Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, July 13, 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Lori Govaars, Michele Katsutani, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Jeannie Pezzoli

Guests: Mike Albert, Rita Barreras, Debbi Brown, Robert Burton, Cindy Yamamoto




Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.       Data dialog - UHCC degrees earned

          Jeannie presented degrees earned comparatively across the UH system, MCC’s has increased significantly

          Identify & recognize programs that have contributed to MCC’s successful increases in degrees & certificates earned

2.       Long term care presentation – Rita Barreras

          $250,000 received from Maui County Council to MCC for Maui Long Term Care Partnership for workforce development & $20,000 for Maui Long Term Care Partnership’s Volunteer Caregiver Pilot Project. Rita shared plans in progress

          Rita to provide updates on progress at future meetings.

3.       WASC ACSCU report

          Report has been received and shared w/members.

          Clyde & Suzette to meet with UH President and VP for CCs and will keep campus abreast

4.       Enrollment update – A.Tagomori

          Enrollment currently is 2035. The efforts of the Student services staff were recognized

          Diane reported on classes that were added

          Alvin to involve student health center to assist contacting students who may need TB clearances

          Diane to follow up on Zoo & Micro lab issues to accommodate increasing demand

5.       Administrative Services Program Review

          Reviews were presented by individual program heads.

          Diane will upload the report to web when she receives it from David

          Priority is get wireless in old dorms & Laulima up by Fall 2007

          Maximo should be up for Media & O&M in Fall 07 & training will be done

          BusOfc trying methods to improve turnaround time for documents

          Cindy looking into bulk purchasing for the campus

6.       Bandwidth and speed status

          Monitors have been installed to evaluate why line speed is slow

          David to provide info on progress at future meetings until speed increased.

7.       Fiscal year budget status

          Discussed challenges on campus & within the system

          Each department should maintain their own accounting of individual budgets & work within them

          VChancellor will work with departments who have overspent their allotments

          Continue to look at money saving options (ex. paperless) to reallocate funds to other needs

8.       Community Forum – Katie McMillan

          Katie working on planning & invitations. 40 Community members confirmed.

          Katie to keep everyone updated as it develops

9.       Marketing Plan – Katie McMiillan

          Handout attachment; MCC website update is a priority project, main channel of marketing. Pacific Radio Group Memorandum of Understanding for www.mauitoday.tv; Marketing and KeAo Articles; building partnerships within the community

          Will utilize UHSystem template for our website, Eryck to incorporate by Dec 2007 (uhcc.hawaii.edu)

          Katie working with Alvin on marketing budget for entire campus.

          Katie to include measurable outcomes component in Marketing Plan.

10.   International Opportunities

          Nepal a possible international partnership

          Clyde to keep us abreast

11.   Fiscal 2007 ending report

          Carryover funds estimated to be $300,000

          Budget priorities to be identified so funds can be reallocated appropriately

12.   Windmill & alternative energy

          Shell & Ulupalakua proposing windmill solution to county

          Alternate energy challenges discussed, polytechnics

          National sustainability consortium opportunity - Clyde

          Sintec – solar thermal cooling

          Clyde to keep us abreast, and alternative windmill site still needs to be identified

          David continues to work on our campus’ alternative energy RFP

          Clyde to provide info

          David looking into Grant funds to incorporate new technologies in upcoming CIP projects

13.   Tuition revenues

          .2% increase, need to see a larger % increase since we changed scholarship structure.

      Must accommodate over $300k in tuition waiver equivalent funds