Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, September 28, 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance:  Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier, Robin Felber, Laura Lees for Michele Katsutani, Katie McMillan, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.       Issues/Problems:

      Kulanaa’o resident


          Air conditioning, dust, no elevator & no laundry facilities are some of the complaints received.

          Portable AC units are being offered as an option

          Watering down areas will be suggested to help contain dust

          Laundry room will open this week

          AT and CS will continue to monitor

2.       Issues/Problems:

      No smoking on campus

          Enforcing the no smoking policy on campus continues to be a challenge

          Avenues to increase awareness were discussed such as posters in classrooms, campaigns; tie in with State campaigns.

          No smoking policy will be included in campus literature, e.g. Schedule of Classes and student handbooks

          Brochures need to be updated with current information

          Designated smoking areas will be publicized on maps

          Security will be asked to inform violators of the policy

          Katie & David will work with Jill to improve and develop signage including maps & will provide update at next meeting

          Campus maps should identify designated smoking areas

          Student Government will conduct anti smoking campaign

          David and Katie will report at next meeting

3.       Process for distributing reports from and obtaining feedback to Executive Committee

          Michele shares minutes with Academic Senate

          APT & Civil Service members encouraged to go to minutes

          Little or no feedback from Civil Service, staff does not have time.  Frances identified civil service challenges such as prioritizing; increasing workloads.

          Lau’ulu – hosting a meeting before the BOR meeting on Maui

          ASMCC –   Exec Committee agenda is reviewed and discussed at their Thursday meetings.  Executive Committee liaison attends Exec meeting and presents any concerns.  Conducts Wednesday informational NAP meetings. Webpage available for students for feedback

          Reps were asked to look at ways to encourage feedback from their respective groups and report progress at next meeting

          Business office process is being developed to help improve processing & turnaround time

4.       Latest Fall enrollment

          Enrollment is at 2962. Peaked at 3019 on 9/4/07. 41 students were purged for nonpayment. 22 complete withdrawal. 6 more students enrolled.

          Distribution of majors among counselors, faculty and other support staff will be presented next meeting by AT

5.       Tuition Fees Special Fund

          Currently at $2,075,387

          Collective bargaining allocation more than expected

          Projected carry over is $247,000

          $24,000 for electricity from System but no additional support expected

          we need to look at energy savings measures

          Final Fall TFSF will be reported when FMIS reactivated

          Additional resources to be applied to reserve in anticipation of possibly higher electricity costs

          Work orders should be submitted for Hale AC units which are not working properly

          Grounds work should try to be schedule so noise won’t interfere with classes in the Hales

6.       Civility on campus

          Chancellor’s email updates have been appreciated via maui-announcements and were encouraged

          Clyde will continue updates via Maui-Announcements

          Clyde asked to intercede when email dialogue gets testy

7.       Kulanaa`o – how to turn the availability of student housing units into an advantage as they open after the start of the Fall semester.

          Small groups were formed to brainstorm ideas

          The following were suggested:


Ex-Offenders (Reintegration)

            Enrolled at MCC

Agora Market Statewide

Guest/Visiting Faculty

Temporary Nurses/UH Interns

Non-Credit Elder Hostel

Lahaina Students

Short-term Stays i.e. Speech Tournament


Identification of different wings of

   Married students


Package for Summer

   Classes + housing + recreation

Students at home – dorm


   Rules (once a week cleaning)

Include part time students (case by case)

  Currently students need to e at least half time

  (6   credits)

Mainland Students/Fall semester

Study Abroad

Program for housing

External Support for Student Housing Cost

Adjust Price Point


          Alvin was asked to lead effort to look at strategies, everyone encouraged to provide continued input


8.       Proposal for community based job training initiative

          Working with various county departments to develop proposal

          Janet Six working on proposal to be distributed in draft

9.       Windmill

          Clyde and David have met with Mayor and Water Director Jeff Eng and Energy Coordinator Victor Reyes and they are receptive.

           David working on anemometers

          Clyde will follow up with Mimi Hu

          David will work with Steve Johnson and Andy Carson to place windmills on prospective sites

10.   University Center

          Karen provided updates

          Karen continuing to improve reporting data; asking for DT’s assistance with prioritizing Brad and Kris’ focus

11.   Molokai Option Extension

          J.Morton supports us pursuing to protect the option to purchase the land site on Molokai

          A request for an extension on the option to purchase will be submitted

12.   Hale Akua

          Clyde provided updates.  We can begin scheduling short-term use of Hale Akua 

          Clyde encouraged everyone to submit requests to him for usage

13.   Pacific Radio Group

          Partnership agreement with Pacific Radio Group has been forwarded to the system office for review and signature. 

          October 15th is target effective date.

14.   Palauea

          Clyde updated. University cannot indemnify County. Land access may occur via MCC acquiring a no cost 99 year lease from Maui Coastal Land Trust who would receive the land from Dowling Company.

          Clyde & Ekela will update Lau’ulu

          David & Clyde will follow up lease proposal to BOR

15.   Fall enrollments & targets

          Alvin reported he & David met with Kris Shibano & Carol on improving data gathering solutions

          Alvin will provide update at next meeting

16.   Water forum

          Maui Tomorrow  would like College to host a 2-day water forum on campus in late November, early December

          CS and A. DeRoode working on enlisting full spectrum of views and expertise on water for Dec 7-8 forum

17.   VP Morton visit

          50 unbudgeted temporary positions were reviewed

          To identify full position counts where we can assign unbudgeted temporary positions to permanent position counts

          Instruction is priority. 15 identified by Suzette

          Other campuses may transfer their counts to MCC

          Instructional designer; 7 year temporary lecturers who meet MQ’s are priority

          Frances inquired how APT positions would be affected. Does not affect APT positions.

          Special acknowledgement was made for Bradley Duran’s contributions in providing statistics for Achieving the Dream.

          Suzette working to identify position counts affected


18.   Campus Mascot

          Robin Felber asked the committee if ASMCC could pursue identifying a campus mascot. 

          Alvin will check on the process for identifying a campus mascot