase proposal by Alvin in spring

6.     Convocation Plan

       Input from Retreat

       3:00-5:30 p.m. on 8/18; proceed promptly (3:00 p.m. food, 3:30 p.m. meeting)

       Kaniau Padilla and Leinani Sakamoto as possible chanters; should be at convocation by 3:30 p.m.

       Music by Kula Serenaders

       New lecturers should be introduced

       Audience response system – turning point

       Send out bullets via email on State of the College:  retention, persistence, student achievement as goals; report on the campus; students need to attend classes; liberal education and America’s promise, Strategic Plan goals, Achieving the Dream, budget

       Recognitions: years of service; awards; promotion/tenure; new faculty/staff; beyond the call; sabbatical returnees; emerging leaders; Wo champions

       Show two videos (load to dvd): Shift Happens, Jan Moore student feedback (need to engage students)



       Follow up with Michele



       Follow up with Pat

       Alvin to look into getting Kukui nut leis for lecturers





       Colleen to organize leis for awards recipients

       Clyde to follow up w/Chris on food; work w/Chris to have food already on table

       Clyde to follow up w/Harold for flowers

7.     Upcoming Events

       Internal Auditor:  August 11-14, 2008

       Maui Isle Expo:  August 16 & 17, 2008

       Convocation:   August 18, 2008

       NSF Director and possibly Senator Inouye:  August 21, 2008

       First day of instruction:  August 25, 2008

       NSF Day Conference:  December 3 & 4, 2008