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Friday,  September 9, 2005


  1. Update of enrollments and revenues
  2. First Week Issues
  3. Akaku  
  4. Student Recruitment/Marketing Calendar: Alvin
  5. President’s Meeting w/ Chancellor
    1. Salary Overpayment status
    2. Workshop on BLS
    3. President: All of the year’s resources on each campus.
  6. UHCC Chancellors Meeting:
    1. UHCC Draft Policy on “Organization of UHCC System
    2. WASC Progress Report for Oct. 15 submission with possible BOR review and approval
    3. Student Placement Testing Draft
    4. Document Flow: Chancellor to Vice President to President
    5. VP Morton
  1. Deficit Reversal Budgets and General Fund Restrictions to Assure Timely Repayments: Due on the 15th Updates, flo and David
  2. Community Forum
  3. Lahaina Ed Center  
  4. Other Items


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 9, 2005

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


Present:     Pat Adams, Dan Kruse, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, flo wiger



Clyde announced the passing of former Business faculty member Walter Lai.  Services will be held in Honolulu on Tuesday, September 13, 2005.


1.      Updates on Enrollments and Revenues

Enrollment as of September 9, 2005 was 2930 (does not include non-credit enrollment). 

Molokai enrollment is at 198.

Non-resident count last year was 138; the count this year is at 170

Jeannie will assist in displaying more information on student enrollments:  distributions among the outreach programs, headcounts, part-time, full-time, continuing, and transfers, outreach enrollments, male/female, 


Tuition revenues are at $1,522,000.   Our target was $1.41 million.  The estimate will go down when we purge the unpaid registrations and resolve the account receivables collection.

One of the reasons for non-resident tuition revenue increase relates to the Maui Language Institute.  Forty-nine students transferred from the Maui Language Institute into the credit program.  The MLI program is growing; however, it is limited by housing and staffing.  They are pretty much at capacity.  Alvin is looking into creating an international student office to assist with international student needs.  The office would provide direct service to students who are here or to connect them to the services that they need through email, phone, etc.


2.      First Week Issues

Two items to bring to the system are the slowness of the Banner response and differences between webct list and banner list. 


3.      Akaku

         Tentative meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 12 with Mark Recktenwald, Director of DCCA and representatives from the different factions.  Mark Recktenwald has three options:  (1) meet with Board members to resolve, (2) remove directors from the Board, (3) cancel the contract.  Sean McLaughlin was asked to return to Akaku.  He did not accept; Iris Kober is still the Acting CEO.   Clyde reconfirmed with Mayor that he is supportive of education getting its PEG resources.  Clyde will address the Akaku situation in his next newspaper article; he may ask Ken Nomura to sign along with him.  A draft will be forwarded to Executive Committee members to review and refine.   Dan Kruse was asked to forward current emails to maui-announcements.


4.      Student Recruitment/Marketing Calendar


         We are aggressively moving ahead with student housing project.


         Preferences for student housing are as follows:

         First choice:  Maui County Resident

         2nd choice:     Non-Resident

         3rd choice:     State


         Marketing/recruiting is at three different levels:

         (1) Pat Adams represents us at the system wide level. 

                        (2)  Pat Adams, Mona Stevenson, and Jill Fitzpatrick are overseeing the local recruiting, primarily newspaper, press releases. 

                        (3)  An outline of planned mainland and international marketing efforts was distributed.  

                                    U.S. Mainland:  The National Association of College Admissions Counselors has a year-round College Fair.  Fall semester focuses on northern states, spring semester focuses on southern states from west to east coast.  We are looking at participating from October 30-November 3.  Rafi Boritzer will possibly be leading this effort.  Committee is still discussing the West Coast piece. 


         International:  Molli Fleming and Alvin Tagomori are participating in the AACC Latin America recruiting efforts.  Communicating with UK and European reps Ann Gohara Wallner and Jamie Orr McOuat , former MCC students,  to assist with recruiting in Germany and the UK.


         CD Rom:  Expanding cd rom with a brief 20-second welcome and a couple of commercials, some pictures of the campus and possibly some items from the business bureau.  Goal is to have CD done in time for trips. 


         Display Board:  The display board is here. 


Website:  Concern was expressed that the Maui Community College piece was not as prominent as the University of Hawaii piece on the website.   Maui Community College was less prominent than “The College on Maui”.   This was done to reach non-resident students who may not understand what a community college is.  Clyde asked committee members to review the website and come with solutions to our next meeting.


         Some suggestions given were to have pictures of a diverse student population, especially on the international trips; to sell not just our campus, but also Maui.  It was noted that images must be program related.  The Marketing committee has already been working on this with an international recruiter from HPU.  The committee has also been getting student feedback.


