Executive Committee Meeting AGENDA           Go to minutes

July 14, 2006,  Friday

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


1.       Data Dialog

2.       Introductions: Cordy MacLaughlin, Director of Institutional Advancement, Mary Jones, Instructional Designer

3.       Enrollment Status and Tracking Process

4.       Program Review Status, Process and Summaries

5.       Unauthorized Personnel in Buildings after Hours

6.       Program Revenue Updates (Culinary Arts, Oral Care)

7.       Akaku

8.       Islands of the World Update

9.       Hiring Status

10.   Meeting, Leadership Workshop, New Faculty/Staff/Lecturer Orientation,

11.   Convocation Format design

12.   Campus of the Future; USDOL Reports

13.   Campus Smoking Policy

14.   Other Items/Status (Swap Meet, West Maui Education Center, Housing) 


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, July 14, 2006

8:30 am, Ka Lama 102


Attendees: Pat Adams, Mary Jones, Cordy MacLaughlin, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Kiope Raymond, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, flo wiger


1.   Introductions

Cordy MacLaughlin, Director of Institutional Advancement, and Mary Jones, Instructional Designer (currently on casual appointment), were introduced.

2.   Data Dialog: Basic English/Math

§           Discussion reviewed percentage of students taking remedial courses who actually end up entering MCC.

§           Implementation of prerequisites needs to be updated; some are too restrictive, not accurate.  Vice Chancellors wiger and Tagomori will follow up.

§           Institutional Researcher Pezzoli requested to present details and percentages for retention from Spring to Fall semesters for the next data dialog. 

3.   Enrollment Status and Tracking Process

§           Vice Chancellor Tagomori provided enrollment updates for the Fall & Summer.  Fall enrollment is at 1982, down by 250 from two years ago.  Summer enrollment is 694, down by 40.  Comparisons were made with enrollment figures from two years ago.  We were unable to retrieve enrollment figures for last year due to a problem with Banner.

§           Follow up calls to students and marketing will be conducted next week.  Automatic purge will be done beginning this year.  Vice Chancellors Tagomori and wiger will meet to coordinate purge dates and inform campus of when purges will take place

§           Each campus will schedule its purge dates.   We will still need to coordinate with the system so purges are not occurring simultaneously and cause the system to bog down.

§           Help desk – Alvin will do a demonstration at the next Executive Committee meeting.  450 or so inquiries have been received since November of last year.  All inquiries have been responded to except one. 

4.   Marketing

§           Chancellor Sakamoto announced that MCC will possibly be included as one of America’s Best Colleges in US News & World Report.  MCC is hoping to share the cost of a full-page national ad with Agora and Wells Fargo.  The ad is due out on August 28th.

§           The Hawaii Tourism Authority provides free links to education in the Hawaii community.  Vice Chancellor Tagomori will check if this is possible for MCC.

5.   Program Review Summaries – flo distributed copies of and summarized the Data Elements for Instructional Program Review

§           Chancellors will be doing a presentation on program reviews for the system to the BOR.  The data elements will be presented.

§           Much of the N/A data listed in the handout will be provided when the Office of Data Services is ready to disseminate the data.  An assessment will be done in August of the process and a system agreement will be developed indicating how outcomes will be used to shape legislative funding request and allocation.  It will also refine direction of the continuation of the program review process.

6.   Program Review Executive Summary – flo distributed and reviewed. This is the model used last year and what we are using this year.

§           Discussion was held on how and why a program noted as cautionary and unhealthy across the board may end up showing healthy.  Outcome health is based on the percentage of students who have actually completed a program.  A program may have a low enrollment but if all students enrolled in the program complete the program, the program will have a healthy outcome.  Interpretation of results needs to be clarified.

§           flo reported on how “unhealthy” programs will be addressed through consolidation of Building Maintenance, Drafting, Carpentry, Welding, and Sustainable Technology under a Construction Technologies umbrella.  As sustainability is a growing interest, questions around matching community opportunities with student interest and recruitment arose.

§           Liberal Arts program shows N/A because a program review has not been done yet.  Bob Wehrman will have the review done in early Fall.

§           Pat Adams will ask the programs to be consolidated to have a revised draft of the program consolidation proposal available by September 1st   for the Executive Committee to review.  flo will then take it to the Council of Chief Academic Officers in September to have ready to submit in October for the November Board meeting.

§           Suzette and flo have been meeting with all program coordinators to examine areas of concern.  Summaries will be provided by each of the Vice Chancellors and drafts should be circulated before and available by the next meeting on July 28th.  An overall summary will be developed by the Chancellor after the Executive Committee review of the presentations by the Vice Chancellors.

7.       Unauthorized Personnel in Buildings after Hours

§           It was reported that there have been incidents of unauthorized personnel remaining in the Library after hours.  Executive Committee members were encouraged to report incidents as soon as they occur to ensure the health and safety of our employees and students.  It was also reported that a former student was seen accessing Ka`a`ike after hours with his own card key.

