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July 21, 2004
1.      Budget Details: APT, $28k TCUP
2.      Enrollment Update 
3.      Webmaster: Margaret Christiansen
4.      UHCC Data Portfolio/Template:Jeannie Pezzoli
5.      Lahaina Education Center/BioTech Lab
6.      Swap Meet/Farmers' Market/Kaahumanu Shopping Center
7.      Student Housing: on and off-campus
8.      Wind Contract/Budget Details
9.      Hawaii Supreme Court Decision
10.     Special Projects Assistant
11.     Chancellors' Meetings: Tuition, Biennium Budget Approach
12.     ABIT Publicity
13.     ACCJC Progress Report
14.     LRDP Feedback
15.     Trimester 
16.     Others


Friday, July 21, 2004

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102



Present:        Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Scott Broadbent, Margaret Christensen, Kathryn Fletcher, Steve George, Sharane Gomes for Vaughn Baker, Pam Hoopii, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Dorothy Tolliver


Clyde introduced Dr. Margaret Christiansen, Webmaster.  Margaret has been working on redesigning MCC’s webpage.   She presented a rough draft of the new design.  The following suggestions were made to add to the new design.

·         Add a text version…already planned for Bobby/ADA compliance

·         Rename sponsors, e.g. website sponsors.

·         Review schedule of classes.  MCC currently has two versions, printed and live on Banner.   Students should be able to easily click to live version to obtain current information on open/closed classes.

·         Needs to be accessible to students with various disabilities.

·         Move student services up somehow to emphasize recruiting.

·         Add “What’s new” pop up with different pictures based on relevance.

·         Forms used by MCC faculty/staff should be accessible to campus only - block or password protect.

·         Add News/announcements somewhat like News at UH (webpage should serve as a communications channel for campus to community)

·         Should be able to click on to UH webpage.

·         Add a calendar of events to show daily activities.

·         Think through Accreditation information so WASC colleagues can click on information

·         Make Outreach sites more visible

·         Consider a webcam for dynamic visuals

Margaret will be invited back to present updates.


Graduate Survey:  Jeannie Pezzoli

Jeannie distributed a graph indicating where graduates plan to continue their education.  Karen Muraoka will continue updates on the College of Education.  We need to look at baccalaureate options in demand areas into which MauiCC students would like to continue.  Alvin will assist in getting information on students. A Data Portfolio for accreditation will be placed on reserve in the Library. Accreditation is the driver for data collection and how data are organized.  Suzette and Jeannie will discuss further with unit chairs and report back to the Executive Committee.


Budget Details:  APT matching, $28k to TCUP computers proposed

  • David Tamanaha is still working on the budget.   When done, we will have a clearer picture of our collective bargaining, assessments, payroll lag, and other obligations.     We will not know our actual budget restriction levels until September. 
  • Administrators have discussed setting aside $20,000 matching funds for APT’s whose programs have difficulty providing the compensation resources available.  Administrators will be discussing further.
  • TCUP program requested college contribution of $28,000 for upgrading computers. 


Enrollment Update:  Alvin Tagomori

Enrollment as of July 21 is 2317.   Suzette and unit chairs have added classes and are advertising for lecturers.


Lahaina Education Center/Bio Tech Lab:   Moving ahead with the Lahaina Education Center.  RDP is supporting this project.  West Maui students may be able to participate by late September or October.


Swap Meet/Farmer’s Market/Kaahumanu Shopping Center

Also moving forward with the Swap Meet which may bring in a revenue stream of 30-40 thousand dollars.  Swap meets will be held in the keawe grove and sump next to Kahului Beach Road.  Currently addressing liability issues and have made accommodations for flood zone designation.  There may be opportunities for the Business Career programs to participate.  The site will be maintained by swap meet organizers from the MACC entrance to Harbor Lights or further.

Farmer’s Market:  Looking at the possibility of having a farmer’s market right outside and around the Pa`ina building.  Clyde has met with Joey Char, Manager of Kaahumanu Center, who will be taking the idea of an MCC storefront to the Kaahumanu Center Board.  Perhaps a possible site for bookstore during Student Center renovation as well as MCC Program products in culinary, ag, fashion tech, ceramics, etc.


Student Housing: on and off-campus

Progressing.  Have met with Mike Foley and will be meeting with the Mayor and Department Heads to fast-track permitting to allow project to be completed by Fall ‘06.  There may be other developers who are interested in partnering to construct more student housing on private and MCC property.


Wind Contract/Budget Details

Two community meetings have been held with no serious community objections.  We are going ahead with the permitting process.  Asking for more budget information and will be presenting it to procurement, ORS, and then to President and BOR if necessary.


Hawaii Supreme Court Decision

The Hawaii Supreme Court has stated that in the case of sexual harassment that even the first incident should result in severe disciplinary action and possible termination.  Committee members were asked to inform personnel that we will have zero tolerance for unwanted touching.  There will be a sexual harassment training workshop held on the first week back.  All staff should be encouraged to attend.  If anyone hears of any incidents, they should inform their respective dean/director.


Special Projects Assistant

A draft of the Special Projects Assistant was emailed to committee members for review.  The original draft was also distributed to committee members for review.  Committee members were asked to submit comments to Clyde by Friday, July 23.  We will be moving ahead with this position.  The position will be paid out of the Research and Training Revolving Funds.  This position will be supported only as funds are available.  We hope that this position will be self supporting over a period of time. 


Frances Segundo asked for a copy of the staffing plan and noted that Computing Services is in need of additional personnel. 


Chancellors’ Meetings:  Tuition, Biennium Budget Approach

  • Chancellors are looking at a combination of g-funded requests that might translate into Legislators possibly providing support to tuition waivers in terms of student scholarships.
  • They are also looking at a combination of tuition and fee increases.   They are seeking resources to meet student needs in a more sustainable and effective way.
  • A Board of Regents workshop will be conducted in August, after which more specifics on UH System financing strategies will be shared



Both WASC senior and junior commission representatives will be meeting on July 23 to review next steps that will be required of MCC to move ahead with initial accreditation for the ABIT program.  This may include an accreditation team visit in Spring, ’05.  The commission will identify report preparation requirements for an anticipated visit.


ACCJC Progress Report 

Pat Adams will have another draft available soon.


Long Range Development Plan

Suzette is working with unit chairs.  The plan needs to be completed as soon as possible, to present at the November Board meeting on Maui.



Further discussion is required.  Summer session is very profitable.  John Pye is doing a pilot to determine feasibility of completing material in a shorter number of weeks with the same total number of instructional hours.


Facilities Use Schedule of Fees

OCET’s Facilities Use Schedule of Fees was distributed for review.



Mary Allen and Amy Driscoll from AAHE will be on campus Friday, August 27, 9:00-2:00pm to work on assessment.  They will be conducting individual meetings on Monday, August 30.


Next Meeting

The next Executive Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 3, 8:30 a.m. in Ka Lama 102 to decide on the budget.  Agenda items will include Budget and Assessment.