Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, November 9, 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pam Hoopii, Michele Katsutani, Diane Meyer, Kilohana Miller, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha,



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.     Data dialog on persistence of majors (see attachment)

       Persistence is semester to semester, so heading could be Spring to Fall

       Alvin reported that students are being contacted who did not return but were of good standing & GPA’s. Good proactive move

       Verify that the persistence data would not include completers

       Need to find out why non-applicable (n/a) appears for some majors; Diane will check with Jeannie and Suzette

2.     Turning point demonstration

       Members participated in demo

       Feedback via this format will be continued in future meetings

3.     Input on Strategic Plan – Michele & Clyde

       Michele & Clyde will do a system-level presentation on 11/13/07

       Feedback on three most important goals the UHCC system should seek to accomplish between 2008-2015 was shared (attached)

       Some ideas mentioned: expanding programs & degrees; 4-year degrees; replacing aging workforce; identify expanding students services, adding more hours of general services, Pa`ina, library, student center, intramural athletics, PE type of offerings, R&M, disaster plans

       State economic development drivers were discussed & economic diversification ideas suggested: sustainable sciences, health, gerontology, finance, business, high tech, IT, ITS, WUE participation, teacher training

       Michele to take to Academic Senate for feedback

       Michele to set up meeting w/student government & Clyde for feedback

       Continued feedback & ideas should be forwarded to Michele

       Training students so that they may qualify for  sustainable careers that pay a living wage is our goal; need to take into consideration economic challenges & diversification

4.     Fall retention activities & spring recruitment & registration – Alvin

       Current enrollment 575 as of today

       College fairs going on

       Focusing on undeclared majors; as a result, 133 undeclared are now declared majors.

       488 unclassified at start of fall; currently at 355

       Suzette reported on Liberal Arts progress

       Alvin continues to follow up on unclassified

       Suzette to provide update as progress is made

5.     WASC ACSCU discussion

       Clyde shared notes from meeting (attached)

       Maui CC could possibly remain as a community college & offer upper division programs via a different entity

       Michele & Clyde working on identifying different ways that more baccalaureate degrees could be offered at Maui CC

       Benefactors will be approached for support

       3.4 million in congress for ABIT

       J.Morton & Linda Johnsrud charged w/developing the structure of how Maui CC might offer additional degrees

       Clyde will clarify w/WASC Sr. what the mechanics of this alternative may be

       David McClain will set up meeting to include Barbara Beno


6.     Palauea status

       Clyde reviewed history, challenges; indemnification (driveway issues, clearing of invasive species, sewage)

       Possible that UHF will be involved to move process along but will not be done by this year.

       Lau’ulu remains a part of the process

       Clyde will continue to provide updates

7.     Transfer rates - Karen

       Karen reviewed Fall 2006 & 2007 numbers of students transferring from Maui CC to four-year programs (attachment)

       Need to find out if provisionally accepted and if unclassified are counted

       Karen to provide further clarification of data to determine if Maui CC students are making movement toward 4-year status

       Kris & Brad will be invited to next meeting

8.     Budget status - David

       David shared 1st quarter expenditure status for departments & reviewed deficit program progress

       Receivables still difficult to determine using FMIS, but Maui CC is approximately $18,000 below target 


9.     BOR meeting Nov. 15th

       Suzette will present Dental Hygiene for BOR approval

       Asked for feedback on what item MCC should present as a highlight item.

       Michele to follow up w/Alvin to coordinate student government leaders to join BOR members for lunch meeting

10.  Student Life building

       Student Life building contractor will probably ask for extension to12/17/07 & do some in-kind adjustments.