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Friday,  January 27, 2006


            Data Deliberation:  Jeannie Pezzoli


1.                   Responses to Senate and House Higher Ed Chairsí Interests

a.        Outreach: polycomm, staff, travel

b.       Alternate Energy

b.       Presidentís approval

2.                   Program Review Summary

3.                   County of Maui Proposal

4.                   Second Decade Business Plan/County of Maui Support

5.                   Reorg: Community Relations/Markeiing

6.                   West Maui Education Center Furnishing, Advisory Committee, Equipment

7.                   Enrollment and TFSF and overall Budget Status

8.                   Akaku

9.                   HC&S Frontline Supervisor Professional Program

10.               Other Items


 Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, January 27, 2006

8:30 am, Ka Lama 102


Attendees: ††† Pat Adams, Pam Hoopii, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Jeannie Pezzoli, Kiope Raymond, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Jennifer Yoshioka


1.                                              Data Review:Jeannie Pezzoli

Dialog on Headcount:Real & Projected.What are the findings?What to Do?

In terms of reporting, MauiCC enrollment has been on a gradual increase steady growth pattern.MauiCC is the only college that has been on such a steady growth pattern during period identified.Overall, the CCís have dropped in enrollment.†††


2.                                              Enrollment

The enrollment as of January 27, 2006 is 2616.Enrollment was at 2817 this time last year.


3.                                              Responses to Senate and House Higher Ed Chairsí Interests

Clyde, flo, and David attended Senate hearing.They also met with Senator Hee.Copies of letter to Senator Hee and Representative Waters in response to their requests were distributed.The letter describes MauiCCís Outreach and Operations and Maintenance needs.It also gives information on MauiCCís alternative energy projects.Senator Hee indicated that he will support Hawaiian Studies program and alternative energy project.


Alternate Energy

Conducting preliminary discussions with pv company and Hawaii powerlight.David is leading that effort.We are also soliciting University expertise in examining what project would look like if it materializes.



Windmill ready to ship.Engineer ready to come here.Need project director.If we do it on the campus, the entitlement (permitting process) will be fairly rigorous so we are being asked to explore if we may place it at the hi-tech center.MauiCC may not benefit; MHPCC and University of Hawaii may benefit.Clyde informed Dave Lassner of the possibility.†† We are checking to see if there is anyone within the University who could serve as a project manager.


Outreach: polycomm, staff, travel

Senator Hee expressed an interest in outfitting Hana with a Polycomm system.Require personnel for other outreach sites.Positions distributed among Hana, Lanai, Molokai, Kihei, West Maui.ee Hee


Representative Waters would like to have bullets from us as soon as possible.He is going to amend the bill to include additional items for a hearing to be held on February 9.†† The bill must go through subject matter committee to money committee which are the House Finance Committee and Senate Ways and Means Committee.


Hawaiian Positions

Senator Hee has agreed to support two Hawaiian faculty positions; one position in Hawaiian Language and one in Hawaiian Studies.He has added another position for a total of three positions.


Positions would be listed in one ad and would refer people to the MCC website.Senator is requiring that we indicate ďpending availability of fundsĒ in the ad and be prepared to start this Fall semester.We will know in May whether or not we will receive the funds.We should plan on adding classes for the two Native Hawaiian positions and the Workforce Development positions.


Academic Senate Budget Committee

Helpful to let our representatives and senators know our story.Need to develop informational sheet.


Budget priorities for Maui Community College are as follows:

Priority 1†††† Utilities

Priority 2†††† Program Review:2.5 positions to primarily spread out in the Outreach areas and to increase our institutional research capabilities on campus

Priority 3†††† Workforce Development

Priority 4†††† Hawaiian Programs

Priority 5†††† Operations and Maintenance Positions:3 positions- 2 on the Kahului campus, one on the Molokai campus


4.                                              Program Review Summary

A draft list of priorities was distributed which lists all of the positions that might materialize in a sequential format [supplemental, program review, legislative initiative & support, governorís initiative (system wide initiative), immediate need, frozen positions, conversion of selected full time lecturer positions to full time temporary positions, other priorities].


Construction Academy (Governorís Initiative)

Diane will follow up on specifics on where the seven positions of the construction academy would go.We should also get details on the Nursing positions.


Frozen Positions

Frozen positions are positions that were frozen to make loan repayment.Monies will be restored next year to fill the positions. Ellen Haraís Clerk-Typist and the HSS Clerk-Typist positions should be added to frozen list.†† July 1 is targeted as refill date.


In funding positions we need to analyze the status of our tuition fees special funds.

We are currently projecting a shortage of $70,000 for spring.flo estimates that lectureship funds is underspent by $60,000, which would leave us $10,000 short.


Concern was expressed for the need for additional clerical support with the addition of faculty positions.It was suggested that we look at student help and paraprofessional kinds of positions.It was also noted that we need classified, professional positions as well.


flo will work with department chairs to look at full time lecturer positions to convert to full time temporary positions where enrollments can justify.


5.                                              Student Housing

Have all of the grading permits.Letter that developers needed to submit that says that the developerscommit to all of the requirements of the County is at the public works office.

6. ††† Swap Meet

David is meeting with Wil Wong.†† Wil has concern over level of insurance that is required.David is working with risk management to try to reduce level.


7.†††† West Maui Education Center

Almost ready.Need to move furniture and equipment in.Suzette is organizing move.


8.†††† Educational Summit Meeting

††††††† Clyde shared some of the highlights of his trip to Washington D.C. to attend educational summit meeting.International student visa issues were addressed.Study abroad programs are going to be supported.Community Colleges are going to be supported in reaching out to international students.


9.                      Reorg



10.†††† Second Decade Project

Jeannie is helping with project.


11.†††† Akaku

Going into mediation.Received a directive from DCCA Director Mark Recktenwald indicating that we will be receiving 25% of what DCCA is receiving from the cable franchise.The 25% will be split:17% Akaku, the balance will be split between MCC and the DOE.This is an interim solution.The rest of the fees will be held in an account until the legal issues get resolved.


12. ††† HC&S Frontline Supervisor Professional Program

HC&S Is asking for a Frontline Supervisor Professional Program.Clyde and flo have discussed the possibility of an Applied Associate in Technical Studies degree.


13.          County of Maui Proposal

Clyde will be meeting with Lynn Araki-Regan who wants details on how two million dollars will be spent to expand higher education in Maui County.Clyde will also be meeting with council members.


Clyde reviewed draft of County proposal developed in response to Lynn Araki-Reganís request.

Committee members made the following additions/changes to the draft proposal:

Add Administration of Justice

Add Adults Corrections Officer (Cyndi Foreman will research if worth investing in)

Include Travel/Transportation Cost

Clyde will forward proposal to committee members to review further.Additional suggestions should be forwarded to Clyde.


14.          Budget

David distributed and summarized G-fund and Tuition Fees Special Funds allocation and budget planning worksheets.


15.          Announcements

††††††††† CCSSE has selected a sample of classes that will be given surveys.Jeannie will be asking faculty of those classes to distribute the surveys to their classes.


††††††††† Student Center renovation is scheduled to start in May.All items must be moved out before start date.