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Friday, July 28, 2006

9:00 a.m., Ka Lama 102


1.      Data Dialogue on Retention Pattern at MCC: Jeannie Pezzoli

2.      Program Review Summaries:  Alvin Tagomori; David Tamanaha and flo wiger will present at next meeting

3.      Fall Enrollment Status:  Alvin Tagomori

4.      Tuition Revenue, Fall and Summer

5.      Deficit Status

6.      Enrollment Tracking Management Status

7.      Evening Enrollment Marketing Potential

8.      Marketing Position Status

9.      Strategic Plan Outcomes

10.  Content for Meetings

Leadership Workshop

            New Faculty/Staff Orientation


11.  WASC Self-Study Status

12.  U.S. News and World Report

13.  Other Items




Friday, July 28, 2006

9:00 a.m., Ka Lama 102


Present: Mikahala Helm, Pam Hoopii, Michele Katsutani, Cordy MacLaughlin, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, flo wiger


Data Dialogue on Assessment and Retention was presented by Institutional Researcher Jeannie Pezzoli.

Assessment dialogue - Required by accreditation, the introduction of our self-study includes a summary of our assessment activities. It was notable to see how much MCC has done.   Summary will be posted around campus.

Retention dialogue – Jeannie summarized diagram indicating what % of Fall students carry over to Spring.   Jeannie will provide Spring to Fall % which would reflect the retention rate from year to year.  We need to look at ways we can intervene and make a difference to improve retention rates. Retention and achievement could be college-wide priorities for this year.

Alvin reported that based on their continuing student survey as to why students don’t return, reasons varied from moving, pregnancies, financial, but there was a very low percentage of students who were unhappy with the college. Faculty helped by conducting the surveys in the classroom. This improved the response rate to about 80%. New and various ways of continuing the surveys are being considered. Having faculty, staff, and administrators participate in the telephone surveys was a good way to improve community relations and gain valuable feedback.  Alvin will look into re-establishing the surveys.


Program Review Summaries

Student Services – was presented by Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Alvin Tagomori.  Samples of the counseling brochures and forms that are being used were reviewed along with the comprehensive program review summary.  Findings and recommendations for improvement of the program review team and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs were summarized. Counseling was highly commended for their efforts in putting together a thorough comprehensive report. Alvin will be recommending that Admissions & Records do a more complete review with a suggested 4 month deadline.

-flo announced that CCSSE will be coming back to MCC in September to meet with the faculty, staff, and administration.  In reviewing the data that had come back from CCSSE for the Community Colleges in Hawaii, MCC has again come up on top.

-It was suggested that we use Perkins money to develop more professional looking brochures.

-Administrative Services and Instructional program review reports will be presented at the next meeting


Enrollment status is currently 2104 for Fall 2006. Comparatively, enrollment was at 1984 on July 25, 2005 and at 2129 on August 1, 2005. There are180 non-residents registered, 126 of which are paying non-resident tuition, the remainder qualify for tuition exemptions. 

-Alvin demonstrated the MCC Help Desk.  We have received 454 inquiries.  Staff identified as “agents” respond to inquiries.  Those who want to have access to participate should notify Alvin.  Participants must be available year round.  Participants must be available to respond to inquiries.

-Alvin was asked to follow up with the developments that Banner may have made in the area of student feedback so we can perhaps gain more data for analysis.


Summer Revenue:  David reviewed the expenditures and status as of July 27, 2006. There is total estimated net income of $44,641.


Tuition Fall 2006 Revenue: David reported that we’re currently about 11% over last year’s tuition revenue.

-Clyde explained how using the relationships between applicants and actual registrants could provide a workable estimate that can be used to project anticipated tuition revenues and help in budget planning.

-Currently we are working with an estimated 5% decrease in enrollment.

-Suzette will provide the outreach enrollment numbers at the next meeting.

-Suzette will work with Karen to look at offerings in Kihei.  There is great potential for non-credit offerings in Kihei. We should also look at a more central location to reach the larger Kihei population.

-Courses being offered at the West Maui site are still low enrolled.  Members were asked to encourage students to enroll.


