Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, April 27, 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Lori Govaars, Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier, Diane Meyer, Suzette Robinson, Frances Segundo, Alvin Tagomori

Guests: Jeannie Pezzoli, Kate Acks



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.      Data Dialog, Jeannie Pezzoli

  • MAPS report on Out-of-State Recruitment for UH Campus from Fall 2002 shows 1st time freshman, not transfers, for UH and where they come from. Report just came out and its effectiveness is questioned because the data is five years old. 


2.      National Community College Benchmark Project, Jeannie Pezzoli

·        Each UH community college offers between 12%-20% of its budget for financial aid. The national benchmark is 50%.  The expectation is that there’s going to be a higher benchmark for UHCC financial aid.


Jeannie will be discussing this data at the institutional Research Cadre meeting in Honolulu on Monday, April 30th.

3.      American Diploma Project, Kate Acks

  • In March Kate Acks, representing math faculty attended American Diploma Project in Dallas. The company called ACHIEVE has put together hallmark standards for disciplines such as Math and English. The goal is to have student meet benchmarks and are college ready (able to take 100 level classes) or work ready. ACHIEVE connected HICUPS to their standards and rated each standard. Attendees broke into groups and focused on 0 and 1’s. Discussion on changes included: possible dual diploma (e.g. high school with honors), short and long term goals, possible 4 years of math in high school instead of 3 years. Currently 29 states exploring possibility and project underwritten by Bill Gates with requirement that state has to have buy in and Governor needs to commit to project.

The next meeting for the ADP will focus on assessment. Suzette will check with BK regarding attendance at this meeting.


4.      AA Revision

  • Suzette is working with Dorothy to craft an action memo to President McClain for approval of the AA revisions.

Memo to be completed before the end of the semester.


5.      Foundations Board Application

  • Leeward, Windward, Honolulu, Kapi‘olani are members of the Foundation Board. Kaua‘i is still talking and Maui is in the process of applying. Not sure of Hawai‘I CC’s situation. Many of the community colleges are going the route of Foundation Board Application.

Dorothy Pyle is in the process of writing an action memo to Neal Smatresk, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at UH Manoa. Then waiting for an approval.

6.      Updates: Swap Meet, Student Housing Recruitment

  • As of April 25th, there was an acknowledgement that the dorms will not be ready. Possible resolution will be to work on one building at a time and get certificate of occupancy. Agora has approved project to continue with student life piece. 
  • Recruitment efforts include running statewide ads in every Sunday papers in Kaua‘i as well as in Kona and Hilo. Enrollment data: summer 2007 head count is 338 students and is down 49 students from last the same time. Current fall 2007 enrollment is 821 compared to 843 same time last year. Institute Research website information provided: daily headcount enrollment, daily student semester hours, fall 2007 headcount by ethnicity, headcount by gender, headcount by Hawaiian ancestry, headcount by major, and headcount by tuition status. Current discussion includes recruiting men for college because of ratio of women to men. Currently MCC 217 men and 604 women.
  • Also starting this spring semester, because of DOH regulation, the MMR and TB and admission files are to be kept separately.  So Denise Cohen has been provided a software to handle to responsibility of MMR and TB files.


7.      Other Items

  • VP Morton is taking back all vacant positions 3 years old or more as of December 31, 2007.
  • Perkins proposal, going to get a coordinator, counselor, 1.5 APT, $90,000 for equipment. VP Morton also mentioned that tier 1 and 2 of biennium budget is good. John Morton mentioned that Perkins money to be seen as research and development money not continued service money.
  • Articulation Agreements between CC’s and high schools.
  • Ask David Tamanaha for all positions that have not been filled.
  • Work on budget for Perkins proposal.




  • Suzette will email notes from meeting.

8.      Instructional Program Review Report, Suzette Robinson

  • Six comprehensive studies received. Thanks to review committee five have received a review team report. To be done is Fashion Technology and will be completed by Dan Kruse. Also received 20 annual program review self studies. Report includes overall program health as well as different areas of review such as curriculum revision, analysis of data, action plan, and budget implications.
  • Department chairs met and discussed as well created a Supplement Budget. Six items are listed in priority. They stayed within 3rd tier of biennium budget.
  1. TLC Director
  2. Culinary Arts
  3. IT Computer Specialists
  4. Mental Health Coordinator
  5. Instructional Designer
  6. Humanities/Social Science Clerk

Will be meeting with program coordinators on their program reviews.