Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday February 9, 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Lori Govaars Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha


Guests: Jeannie Pezzoli, Ryan Daniels for Lau’ulu


Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.      Data Dialog: Critical MCC Data for Chancellor’s Advisory Council Retreat, Jeannie Pezzoli

·        How well is the education and training you received preparing you for your current job? Continuing student survey to include student’s plans, what’s their intent, and where they are with their goals. Scheduling a Chancellor’s Advisory Council Retreat on April 16th in the afternoon.

Jeannie asked to prepare trend data on enrollment, completions, graduation rates per program basis, and share with Executive Committee. Share feedback at next Executive Committee meeting.

2.      Updates on TFSF amount, enrollment number, progress with deficits, Student Housing Report: July 15th target for opening,

3.      NLN, ACF, and ACSCU Accreditation Visits.

·        TFSF balance has dropped a little bit. Enrollment has continued to go up. Currently purging 20 students of a combination of students. Would like to get to refining the number and get to a process with a level of detail to help back up budgets.

·        Student Housing, new management hopes to start taking in students as of August.

·        More Accreditation visits are coming up. Maui is approved for 6-year accreditation. Being asked to prepare a focused mid term report primarily on SLO’s.






·        Request from Robert Vafaie, construction schedule for student housing.

·        First visit is Nursing, February 20-22nd. Second visit is Senior Commission, March 8th-9th. Third visit is Culinary, March 12th- 14th.


4.      Topics for Mayor Tavares Meeting on February 13th

·        Meeting to discuss MCC grant from Maui County last year and request for coming session. Passed out draft of letter to Mayor Tavares identifying the departments Maui County has and what MCC is doing for each. Would like the Mayor to know what MCC’s overall impact is on the county’s economic development.

Request for feedback to Clyde as soon as possible.


5.      Preparation for Federal Network Meeting on February 15th

·        Agenda to include the involvement in ECET, ABIT Programs, and other related areas.

E-mail Clyde with any additions regarding high-tech additions to agenda.

6.      Accreditation follow up: reconcile plans in Self-Study with Strategic Plan 8 year Directions

·        Reconcile what is in the strategic plan with what was including on the self-study plans. Needed to track progress.

Action assigned to Strategic Plan Implementation Council

7.      UH Major Gifts Centennial Context: Developing and Sustaining Excellence

·        VP Morton would like to see some realistic ways to obtain community support for all big gifts. Theme to be “Developing and Sustaining Excellence.”

MCC Foundation Office will respond

8.      Workshop on Getting it Done: Implementing our Goals MCC and MCC-UHF

·        A consultant from Berkeley has designed program for implementing goals. Actively exploring his program for use to start with personnel and baccalaureate development.

Forward names of faculty who have led or developed successful programs to chancellor or vice chancellor

9.      Swap Meet Map and Site Approvals

·        Executed agreement for swap meet, currently evaluating trees for removal.

Vendor clarifying requirements for SMA

10.  Other Items

·        Library AC will be retrofitted in the summer 2008 but currently motor has been repaired. 

·        Academic Senate has decided on three focus areas: 1.Business Processes, 2. Web usability, 3. Quality of life survey and utilizing results.