5.      President’s meeting with Chancellors

Salary Overpayments:  Delinquent payments have been sent to the collectors, except for one delicate situation.  Colleen and David are working on letter to Sam Callejo


         Workshop on BLS (University system budget statistic and information that gets put out every quarter in response to Regents request for more detailed information):  Clyde asked David to do a workshop for the Executive committee in preparation for auditors’ visit.  Deans, directors will deal with auditors’ questions. 


         President informed Chancellors to not count on any more resources from the system.  Campuses will need to manage their current allocations. 


6.      UH Chancellor’s Meeting

         Clyde passed out and reviewed materials on the Organization of the UH Community College System,  WASC Progress Report, UHCC Policy on the Review of Established Programs, and UHCC Policy on the CC System Student Placement Testing/Standard Practice. 


         A UH System map is being developed to display how decisions get made.  


         Organization of the UH Community College System:  This will be part of the system wide self-study.  We are still waiting to learn from WASC whether the mini commission will materialize.  If it does, we will be asking for a postponement of our self-study to review first ABIT grads and reschedule our accreditation visit from Fall ’06 to Fall ’07. 


         WASC progress report for the October 15, ‘06 submission:  Pat Adams has been working on report.  The system has prepared a system response.  We will augment with updates of our own program review progress.  Target date to get back to John Morton is mid next week.


         Student Placement Testing Draft:  The Deans of Instruction have decided that they were going to support the COMPASS cutoff scores.  The policy is a compilation of what deans have decided.  flo will review and get back to Clyde by the end of the day if there are any questions or concerns.  This will go forward as policy in place. 


         Document flow:  Everything that is actionable will now be forwarded to UHCC VP John Morton and John will forward to the President.


7.      Deficit Reversal Budgets and General Funds Restrictions

         Deficit reversal budgets are due from each of the programs by September 15.  David is working on an allocation among programs to see what the contributions will be to repay our loan and address deficits.  We have already restricted positions.  Minimum contributions are expected:  $20,000 from Culinary, $60,000 from OCET, approximately $83,000 from Oral Care Center


         Clyde will be going to the Foundation to support instructional needs.  flo will check with department chairs to see if there are any instructional requirements. 


         Question was asked on whether MCC was charging for facilities use for large community events; i.e. World Hula Conference.  We have a facilities use rate plan which includes rate charges per hour/per room.  The two summer events were MCC-sponsored events and therefore were not charged for facilities use.


8.      Community Forum

         The Community Forum will be held on Tuesday, October 11, 3:00-6:00 p.m.  Clyde distributed draft of invitation letter for committee review. 


9.      Lahaina Ed Center Community Advisory Committee

         Draft invitation letter was distributed to committee members for review.  Committee members were asked to let Clyde know of any changes.


10.     Program Review

         Clyde will be working with Implementation Council to look at how we may display program review process information for our community and accreditors in a simplified fashion. 


         It was noted that Don Ainsworth did not do a presentation to the Executive Committee as part of the validation team.   flo and Suzette are meeting with each program person and have been informing them of the necessity of including budgetary ramifications in the reports.  They are also looking at ways in which reviews are being validated.  flo and  Suzette will meet with Clyde to update.


11.     Other Items

         MCC received the $800,000 HUD grant to construct a facility for the Hawaiian Studies program.   flo will be meeting with Lui and Kiope to discuss centralized program.  We did not receive the Liko A`e scholarship money.     


         The National Center for Excellence in High Performance Computing Technology is officially out of the Maui Research and Technlogy Center at the end of the month.  Bob Borchers is no longer the P.I. as of September 1.  Dennis Vallaincourt will still be working for the National Center until December.  Equipment left behind will need to be inventoried and there are some outstanding items that need to be handled.  Computers will go into ECET classroom.  Need to clarify cost-sharing and equipment inventory.  David and Dan will meet to clarify.


         Items to bring before the Academic Senate:  Where are we with flex scheduling?  Need infrastructure in place so students are fully informed of what they are signing up for.  If financial aid students happen to sign up for schedule that only consists of flex scheduled classes, they need to realize the impact on their financial aid.   We need to realize too so we do not over award them which if we do may result in an audit finding.  Mix of flex and regular is okay.  We need to look at whether we would be able to notify students and what the requirements are for accreditation.  flo to get clarification from Elizabeth Griegoflo asked that Cathy Bio email or fax her information from U.S. Office of Education.


         Computing Services:  It was noted that the computing services need for more computer specialists should be closely looked at.  Computing Center was the top priority in the Administrative Services program review.  A possible solution is to hire with RDP funds.  If we use RDP funds, we need to look at how computing services can generate revenue to meet the sustainability requirement.