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September 22, 2006, Friday

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


1.       Data Dialogue

2.       Instruction and Academic Support Program Review Summaries

3.       Deficit Elimination Plans

4.       President McClain’s report on B&F view of economic future

5.       Other Items



Friday, September 22, 2006

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


Present:  Amina Abdusamad, Patricia Duckworth for Dan Kruse, Mikihala Helm, Pam Hoopii, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, flo wiger


Clyde announced that the appointments of flo wiger to Academic Affairs Program Officer in the CC Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs office and of Suzette Robinson to MauiCC’s Interim Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs were approved by the Board of Regents. 


Data dialogue – Jeannie shared the results of the survey from out-of-state students regarding their experiences at MCC. Top reasons for coming were: courses offered, location, program and family. Along with family, friends or word-of-mouth (46.2%) was noted as top method of learning about MCC, internet search (38.5%) was a close second. This confirms the need for how we present ourselves on the web. There was also concern from the non-credit (MLI) international students feeling isolated and unsupported. There is little support after international students complete the MLI program.  There is nothing after MLI for integration into the credit program.  It is important to include MLI student responses to the survey.  Jeannie will follow up with Alice Luther to determine response rate.  Alvin was asked to present a follow up on how these issues are being or have been addressed. 

It was also noted that there are not enough places for students to meet due to the lack of library (note library has since restored its hours), TLC and Pa`ina service hours.  Amina reported that they have been working to include and involve the MLI students in more group activities and provide more means of information.  Clyde encouraged the student leadership to continue to provide feedback to this committee so that ways to meet student needs can be addressed.  Frances suggested that student mentoring be considered.


Instruction and academic support program review summaries.  flo presented the Comprehensive Program Review Recommendations, the Annual Program Review Recommendations, and the Instructional Program Review Budget Requests.  Much of the funds received from the Legislature were primarily for positions.  This year supplies and equipment funds were added.  Instruction is looking at alternative methods of funding to support supplies and equipment purchase, e.g. Perkins and RDP funds.  They have been trying to put budget items in order and then are looking for resources to fund them.  Both instructional and academic support program reviews must present a prioritized list of requests for support. 

It was also noted that it would be beneficial to see the data relationship to the funding request so the campus can see why new positions are being introduced and what the rationale behind them may be.  For example, in the Library, we need to look at how does the Library improve the learning process and how current and proposed staff work with faculty and students affect learning, what are the Library connections with faculty and programs, and whether there is a teaching module for off campus students and faculty; in addition to the technical and circulation data relationships to programs. Some of these data points will be coming up in the assessment step of the program review process.  It was noted that the System is trying to identify program review criteria that all of the campuses will use.  The Library comprehensive review of this campus is being used as the model and could influence other libraries through clarifying outcomes related to its contributions to student learning. 

It was further recommended that under the “plans” section for the coming year, a preface indicating that these are coming from the program review recommendations and data on how it will improve student outcome should be included. 


Deficit elimination plans.  Suzette distributed and reviewed the OCET Budget Deficit 2005-2006 Actions and 2006-2007 Plans.  Program Coordinators have met increased income goals.  In October 06 report, program coordinators will give us a breakdown of how they have met the income targets. 

Plans for the following year that will help increase income include a Lumens on-line registration which should increase registration by 33% without additional staff.

Miki pointed out that Kamehameha School has a scholarship called Hanalima for students who are seeking MCC certificates.  It is a one-time $100 stipend.  The CDL program is listed as one of the certificate programs. Contact person is Paula Purdy. 

The Culinary and Oral Health deficit plans are being worked on and will be presented to the committee soon.


Vacant Position status:   

Applicants for the OCET Director’s position have been interviewed and the final two or three names will be forwarded to Chancellor for consideration. 

Two candidates being considered for the SLIM director’s position and a selection should be finalized soon.

Outreach APT’s:  Lanai is closed, Hana is closed, Kihei has a casual hire

Steve George’s position:  In process of reorganizing telecom, media, and computing operations into one unit.  During the interim we are asking Mike Albert to coordinate the activities of this unofficially consolidated position.

Student Services:  Filled behind Barry Kristel and Dodie Manaba’s positions, working on filling Special Needs Counselor and Construction Academy Counselor positions. 


Report on President McClain’s Sr. VP and CC Chancellors Meeting.   $3.4 million dollar appropriation to plan and design our science building and other appropriated CIP projects within the UH System have not yet been released.  B&F Director Georgina Kawamura recommendation is that we be patient.  An economic downturn is being projected.  The science building must be understood as an important part of preparing health, high tech and other science-based graduates for the best employment opportunities in Maui County


WASC team will be visiting our outreach sites, therefore we need to prepare accordingly.


CCSSE:  MCC identified as one of four colleges in the country that they will ask to provide more details to reveal the congruence among students, faculty and staff related to the overall support of student learning and interactions with students.  This information will be shared with other campuses around the country.

Alvin was asked to get a copy of tape of student clips that was presented at the CCSSE workshop.


Other items: 


Steve George’s farewell will be held September 29, 2:30-3:30, in the Ka`a`ike lobby.


Frances suggested creating a mechanism to recognize folks who work hard, e.g. a resolution from the Executive Committee and presented to folks at the Convocation.


It was suggested that we look into having Pa`ina help students provide affordable food for their activities.