Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, April 13, 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Kahele Dukelow, Lori Govaars, Dan Kruse, Karen Muraoka, Amy Riglos, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha




Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.       Data Dialog – Trend in age of registrants.

          Discussed the senior enrollment population

          Need to identify populations better and look at ways to improve the admission process for them

2.       Legislative Updates

          David reviewed the budgets currently in the Senate & House

          Tiers 1 & 2 were approved for every campus

          Security support, from tier 3 was included for MCC

          CIP – House included Nursing & Science Bldg but no electrical distribution. Includes an R&M “pot” for UH. UH will use this to fund all health & safety R&M

          CIP – Senate earmarked Health & Safety & electrical distribution; Nursing was included

          Continue to inform legislators of  MCC’s needs and initiatives

          David will check on the status of the Molokai land proposal

3.       Deficit update & 3rd quarter report status

          3rd quarter status report not ready

          Deficit report as of 4/10/07distributed. Programs in deficit are frozen as per campus policy

          David will provide the 3rd quarter status report within the next week or so


4.       WASC Draft response

          Senior commission report – recommended Clarification sent to Dr.Ochoa relating to the flexibility to allow 4yr faculty position(s) to teach 100-400 level courses

          Awaiting response from Dr.Ochoa

5.       Program Review Reports Status for next Executive Committee

          Seven comprehensive and twenty-two annual reports are in the process of being received and reviewed.

          Suzette will be presenting a summary of the instructional program review reports at the next executive meeting 4/27/07

          Suzette is working w/Department chairs in identifying priority requests for instruction


6.       Status of all positions including SLIM Executive Director, VCAA, Marketing, Executive Assistant Position Draft

          SLIM – interviewed 3 applicants, recommendation submitted; RCUH has paperwork

          VCAA – Clyde attended the February faculty senate meeting to apprise them of the process and later invited academic senate contribution to the screening committee via Dan. Debbi & Robyn also helped with the screening committee selection. Unit 07, 03, administration & students are included. Applications are being reviewed.

          Marketing – recommendation submitted, paperwork being finalized & reviewed

          Executive Assistant – position description reviewed

          Other vacant positions identified; S.Swanson’s; D. Dela Cruz; O&M, clerk & RDP FO; Upward Bound counselor; M.Bruck’s.

          SLIM appointment will be notified as soon as we receive RCUH approval.

          Nancy meeting with academic senate today to discuss screening committee members

          Marketing – announcement shortly. Colleen to apprise applicant(s) of status

          Executive Assistant – to be advertised upon approval

          Executive members & VC’s asked to review balancing the operational budget & evaluate filling of vacancies for next FY

7.       Recruiting and housing updates

          Enrollment is ahead of where we were last year at this time by about 70.but still below target

          Continuing Student Survey – analysis reviewed

          Recruitment module in banner can be activated which could improve recruitment, retention & follow up with students

          COMPASS testing is available on high school campuses in Lahaina and on Lanai

          Alvin will clarify the way some questions were presented in future surveys

          May need to revisit the times or ways classes are being scheduled

          Steve will test the recruitment module for Fall 2007

          Alvin to identify the target recruitment  numbers set for all high schools and provide status

          Alvin to follow up on the online status of COMPASS application

          Alvin to ask for regular enrollment updates in Banner

8.       Chancellor’s meetings

          Strategic Planning Council meeting on 4/27/07

          Chancellor’s Advisory Council meeting on Monday, to review community’s input on college careers

          Alvin to insure student government representation

9.       County proposal

          Proposals ongoing to the County Council

          Suzette continuing to talk to County Council members

          Sustainability club will be asked to participate in proposals

10.   Swap meet

          Work continuing and proceeding


11.   Campus AC & repairs

          Student center – July target date for completion

          Need to identify space & who will occupy

          Furniture & equipment challenges needs to be coordinated & identified