Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, October 12, 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Robin Felber, Lori Govaars, Pam Hoopii, Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier, Michele Katsutani, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Marilyn Umetsu




Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.       10/10/2007 Senate Ways & Means Chair Roz Baker visited and toured the campus along with County Council members and the Mayor.

          David & Clyde provided tour & thanked County & State officials for combined support.

          The visitors were impressed with the ways that resources were matched, acquired, leveraged & utilized.

          They appeared to understand the need to fund Science Bldg request now rather than later.

          Julie Umetsu, Tom Leli & Class Act students/staff were commended for adjusting to all the last minute changes & providing an impressive service.

2.       Recruitment targets & performance

          Alvin provided & explained handouts on Fall 2007 &  2008 targets for enrollment.

          359 students are unclassified.

          Lau`ulu follows up with their Hawaiian students.

          Our data should identify majors, locations, online, and special groups.

          2919 = current enrollment

          Alvin and counselors following up w/ unclassified students.

          Suzette & CTE coordinators working with CTE students.

          Suzette working on how Liberal Arts students will be addressed.

          Need to find out how counseling needs are being met with Lau`ulu students.

          Dept chairs continue to encourage instructors to follow up with students.

3.       Recruitment targets & performance - Alvin

          Fall 2007 & Fall 2008 targets and performance numbers shared.

          Oahu number includes all distance education; this needs to be considered next year.

          53 = total International students in credit/classified

          229 = total non-resident

          International marketing in Europe halted because recruiter relocated back to Maui

          Students need to register themselves in Banner; otherwise glitches occur

          Tentative fall 2008 targets are approx. 10% over fall 2007.  Need to be reviewed by Suzette & Alice Luther.

          Goals - Alvin feels Maui numbers could be higher

          Category should be “new students” not “returning”

          Alvin to do international comparison trend over the past 5 years

          Susan will be asked to do Molokai’s targets & performance numbers

          Alvin to explore how to register students on high school campuses & still accommodate the required orientation

          Looking into ways to assist students registering online for the first time

          Counselors need to be identified for target groups

4.       Kulanaa`o Update - Alvin

          36 residents

          Temporary housing for nursing being considered; need to be connected to MCC

          Adjusting price point being considered

          Need to find ways to fill rooms as they become available

          Considering scholarships for residents who are active in student life projects

          Kulanaa`o may also offer scholarships


          Visitation tours can be requested via Alvin

          Pa`ina staff considering meal plan possibilities

          “Spring package” of tuition & housing to be developed for in and out of state students; lowered rates will serve as incentives

          Kulanaa`o management services contract to be finalized.

5.       University Center Data Report - Karen

          Multi-campus enrollment challenges continue when evaluating data


          Karen to use “1st enrolled upper division course” criterion to define “initial transfer student” to UH Center

6.       BOR preparation: ABIT, SLIM, Dental Hygiene, name change

          ABIT being prepared

          Alex working on SLIM proposal

          Unsure if UH Maui College name change will make Nov. BOR agenda. More research is needed on Outreach Centers’ name change before presenting to BOR.

          Colleen to follow up with Suzette & Nancy on Dental Hygiene

7.       Strategic Plan Update - Clyde

          Michele & Clyde attending Strategic Planning meeting on 10/19/07 w/ Mike Rota

          Hope to complete by end of 2007 update of Implementation Council Plan

          Information will be shared as it is received

8.       Financial Status - David

          FMIS was unavailable, so Banner was used to generate financial status.  There was concern for the accuracy of Banner data.  Amount is less than what we would expect.

          Financial cushion is less than where we wanted to be: new faculty hired at higher than anticipated salaries

          $72K in tech fees & $55K in nursing fees collected

          Student Government voiced concerns with tech fee usage; will attend tech fee meetings


9.       Student Center Renovation update - David

          Contractor’s targeted date to turn building over to the college is October 26, 2007


10.   Executive meeting representation and constituent updates

          Frances & Marilyn Umetsu to alternate as civil service reps until new alternates are recruited

          Mail alias list has been created for BU03 civil service employees in hopes of improving and encouraging communication. All will be invited to an intro meeting to determine how to proceed.

          It was suggested that support staff be approached for input when procedural changes are being developed such as the   business office process plan

          Ekela continues as Lau`ulu rep

          Pam continues as O&M rep & has regular meetings with BU01 folks for updates


11.   Student Gov Updates - Robin

          “Bag the Butt” Smoke Free days being planned on 11/14 & 11/15.

          NAP event becoming very popular, Pacific Radio Group attended; 10/24 Apple is sponsoring with demos & give-aways


12.   Water Forum – Dec 7-8th

          MCC is hosting along with other sponsors


13.   Position Vacancies - Clyde

          MCC gained a .50 FTE permanent instructor position from Kauai CC; It will be combined with MCC’s current .50 FTE position to form 1.00 FTE position.


          Suzette to determine assignment of this position

14.   Emerging Leaders Program - Diane

          MCC’s reps are Malia Davidson & Elena Alexander

          MCC representatives’ names missing on newsletter; information should be updated.