Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, April 25, 2008

9:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Sharane Gomes, Michele Katsutani, Liane Koga for Karen Muraoka, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Suzette Robinson, Raymond Szadkowski, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Marilyn Umetsu


Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.     County Budget Status - proposal

       Three proposals submitted: Allied Health, (nursing & dental); Long Term Care; Renewable Energy Initiative

       Herman will provide updates on progress and when the proposals are on the County Council agenda so testimony can be prepared

       Everyone is encouraged to continue requesting support from legislators 

2.     Authorization to Plan

       Suzette reviewed process of 4-year degree Authorizations to Plan & timeline involved.  The four potential degrees are: IT (M. Christensen); Applied Engineering (M. Hoffman); Sustainable Science (B. Butler, C. Foreman, L. Burke, Richard Allen); Gerontology (on the sideline at present)

       L. Burke was hired to assist the faculty prepare the ATPs

       College name change should be submitted in conjunction with second 4-year degree

       President McClain has asked that a draft of the ATPs be vetted through him, John Morton, Linda Johnsrud, and Howard Todo by early May. The APTs will then come back to the campus to be presented to the faculty in fall 2008

       Exec committee reps are asked to share this information with their constituents

3.     Enrollment status

       Alvin reported summer enrollment is 293;fall enrollment is 468

       Summer tuition cost challenges discussed

       Text messaging possibilities & challenges were discussed

       Alvin to report on text messaging issues & recommendations when he returns from Oahu

4.     Perkins update

       Suzette reviewed FY09 Perkins award

       Special needs initiative will be pursued via another route

       Data analyst position was not approved as a system policy

       Suzette will send out details of the Perkins award via email

5.     Equipment list

       David shared the latest equipment list draft as submitted to the system. Updates from campus feedback were incorporated, but list is still a working draft



6.     Enrollment growth plan/expenditures

       MCC received an additional $205,000 from the system due to a 9% enrollment growth

       Suzette shared how funds were to be distributed


7.     Update on instruction positions

       All instructional positions are at different stages of hiring


8.     Service Learning Conference Report

       Molli Fleming & Suzette attended a service learning conference and will discuss the incorporation of service learning projects into more areas of the curriculum

       Suzette will update as details develop

9.     Achieving the Dream

       Ben Guerrero has developed a draft proposal; it is still a work in progress

       When finalized with System Plan, Ben will provide Colleen a copy to be uploaded to the web

10.  Stocktaking presentation

       Herman & David reviewed the latest Stocktaking power point presentation for everyone’s input and suggestions. Final will be presented by Clyde to the President & other system personnel on Monday 4/28/08

       Everyone provided input and collaborated on suggestions

       Jeannie will be asked to provide statistical data from MAPS

       Financial aid to provide updated information

       Supporting documents should be forwarded to Herman