Executive Committee Meeting AGENDA              go to minutes

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

8:30am, Ka Lama


1.       Meeting Maintenance Feedback

2.       Data Dialog:  Jeannie Pezzoli

3.       International Students, national and international markeing, Number of Students already reserved Spaces:  Alvin Tagomori

4.       Strategic Plan Outcomes Progress

5.       Lahaina Ed Center: Process for determining needs and services

6.       Christmas Card Selection

7.       Proposed Program Review and Strategic Plan Priority List

8.       Other Items



Executive Committee Meeting

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

8:30 am, Ka Lama 102


Attendees:     Pat Adams, Malia Davidson for Kiope Raymond, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, flo wiger



1.                                              Data Dialog:  Jeannie Pezzoli

Data Dialog on GOING RATE – What are the findings?  What to do?  Data were distributed and discussed.  Alvin will track student contact by counselors.


1.                                              Meeting Maintenance Feedback

Committee members reviewed the Executive Committee Meeting Feedback from the October 28, 2005 meeting.  Discussion will be held at the next meeting.  The criteria for evaluation will be reviewed to determine  if they are still the most appropriate to judge effectiveness of Executive Committee meetings. 

Some suggestions:

·         Criteria should be explained better

·         Need a place for N/A (not applicable)


2.                                              International Students, National and International Marketing, Number of Students Already Reserved Spaces:  Alvin Tagomori

·         International Marketing:  Alvin did a powerpoint presentation on his and Molli Fleming’s Latin American tour for international student recruitment.  Hundreds of people signed up.  Alice Luther is following up with those who have signed up.  Alvin and Alice will also be meeting as a follow up.

·         Concerns expressed by consular officials in grantng visas: 

o        Will students return o their home country? 

o        Cautious after 9/11. 

o        If a course is being offered in their country, why do they need to go to Hawaii to study for example Auto Mechanics. 

·         National Marketing:   Rafi Boritzer traveled to Boston, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City to attend National Association for College Admissions Counselors College Fairs.

·         Response to Housing Ads:  We have about 35 students who have responded to our ads for student housing.

·         Need updates on student housing and national and international recruitment. 


4.     Strategic Plan Outcomes

Diane will be emailing the Strategic Plan Outcomes document to Executive Committee members to update to add information about each of the action items listed and any progress that has been made.  Updates should be highlighted in green.