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Friday,  January 13, 2006


  1. Data Review: Jeannie Pezzoli; progress on MCC’s access to Banner Reports, FLEX Plan Comparative Study for Spring Semester
  2. Feedback from Senator Hee Visit
  3. Enrollment/Housing/Tuition Fee Special Fund Status
  4. Strategic Plan and Program Review Summary (master list of positions) Followup
  5. Reorg Status
  6. County Support of $2 million; Council Followup
  7. Second Decade Status
  8. Other Items



 Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, January 13, 2006

8:30 am, Ka Lama 102


Attendees:     Pat Adams, Malia Davidson for Kiope Raymond, Pam Hoopii, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, flo wiger, Jennifer Yoshioka


1.            Data Review:  Jeannie Pezzoli

          Data Dialog on Persistence – What are the findings?  What to do?

          For next meeting:  take a look at what our persistence may be this year.

          MAPS and enrollment can be accessed at the UH Institutional Research Office website:  http://www.hawaii.edu/iro/   An Operational Data Store site has been developed so anyone can retrieve data off of Banner.  Jeannie will arrange training to include Executive Committee, department chairs, and program chairs.


1.            Comparative Study for Spring Semester

          flo will be meeting with department chairs to evaluate the flex plan.  

          Study should include the following topics:  

o        how shortened classes will affect deadlines (e.g. refunds), registration

o        percentage of students who complete control classes vs. the flex classes

o        learning outcomes

o        times flex courses are offered

o        survey of students taking flex classes as well as the control classes

o        profile of student responding to survey

o        how students perform on the same kind of examinations

          An ad hoc committee of the Academic Senate is being developed to look at alternative scheduling.  Committee should look at how the DOE’s year-round schedule may affect our scheduling.


3.     Enrollment

          Enrollment as of the morning of January 13, 2006 was 2625, down 7% from last year.    Last year’s enrollment at this time was at 2810.  

          Tuition, fees, special funds revenues are at a million forty-eight this year compared to a million thirteen last year.  We are ahead in terms of dollars but behind if you factor in tuition rate increase.  The spring target is at $1.380 million. 

          Collection from students who have registered but have not paid and who do not have a third party partner is still being conducted. 

          Class cancellations were completed.    

          Track record of low enrolled classes and tuition fees special funds revenues to accommodate a projected $157,000 additional cost for electricity should be kept.

          College must return money to the federal government for financial aid students who have failed or whose last day of attendance was not reported to the financial aid office. 

          Faculty are asked to inform financial aid of the status of students on financial aid.  Malia Davidson will give a list of faculty members who have not responded.  Malia will also attend the Academic Senate meeting to inform faculty of the financial aid requirements and will distribute copies of the deadline dates to department chairs and the Academic Senate so people can understand the process.  After it is decided what the message will be, Diane will broadcast information.

          Faculty should inform financial aid at the three or four-week mark f students are not attending classes.  Timeframe should be evaluated.

          Policy that pays students ahead of time who may not attend should be revisited.


4.     Budget

The Academic Senate Executive Committee wants the senate budget committee to be more proactive.   They feel that there are some budget decisions being made that do not make fiscal sense.  Some of the decisions are not made on this campus.  Concerns should be expressed to David and/or Clyde who can carry information back to the system office.


5.          Feedback from Senator Hee Visit

          Senator Hee’s visit was very positive.  The Senator agreed to support all of our requests.  He has also invited additional input.  We are responding to his request as well as a request from Representative Waters on an alternative energy proposal.

          The Chancellors will be the point of contact for legislative requests.  The Chancellors are then obligated to notify the President of requests.  With the President’s agreement, the institution will forward responses to the legislature.

          The Senator wants to address Hana specifically.  We need to give Senator Hee a clear picture of what all of our Outreach needs are.   Karen and Diane will work on the outreach response to the legislative request by the end of the month.   They will keep David and Clyde abreast of status.

          The Senator also supported two Hawaiian positions (Hawaiian Studies and Hawaiian Language).  


6.     Strategic Plan and Program Review Summary (master list of positions) Followup

        David is working on his portion of the master list.  He should have it completed within a week.  This will be a comprehensive list that will include our supplemental request and an integrated list of items that were not included in the supplemental but was listed in priority order by each of the programs.  The deans and directors are getting together to have those positions integrated into one master list and will be presented to the Executive Committee.


7.     Reorg Status

  The reorganization narrative has been sent to Mike Unebasami and Sandra Uyeno.  We are waiting to hear when they will be able to meet with MauiCC administrators and others to review the document.  Mike Yoshimura should also be included.  After the document is reviewed it will be presented to the Executive Committee.


8.            County Support of $2 million; Council Followup

The Mayor has indicated that he is going forward with his initiative.  Clyde has talked with Council Chair Riki Hokama.  Chair Hokama suggested that we consider the area around the Maui Research and Technology park for expansion.  Clyde will be talking with each of the Council members to apprise them of our needs. 


9.     Second Decade Status

        Linda Johnsrud presented the Second Decade report in draft form.  She is sending the powerpoint presentation to Clyde to share with Executive Committee members.   Going rate being used is presenting a problem for Maui.   It indicates that Maui is not requiring much educational support for higher education.  We are enlisting Lillian Mangum and Jeannie to develop more current data.


10.      Other Items

Construction Academy:  Meeting has been scheduled.  flo will share core curriculum with Executive Committee.  There will be two tracks:  Apprenticeship and high school.


Housing:  Mayor Arakawa is willing to speak with Academic Senate on housing situation.  It was suggested that the meeting scheduled should be a college-wide meeting.


Accreditation:  Review teams are meeting.  Each review team has an Executive Committee member on it.  Reports are due January 20.


Ruth Stiehl:  Ruth Stiehl will be on campus to do presentations on assessment on February 23 and 24.


Student Center Renovation:  Bid closes on February 17.


International:  Community colleges will be receiving funds for international education to promote study abroad for international students.


West Maui Education Center:  Signs, air conditioning, furniture to be installed.  Advisory committee is meeting.  Furniture and equipment need to be acquired.


Akaku:  Did not hear from Mark Recktenwald.  Sarajean Tokunaga will be resigning from our Chancellor’s Advisory Council.  Mediation scheduled for end of the month. 


Islands of the World Conference:  Organization is close to where it should be.


UARC:  On next Regent’s meeting agenda.