Executive Committee Meeting AGENDA              Go to minutes

Friday,  March 10, 2006

8:30am, KaLama 102


  1. Data Dialogue on Student Achievement
  2. Program Review Summary Integrate Items below #1-14
  3. Instructional/Student Services/Institutional Support Priorities for Second Decade Business Plan/County Proposal

Eight Year Budget

Developmental Programs: Math: Math 23, Compass Test 135,  DOE Gwen Developmental Math, (26 questions, 24 word problems) Transitional Plan,

Developmental English as well

Community Needs: Education, BSW, Nursing, Accounting, Federal Network?, ECET/IFA-Adaptive Optics

  1. Perkins Requests
  2. Explanations in Personnel Documents: Basis of Need,  Source of Funding, Period of Appointment
  3. West Maui Education Center Status
  4. TFSF and overall Budget Status
  5. Legislative Status and Testimonies
  6. Presidential Appointment (What will change; what will stay the same), Devolution of Authority, Relocation of UH System Office
  7. Student Housing Update
  8. Update on Fall ’06 Recruitment #s, Housing #s, Focus Group, Culinary Seattle Opportunity, Europe/US/China recruitments
  9. Other Items? Technology Fee



Friday March 10, 2006

8:30 am. Ka Lama 102

Present: Pat Adams, Pam Hoopii, Diane Meyer, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagamori, David Tamanaha, flo wiger, Jennifer Yoshioka


Fire Lane – Paina  We want to determine whether the Fire Department will allow the Culinary program to utilize the fire lane area between the Pa`ina and Ka’aike buildings to accommodate a growing student population. Ideas from the UHM architectural students under faculty supervision are being requested.


Program Review Summary was distributed. It is the latest draft as reviewed with the Department Chairs earlier by flo, Alvin, David, Suzette, Pat and Diane. It reflects the next tier of requests that are being considered should the college receive “electricity relief funding” from the Legislature this year. There are indications that the Legislature would prefer to support increasing R&M funds which would allow the University the flexibility to address these types of increasing operational costs in the future. Also, the Senate is considering placing a cap on CIP and putting affordable projects into the current services operational budgets. Everyone was encouraged, when on Oahu, to take the time to express their appreciation to the Legislators for their support. Until the Legislature is over, we won’t know for certain what we can support. The executive committee representatives were reminded to keep their constituents informed of the process. A campus-wide meeting will be held on March 24th.


Instructional / Student Services / Institutional Support Priorities for Second Decade draft summarized by David and discussed.

-          Should start recruitment process for those positions with psuedo numbers

-          Individual positions were identified and discussed

-          Other possible positions were discussed; Marketing director, Instructional/Learning designer

-          Alvin & Suzette were asked to revisit MLI and international student program direction & directorship position(s)

-          Math plan needed before we start recruitment for math position

-          English & TLC stats & program review needs to be considered

-          List to be finalized by next week


Perkins Requests – Suzette provided updates.


Personnel Documents – Everyone was reminded to insure that personnel requests are complete w/necessary information and attachments which adequately explain and support the position and identify how it will be funded. Incomplete requests will be returned.


West Maui Education Center  - is being worked on.


TFSF and overall Budget Status – David reported that we are close to reaching our targeted goals at the reduced level.


Other Items

Student Dorms

-          84 names which expressed interest in the dorm housing, need to confirm w/actual applications

-          Construction of the dorms has begun & progressing

-          Considering $625/month which includes cable, internet, phones & weekly cleaning services


President McClain’s appointment

-          Wants to spend more time in fundraising

-          Devolotion of Authority” – delegating authority to lower levels

-          Relocation from Bachman Hall to another location


Diane distributed & explained handouts for the upcoming Tech Fee open meeting on March 14, 2006, in Ka’aike 105 at noon.


The Resident Student Committee is planning an open house on April 22, 206 9:00am - 1:00pm.