Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, July 27, 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Lori Govaars, Michele Katsutani, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha

Guests: Jeannie Pezzoli, Elena Alexander, Kulamanu Vorhies



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.       Introduction of Ann Wallner

          Recruitment contact in Europe/Germany


2.       Data Dialogue – Persistence and Retention distinguished – Jeannie

          Appreciation expressed to Jeannie & Brad for  program-by-program information

          Need to focus on retention through the semester and persistence to degree completion emphasized

          Karen to provide transfer rate update

          Jeannie to provide additional percentage calculations and information on all programs

3.       Enrollment update – Alvin

          Currently 2187; 83 ahead of last year. 221 students were purged on Tuesday. Target enrollment is 3274.


4.       Kulana`ao update – Alvin

          An estimated six weeks before completion of now housing; students will be placed at Maui Beach at no extra cost.

          Intro will be done at Maui Beach, will include a free trolley tour of Kahului

          Alvin to follow up with Maui Beach on special arrangements

          Alvin to provide update at next meeting on moving & storage needs for students during this interim period.

5.       New Student Orientation - Elena

          Elena reviewed orientation program planned for 8/11 & 8/14.

          Suzette to introduce other programs that MCC has to offer (non-credit, UH Center, ABIT, etc)

          Program coordinators may be invited to participate

          Alvin to look into improving efficiency of ID printing options

          Suggestion that video clips of orientation be uploaded to website

6.       TFSF status – David

          Status is currently 10.5% ahead of last year, about break even point

          David provided an update on budget deficit status; overall improvement shown over past years

          Counselors continue to follow up with phone calls to students to complete registration

          Pacific Radio Group contract should be finalized soon; Katie to develop ads

7.       Legislative Visit – 7/25/07

          Concern for funding items that are ongoing vs. one time

          Appreciation of Maui CC’s generation of funds that are ongoing; feeling that tax dollars are being used effectively

          Appreciation expressed to executive members involved in the 7/25/07 Legislators’ visit

8.       University Center transfer - Karen

          Karen shared information on University Center transfer statistics and discussed challenges she is finding with errors and unavailable data

          Counselors need data to be better informed about students needing transfer assistance

          Need to look at how to improve data collection for accurate evaluation

9.       First Year Experience Conference – Kulamanu Vorhies

-- Elena Alexander

          Shared information from conference attended on the Big Island, specifically on Early Learning Communities

          Suzette reported on this fall’s Maui CC learning communities

          Alvin reported that counselors are working with program coordinators to identify students who need help on an early alert basis

          Need to advertise how to access counseling support; a more structured approach needed

          Michele to provide the counselor liaison list to Executive Committee members

          Need to impress faculty with the need for student retention; retention leads to success

          Alvin will invite appropriate people to Financial Aid workshops

10.   Molokai Business Plan

          Plan distributed & reviewed by Executive Committee, other comments invited

          Will be presented to Mike Unebasami when items addressed and finalized

          Need to identify how and by whom facility is being utilized, including Molokai Farm and classrooms, where future students will come from and how programs will meet Molokai needs

          Need to identify economic opportunities & training requirements

11.   Community Forum – Katie

          60 participants confirmed, may have 75

          Plan to tie in with program reviews

          Identified sectors who responded

          Need to structure questions to get best possible relevant information

          More community sectors were identified; to be invited

          Katie will address any missing areas

12.   Executive Assistant - Clyde

          Position has been resubmitted, waiting for approval

          Will report when approved

13.   COSEE Initiative – Clyde

          Center of Excellence for Ocean Science Education – Maui CC was part of an application this past year

          Clyde will be doing presentation on campus technology as advisory board member; John Miller assisting. Clyde also visiting Senator Inouye’s and NSF offices and Georgetown representative next week in DC

          Clyde and Suzette met with representatives. Clyde will be meeting with people in DC next week regarding national centers for excellence.

14.   Achieving the dream - Suzette

          Suzette provided information and updates. Michele Katsutani & Debbie Winkler will be assisting

          Suzette to update information as it is received

15.   New faculty orientation - Diane

          Reviewed plan for orientation.  A video is being produced to include 5-minute presentations on the different programs and services on campus; a faculty handbook has been produced


          Class Act is possible location for event

16.   Mental health workshops - Alvin

          Lee Stein developing workshops for faculty during the semester; could provide intro at convocation


17.   Electrical upgrade – David

          Nursing area will be affected.  Plans to complete work before school begins.


          Entire campus system needs to be upgraded. Continued patience & cooperation is appreciated