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Tuesday, August 3, 2004


Strategic Plan Context

1. Biennium Budget
2. Annual MCC Campus Budget Context

2.1 Assumptions: Restriction, Enrollment, UH System Assessments, CB contributions
2.2 Tenure and Promotion Adjustments, APT Matching
2.3 Alternate Energy Estimates

2.4 Special and Revolving Funds
2.4.1 Tution Fee Special Funds
2.4.2 OCET Special Funds
2.4.3 Culinary Arts Special Funds
2.4.4 Voc Tech Revolving Funds
2.4.5 Student Housing
2.4.6 Research & Training Revolving Fund
2.5 Estimated MCC Assessment Costs
2.6 Sustainability Incentives to Promote Innovation and Stabilize Resources
3. Land Grant Mission Task Group
4. KHON Public Relations Opportunities
5. ABIT Progress
6. Community Forum
7. Other Items


Tuesday, August 3, 2004

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


PRESENT: Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Scott Broadbent, Margaret Christeniansen, Kathryn Fletcher, Pam Hoopii, Shannon Kaahanui, Diane Meyer, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Dorothy Tolliver, Melissa Yoshioka for Vaughn Baker


Members were reminded to send a representative to the Executive Committee meetings when they are unable to attend a meeting.


Community Forum

The intent of the community forum being held on August 13, 3:00 p.m. in Pa`ina is to inform people of our strategic plan and to seek community input for plans and future directions. There will be fifteen facilitators. Facilitators will be meeting on Wednesday, August 11 at 10:00 a.m. Approximately 30 people from the campus and community have confirmed their attendance thus far. Calls should be made to invitees early next week to confirm attendance.


Biennium Budget

Biennium Budget information was distributed to committee members via email. We still do not know what the System is going to recommend to the Board of ORegents. . The Board of Regents will be going through a budget workshop this month, after which time we should be hearing something. MCC is going forward with ABIT as our top priority. The Governors budget guideliguidelines es do not provide for any any any new general fund requests.


Land Grant Mission Task Group

Federal resources were allocated to institutions around the country primarily to promote Agriculture and community education. Question was raised as to how resources should be redistributed. Maui Land and Pine and the Farm Bureau did not feel that they were adequately supported. Need to look at how we might share resources more equally in land grant. Suzette will organize a meeting to look at instructional resource needs. It was recommended that Ann Emmsley and James Boswell participate in the discussion prior to the next Land Gant Mission Task Group meeting on August 19, 2004.


ABIT Progress

LetterLetter from Richard Winn, Assistant Director of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, granting eligibility to MCC to add the Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Applied Business and Information Technology was distributed to committee members. David Grooms was commended for his hard work in completing the eligibility application. MCC can expect a visit in Spring, 2005. We will be responding to some of the questions and concerns. An informational meeting is beingwill be held on Monday, August 9, 5:30 p.m. in Ka`a`ike 105AB. Ad and press release have gone out with another ad going out on August 5. It was suggested that we should look at televising the session on our MCC Channel.. Mike Mike Albert will be videotaping the session. Diane

Meyer will follow up on suggestions. Pat Adams and Scott Broadbent are working with University Relations to have brochure completed to publicize statewide.


KHON Public Relations Opportunities

KHON is willing to come to Maui to tape any newsworthy stories regarding activities at Maui Community College. Some suggestions were:

August 9 Informational Session on ABIT

Preserving Our Recollections

Early Childhood


Nursing/Oral Health

ECET Inerns (Amos Conference in September)


Committee members were asked to email other ideas to Colleen or Clyde.


Updates on Various Projects


         Swap Meet

David Tamanaha, Scott Broadbent, and Clyde will be meeting with Will Wong, swap meet manager.

       MCC is proposing a monthly rent of $3,250 on a 10-year lease.

       Also proposing caring for maintenance of campus entrances and parking perimeter and lots.

       Will be asking vendor to include as in-kind the care and maintenance of the Kaahumanu and back entrances and the back parking lot.

       Need to consider adding some kind of percentage participation after a few years.

       Will look at scheduling swap meets on Sundays for special events, e.g. Christmas.

       May need to get Board of Regents approval because of the 10-year lease.

       Need to look at designated parking for students taking Saturday classes.

       Need to assure that swap meet vendor does not removetake out too many trees when clearing the site.


         Farmers Market

       In process of setting up.

       Need to look at maintenance and clean up requirements.

       Scott Broadbent will get a count on the number of vendors participating in the Kaahumanu Centers Wednesday and Friday swap meets.

       Participation in swap meets will be for vendors who are selling Maui produced products only.


         Drive-In Theater

       Reviewing contract. Preliminary ok.

       Hope to get first showing started the end of August.

       MCC will receive 50% of the gross revenue sales.

       Patrons will pay an average of $20 per car. A VIP section will be blocked off. The cost for this section will be a lot higher.

       Sound will be received via an fm radio frequency.

       Concessions will be provided by organizers. Our Culinary Arts program may get involved later.


         Student Housing

       Met with Mayor and his department heads. Received support from Mayor.

       Question raised by planning director on students driving on to campus rather than walking even though they are housed at a close distance.

       Looking at transportation system from site to campus. MEO is interested in working with us to form some kind of public transportation.

       County requires two parking stalls per unit for a 100-unit facility.

       MCC committed to deal with any problem areas with community.

       Environmental assessment will take a long time to complete. Will be preparing an SMA approach which will cover the different areas that an environmental assessment would.

       We are on fastrack projecting to complete construction by Fall 06. Development will be delayed if we run into any problems.

       Another prospective private partner is investigating the feasibility of acquiring 4.5 acres next to College and the Cutter Nissan parcel for commercial development on the ground flooor with student housing on the upper floors. Have food markets and other businesses as part of complex to support student needs. It was suggested that Some suggestions were partnerring with Kinkos, Office Max, Borders, computer stores, Subway.


Annual MCC Campus Budget Context

David Tamanaha distributed copies of and reviewed the Preliminary G-Fund and TFSF allocations. Detailed program-specific spreadsheets were also distributed to program and unit

headsheads. Numbers are not firm until we hear from the Governor and until we have all of fall enrollment revenues. The following wereas also noted.


       Suzette will need to review assessment budget.

       Funds were set aside to help programs unable to support APT merit increases. It was noted that some programs have a larger number of APTs than others and they still may have difficulty funding merit increases even with the set aside.

       Some facilities use funds are being retained to return to PIs who have generated funds. ORS will be giving ideas on what we may be able to do.

       We have additional RDP has additional funds to support sustainable development.

       Need to look at how we can make our special and revolving funds grow.

       Need to check if promotion and tenure salary adjustments have been included.

       Not sure of when we will be able to get savings on electrical cost from MECO. Going through planning commission, etc. If there are any objections at any level, we will not be going forward.

       OCET was asked to create a chart displaying special funds activity over the last ten years.




Clyde distributed copies of a synopsis of the CCSSE report for review.


Deadline for the Presidents Groundkeeper Award is Thursday, August 19, 2004. Information was distributed earlier by email. It was requested that David Tamanaha send out a reminder by email.