Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, June 8, 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Pam Hoopii, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Jeannie Pezzoli


Guests:  Cathy Bio, Steve Kameda, Colleen Shishido, Robert Burton



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1. Student Services Program Review

  • Alvin presented and reviewed Student Services comprehensive and annual program review summary for academic year 2007.
  • Better coordination between counselors & program coordinators encouraged.
  • Executive members should all systematically review program review data to better understand program performance.

2. Supplemental budget & enrollment status

  • Supplemental budget due 7/13/07
  • President may consider additional emergency, health & safety, accreditation issues.
  • Fall 2007 enrollment  currently at 1464, which is 14 down from same time last year
  • Executive committee to review accreditation and CIP issues that may be in tier 2, and identify those which could possibly be submitted.
  • VC’s to prepare operational budget proposals for FY08 to Clyde to be reviewed by 6/15th.
  • Student Services will be calling students who applied & not registered.
  • Contact continuing students who haven’t met education goals or registered. Currently working on phone script.
  • Counselors following up w/high school students.
  • Alvin to review meeting target numbers set for each high school, contacting principals for graduating class numbers.

3. MCC BOR Items for the Year

  • Submitting a Hawaiian name change for 4 buildings, to tie in meaning of the name with building function
  • Sustainable construction academy
  • Swap meet – vendor working on permit process
  • Student Housing rate increase - upcoming
  • Kiope Raymond to submit names.
  • Cindy Foreman working on submittal for construction academy.
  • VC’s & all Executive Committee members asked to submit to Clyde anything that may be coming up this year for submittal for BOR November agenda.


4. VCAA Selection, Executive Assistant and other Personnel updates

  • VCAA selection should be completed sometime next week.
  • Executive Assistant selection should be completed w/in next 2 weeks.
  • Nursing & counseling positions moving forward.
  • County of Maui resources positions were discussed.
  • VC’s will need to look at strategies on how they will operationally support these positions within their budgets.

5. President’s emerging leader initiative

  • President’s new emerging leadership program was introduced
  • Diane, Pat & Suzette will be submitting nominations.

6. Hawaii State Association for Counties

  • Agenda is to create nationally, a “green government” forming government partnerships with education.
  • Clyde is a participant & will keep us informed.

7. Data Dialog

  • Jeannie reviewed - Retention Eng 1 to Eng 19.  50% did not pass. However unsure if they completed course.
  • Strategy for offering Eng 1 & 2 needs to be strengthened.
  • Jeannie to schedule STAR workshop for faculty & staff.
  • Retention Rates for Each CTE and Liberal Arts Program requested for next Exec Comm Data Dialogue

8. Security Committee Report



  • Robert Burton reviewed the update that was sent via maui-announcements.
  • Alvin reported that the Mental Health Committee is focusing on workshops & staff development for staff
  • Suzette to insure updated phone tree information was submitted to Angela.
  • Robert to identify which buildings have PA systems
  • Basic emergency procedures should be developed for the campus.
  • Department managers encouraged to develop individual evacuation plans for their areas.