§           David will research whether the number of occurrences of unauthorized entry has increased since the breakwater cleanup. Alvin was asked to follow up on the growing population of homeless people in the areas around MEO and Kulana`ao.

§           David will follow up on policies for retrieving keys from former student employees/staff

8.      Program Revenue Updates

§           Oral Health – flo reported that due a vacancy in the State Department of Human Services there is a problem of who will continue to assist us with Oral Health Center billing. This needs to be addressed quickly.

§           Culinary – flo is waiting for re-mapping from Bobby Santos

9.   AKAKU – flo provided update from recent meeting w/Mayor Arakawa

§           It is being suggested that all current Board members resign.  A master will be appointed by Judge Cardoza.   The master will select five Maui County citizens who will solicit nominations for the Akaku Board.  The Board will still be composed of 2 producers, 1 MCC and 1 DOE, 2 government, and at large members. Dave DeLeon from the Mayor’ office will receive this recommendation.  Dave will prepare a letter to Judge Cardoza on the recommended plan of action.

§           Akaku will not receive exception from procurement law

10.   Islands of the World – update.  

§           MCC is receiving help from Maui County and a variety of industries in support of the activity. We have 106 activities planned.  Most of the major events will be held at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center’s Castle Theater.   Approximately 120 people have signed up to attend thus far.

11.   Hiring Status – Copies of 2006 Legislative approved positions were distributed and reviewed.

The following instructional positions have been filled: 

Early Childhood: Julie Powers

ABIT: Michael Searcy

Molokai APT IT Specialist: Sue Anne Hasegawa        

Construction Academy:  David Techau (Coordinator) and Carlton Atay.  We have four high school teaching positions.   Two have been filled, two more positions to be filled.

English:  Elisabeth Armstrong, Tim Marmac 

Interviewing for a third position.

Positions in Progess:

Recommendations for the Hawaiian positions have been forwarded to flo; interviews will be conducted.

OCET Director position should be advertised on August 1st.   Position will be advertised in a national magazine as well state wide.  Hoping to have the new Director on board no later than October 1, 2006.

West Maui Center (2 APT positions):  ad will be going out.  Hope to have positions filled by September.

Outreach positions (Lanai, Hana, Kihei, Molokai):  Kihei is being filled with a casual hire; ads are being worked on for others.

Outreach Counselor for Molokai/Lanai: interviews end of this month

Construction Academy Placement Counselor:  Ad published, accepting applications

David & Alvin reported their vacancies is on schedule to be filled


David noted that departments should be aware that although positions have been given to us this fiscal year by the legislature, we received only 75% funding so budgetary adjustments need to be made to department budgets.

Members were asked to encourage kokua among constituents regarding space and office challenges

12.   Meeting, leadership workshop, new faculty/staff/lecturer orientation, convocation, format design

Mary Jones led a discussion inviting thoughts, ideas, expected outcomes

August 9 – Leadership Workshop for first line supervisors and Executive Committee members including extramural funds.   Mary Jones asked for ideas on developing the program for the workshop.  Committee members were asked to look at what outcomes they would like to see happen.  Suggestions can also be emailed to Mary.

          Nice venue

          Coffee at 8:00, start at 9:00

          5-10 minute quick start, new speaker

          Take fresh look at where we are, where we want to head

          Have supervisors gain the tools to work with people, to maximize the skills and the strengths of the employee and to learn how to recognize those strengths.  Apply to the collegial level also.  Look at issues we need to be aware of. Be sensitive to those we supervise and to our peers.

          Strategies for giving feedback, e.g. suggestion boxes

          Possible topics:  things important to cover, persistent problems, practical things people might want to know about and may not be paying attention to, strategic plan process (evaluate progress, improvement), accreditation orientation for staff to be aware of process

13.   Smoking Prohibited

How do we help people to understand that smoking is unhealthy for smokers and those around them, unwelcome, causes problems for maintenance?

§           Campus smoking policy – Members were asked to continue to think about how we communicate policy campus-wide

14.   Campus of the Future; USDOL Report – recognize future workforce challenges. We should continually look at ways of meeting needs of our employees at all levels professionally and economically as the world’s workforce changes and evolves. 

15.   Housing update – initial plan was to utilize Maui Beach as an alternate for student housing until new student housing is completed, however length of time will be for about 2-3 months.  Now looking at other alternatives. Progressing towards a late November, early December date to have facility available.

16.    In keeping with Strategic Plan Goal 3 Objective 2, Kiope Raymond led the committee in a pronunciation clarification of the name for the new Student Housing – Kulanaa’o. Lau’ulu intends to take an active role in assuring the community of the college reaches and maintains a comfort level with the use of Hawaiian.

17.    Kiope announced that Mikahala Helm would be the new Lau’ulu representative to the Executive Committee starting with the next meeting; and at least through his sabbatical.

18.    Swap Meet – David reported that new proposal is being worked on.

19.    First Day Back - Diane reminded everyone to please respond to her regarding the first week back schedule.