Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, February 22, 2008

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Michele Katsutani, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, Marilyn Umetsu

Guest: Cathy Bio



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.     Financial Aid report - Cathy

       Cathy shared statistics, reports, sites available for evaluating retention, financial aid, and other data and comparing with like institutions; information available at College Navigator National Center Educational Statistics http://tinyurl.com/yr2duu

       Education loan guarantor USA Funds will assist Maui CC in its retention efforts via training

       Enrollment management consulting firm Noel Levitz’s “Solving the Retention Puzzle” discussed; retention survey results show importance of faculty’s taking a personal interest in students’ goals and success; also important is faculty/staff designing the classroom/learning experience for continued high engagement activities

       Financial Aid response from high school counselors: have one large vs. multiple initiatives regarding college access and financial aid; open house suggested during Financial Aid-Scholarship Season January-March

       Simplified admissions form discussed; HCC sample reviewed

       Holds placed in Banner for Kamaaina applications discussed

       Cathy, Alvin, Katie commended for excellent progress made identifying areas for financial aid planning process to move forward

       Need to identify funding sources or reallocation of funds

       Alvin to find out why discrepancy exists between system data & current report data

       Financial Aid to promote an annual Financial Aid-Scholarship Season Jan.-March

       See how Noel-Levitz “Best Practices” model could be utilized

       Cathy will be invited to next meeting to give more details on student demographics and possibility of using different recruitment strategies based on demographics

2.     Marketing report - Katie

       Katie reported on progress getting more data via financial aid regarding student population and how it affects marketing

       “Student services concierge” concept discussed

       Systemizing the process of admissions discussed; looking at other colleges where admissions processes work well

       Roadblocks in Banner enrollment tracking system discussed

       Identify how we may be more successful & reallocate funds to support admissions and records more effectively.

       Look at implementing the Banner system through other means vs. “waiting for the system”

       MCC to be “pilot” campus to coordinate Banner data

3.     Student Life Center

       Suzette reported on plans to relocate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and related offices into the renovated Student Life building on 3/18/08

       Alvin, David, & Suzette to identify schedule for blessing & move into the facility

       Update on library relocation needed

4.     Spring Revenue Status

       D.Tamanaha reported via email that as of 2/20/08 spring revenue is $1,783,709; this exceeds target of $1,759,012

       Suzette provided updates on deficit tracking


5.     Strategic Plan & Biennium Budget Process & Status

       Michelle & Suzette coordinating Strategic Plan meetings

       Next campus wide meeting 2/29 1:30 Ka Lama 103; 3/3 meeting to include outreach via polycom

       Vice Chancellors to provide biennium budget priorities by 2/29

6.     Key Ingredients exhibit Feb-April 12, 2009


       Suzette provided info on Smithsonian traveling exhibit; coordinating w/Chris Speere and project leaders Dean Louie & Juli Umetsu


7.     Achieving the Dream

       Suzette working w/campus contacts Ben Guerrero & Laura Lees on Achieving the Dream initiative (see attached)


8.     Name Change Status

       Diane Meyer is leading the effort on name change and progressing with paperwork

       Colleen to get deadline date to Diane for getting on the agenda for presentation to the April BOR meeting

9.     Instructional Program Reviews

       Progressing on schedule; program review reports to be presented to Executive Committee

       Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs to see Program Review information is posted on the web

10.  Postsecondary International Network (PIN)

       PIN Guidelines & requirements were discussed & reviewed; unanimous agreement that MCC should participate


11.  Palauea status

       Herman provided updates on the Palauea process


12.  Pat DeLeon

       Pat DeLeon, administrative assistant to Senator Inouye, will be visiting MCC on Wednesday 2/27/08.


13.  Kihei Charter School

       Prospective relationships possible with Kihei Charter school

       Faculty visiting MCC on 2/25/08

       Accelerating students into our programs a viable possibility

       Discussion of magnet schools and DOE relationships


14.  Jim Brazell Presentation

       Brazell coming to Maui CC to give presentation on 4/16/08; county leadership to be invited


15.  Feedback

       More time requested by committee members for discussion.

       Future meetings scheduled from 8:30-10:30 am.