Deficit status David reported that, compared to other campuses, MCC’s 3% reserve requirement is much smaller. The WASC and the University system require that we have a 3% reserve based on the amount of expenditures per year.  MCC’s reserve was negative $1.2 million in FY2005 based on Fiscal Officer Cindy Yamamoto’s unofficial estimate. The system will prepare the actual profile. Currently, based on Cindy’s estimate we are now at negative 430,000.  Our decrease in deficit is largely due to the funds received for emergency electricity relief. This year our special funds are in a better cash available position, but improvements are still necessary.  The RTRF resources allow the overall balance to run over $360,000 in the black and serve as a reserve.

-Status of deficit reduction plans:

OCET – Suzette reported that the closing date for the director’s position is August 19, 2006.  A Memorandum of Agreement for $250,000 for Civil Defense charter classes and $120,000 grant management is being processed.

Oral Care – flo reported that Jim Murphy worked on increasing amount per patient from $500 to $1000.

Dental Van  transfer is stalled.  David will follow up with County.  flo will follow up with Lillian Koller to get reimbursement requests processed.  flo will inform Clyde of status. 

Culinary – flo just received the remapping proposal and will pass it and the Math Development Plan on to Clyde.


Evening Enrollment Marketing Potential:  Deferred to next Executive Committee meeting.


Marketing Position Status:  A draft of the Marketing position description will be provided for members’ review at the next Executive Committee meeting. 


Strategic Plan Outcomes document will be distributed to Executive Committee members to review and update.


Leadership Workshop – August 9, 2006  All Executive Committee members are invited. 

Suzette reported that she and Mary Jones have been brainstorming ideas on ways to keep participants engaged at workshops/meetings.


-Theme: Building Connections

-Looking at how each of us can engage our students so that they feel they are part of this campus community

-Would like to have everyone there from 8:00-11:30

New Faculty and Staff Orientation: 

-How do we present information that people will remember? Creative ways be sure everybody is aware of  important information. e.g. accreditation visitation date (October 23)


-Details on meetings will be sent out as they are being developed

- Business and Admissions offices, etc. should be closed for campus-wide meetings during this time.  Advance notices should be posted.  Everyone should attend the convocation.


WASC Self-Study Status:  Diane reported that the first draft was delivered to System office today. ABIT’s draft was also submitted.  Pat, Diane and Jeannie were especially commended for their efforts.


U.S. News and World Report:  We have been called and have been invited to publicize MCC in the USNWR America’s Best Colleges issue. A one- page ad will cost $55,000 to reach 2 million subscribers, 10 million readers, with 125,000 impressions/banner ads on the website. We’re attempting to enlist Agora as a partner/contributor in this process; however, they are pretty stretched due to construction delays.  They should be able to let us know by next week if they will be comfortable with us publicizing spring semester as opposed to next summer and fall.   If Agora cannot assist with the ad RTRF & Tuition Fees Special Funds could be used.  


Plan for Institutional Advancement draft was distributed by Cordy for review and comment. Plans to provide major donors with certificates of recognition/merit are being considered to be presented at convocation.


Political forums will be conducted on campus after the primary election.


Library doors – contractor should be receiving the work order to proceed with repairs shortly.


Ka’aike glass – cost is $28,000 because it needs to be shipped from England. David will look into obtaining insurance to avoid similar problems in the future.


New faculty computer/furniture Diane Meyer was instructed to purchase the six desk/chairs for new faculty from RTRF. Frances was asked to work with Diane to facilitate the computer orders.


Islands of the World:   July 21-August 2.   200 already registered.


Program Review – evaluation of the process and content is being done in early August by vice chancellors & deans. The System will develop a white paper on remedial developmental education. The Chief Academic Officers have been charged to develop it. Representatives from each campus, comprised of people from English, math, reading, academic support and counseling will be asked to sit on a team to look at remedial practices we do here and visit campuses across the country to gain knowledge of how we can improve.  Perkins funds will be used to support the travel and project. Michelle Katsutani and Debbie Hasegawa Winkler are being recommended to be the representatives from our campus.


First Week Schedule  - latest revision was distributed by Diane.