Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, July 11, 2008

8:30 a.m., Kupa’a 202


In attendance: Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Lori Govaars, Kim Gray, Michele Katsutani, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.     PIN Conference

       Clyde shared information on PIN conference

       Previewed YouTube Shift Happens

       PIN conference to be held on Maui in 2010

       Diane to access video presentations for convocation

2.     Professional development

       Pat & Diane shared info from Teaching for a Change conference

       Promote professional development for faculty

       To share teaching techniques with faculty

3.     Enrollment - Alvin

       Currently 2091 vs. 2035 last year

       Summer 648 vs. 667 last year

       Fall applications are up 1486 vs. 1172 last year

       Continuing to follow up on fall applications

       Provide a backup for Banner stats to allow continued access when regular staff on leave

4.     Hakuoh University Relationship

       40-55 Hakuoh students enrolling 12/7-12/22/08 w/MLI

       Could become a requirement for Hakuoh admissions

       Students will be staying at Kulanaa`o

       Possibly identify students interested in learning Japanese & provide cross-learning opportunities

5.     Status of Authorizations to Plan


Weekend College


       Pat reported that all are in process of being reviewed; will go to Academic Senate in fall 2008


       Diane reported 23 applications for weekend college; response has been exciting; challenge will be to identify courses to offer to meet needs of students, many of whom have college credits




       Working with TLC on English and math testing

       May consider offering 3rd course w/enrollment growth funds if need is justified

6.     Budget status

       David reviewed budget challenges & shared status reports

       J.Morton prorated reduction so MCC’s portion = $91,000; unsure of $ restriction yet

       Electricity rising cost still a challenge

       Reviewed/discussed admin’s draft to meet budget challenges – reductions include security, Construction Academy, lecturer funds

       Items funded by electricity relief in 2006 may not be funded this year; include instructional designer, retention strategy coordinator, temp IT specialist, Library Assistant IV, vacant clerk 

       Discussion of number of students who fail a course; need strategies to improve success rates & encourage students to continue

       Cash balance report shared & explained: improves every year; discussed strategies for clearing deficits

       VCs being asked to repurpose resources to accommodate shortfalls

       Following up on continuing student enrollment

       Should continue to address/identify why students do not complete courses or do not continue to next semester

1.     Science building

       David shared revised construction design & plans

       David to follow up with Maynard Young on energy efficiency items

2.     Chevron

       David shared Chevron’s energy saving plan & ideas


3.     Swap Meet

       David shared updates on status. Target date for opening on campus is December 2007


4.     University Center

       Karen provided updates


5.     BOR action items

       BOR items - Paulauea; possibly Reorganization

       BOR will be on Maui October 2008

       New BOR action items to be identified

6.     Campus cleanup

       O&M should not be depended upon for work such as moving offices/furniture; this takes away from their primary duties

       Smoking poles were discussed

       Kokua asked from everyone in keeping campus clean

       David & Michele asked to draft guidelines for “moves” on campus, keeping safety in mind

7.     Convocation design

       Discussed ideas to improve lecturer involvement; afternoon meeting & locations discussed

       Michele to email Academic Senate Executive Committee to get feedback on afternoon convocation

8.     Student Center

       Student center space usage was discussed


9.     Upcoming events

       7/11/08 Ka Ipu Kukui graduation

       7/12/08 Chancellor’s golf tournament

       7/19/08 Nursing graduation

       8/18/08 MCC convocation

       8/16-8/17/08 Maui Isle Expo

       MCC Bookstore opening