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Friday May 12, 2006

1.       Emergency Electricity Relief

2.       Final Legislative Outcomes

3.       County Grant Status

4.       Biennium Budget Preparation

5.       Director of Institutional Advancement Transition

6.       Progress on Culinary, Oral Care and OCET

7.       Program Review Analysis and Discussion

8.       Updates on Housing & West Maui Ed Center


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, May 12, 2006

8:30 am, Ka Lama 102


Attendees: Pat Adams, Cyndi Foreman, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Jeannie Pezzoli, Kiope Raymond, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, flo wiger


1.   Student Housing:  Clyde reported on status of Student Housing construction.

  • Needed to redo footing but hope to have 100 units available for Fall 2006
  • Working on website, waiting for links
  • Meeting next week w/Mayor Arakawa & will request  partial certificate of occupancy for 100 units


West Maui Education CenterSuzette reported on the development of the West Maui Education Center.

·         Survey & news release expected to be done soon

·         Four Memorandum of Agreements are in process with RDP which will allow for equipment purchases for classroom & HITS

·         Non credit classes being planned for August & possibly Spanish courses this summer.

Faculty interested in offering other classes this summer was asked to notify Diane Meyer by 5/31/06.

·         OCET classes will be planned for Fall 2006.

·         Mona volunteered to be at the site on Thursdays to meet w/anyone interested in MCC courses, ads for this are coming out soon

·         Coordinators have been meeting w/Lahaina community constituents and will be meeting w/Clyde next week w/their presentation

·         Blessing should be planned for mid-June.   Kiope will provide assistance.

1.       Emergency electricity relief – $742,000  -

·         Support will go to Alvin for marketing efforts

·         We are having to address some issues related to “percentage restrictions” being posed by UH

2.       Final Legislative Outcomes – MCC received:

·         all 3 Hawaiian instructional positions

  • 2.5 positions for program review
  • all positions are for 9-month, Fall 2006
  • Diane asked to expedite hiring process & remain on schedule for hiring

3.       County grant – everyone was asked to encourage department chairs & colleagues to continue lobbying for support from the county council until it is finalized.

4.       Biennium Budget Preparation

  • Details on the Form A’s need to be strengthened.  Final deadline for submittal is 6/16/06 to the System.

·         Data should be submitted in bullet format and include statistical support demonstrating comparative merit.

·         David noted that it is critical to identify weakness or need, back it up by data, and project outcomes from resources gained.

5.       Director of Institutional Advancement  - recommendation has been made for hiring and we hope to announce the appointment early next week.

6.       Deficit status:

·         Culinary working on curriculum re-mapping for Fall 2006, but progressing to reduce deficit

·         Oral care – working w/Department of  Human Services for support

·         OCET – received grant from A&B of $25,000 for training and County start up support for disaster management planning (civil defense, natural disasters, Asian flu, tsunami, etc.)

7.       Dan asked if leadership retreats & training could be addressed.   flo identified two separate issues:

·         Administration, program coordinators, department chairs will be getting together to focus on how to move forward institutionally.

·         Shared governance and relationship between academic senate & administration needs to be addressed.

8.       Continuation of Comprehensive Program Reviews from last meeting.  Reminded of need to focus on outcomes and recommendations.

Library – update from last meeting

·         flo received the system template for program reviews for libraries in the system, which will be provided to the Chief Academic Officers for information at next meeting.

·         It was recommended that flo encourage that the template include correlation between student learning outcomes and satisfaction levels, qualitative data, use of facilities, etc.  We also need to find out whether WASC standards are being addressed.

·         flo will bring suggestions to Chief Academic Officers but will also encourage the library staff to include this as an added component anyway for MCC’s program review.

·         Kiope mentioned that during the Native Hawaiian program meeting he shared some of what the Library has done as a model they could follow; identifying specific challenges, identifying strategies, etc. and recognizing the importance of measuring level of satisfaction.

Molokai Education Center

·         Has good community involvement and feedback on direction of program

·         Is no longer limited to MCC offerings as other campuses expand distance education

·         Experiences growth of residents enrolled and graduating

·         Has a growing population of residents w/credentials to teach and offer classes on site; however, meeting minimum enrollment requirements could be a challenge

·         Has potential to become a “sending site” in near future


The following were suggested.

·         Include enrollment patterns which can be compared over time

·         Conduct community needs assessment every several years on a regular basis

·         Include results on qualitative support for student learning outcome

·         Look at how economic development needs are being met

·         Address new faculty and lecturer orientation across the system


Jeannie, Suzette, flo are working on ways to gather additional statistical data


Carpentry, Welding, Drafting and Sustainable Technology

·         Possible merge into one AAS degree in Construction Technology is being discussed

·         Student information and Program Health Indicators are missing

·         Need to show how the combination of programs generates students and their connection with industry

·         Need to show relationships between apprenticeship program, construction technology curriculum and how it relates to the construction academy.  Construction Academy places instructors in high schools, teaching courses for college credit, allowing students to continue to pursue degrees at MCC or choose the apprenticeship program.

·         flo to follow up if the industry will accept construction academy courses being offered in the high school as credited class time