Friday, July 9, 2004

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102



Present:      Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Vaughn Baker, Scott Broadbent, Kathryn Fletcher, Steve George, Shannon Kahauui, Robyn Klein, Karen Muraoka, Wallette Pellegrino, Jeannie Pezzoli, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Dennis Vaillancourt



Clyde welcomed all members to the meeting.


Budget for Academic Year:  David Tamanaha presented an update of the budget, providing information about the initial projections and how the numbers were determined.


Today’s presentation is a picture of the current status. Things are still in flux. Several items still need to be accurately calculated and await more information to accurately determine the actual resources and projected expenditures. The information provided offers the committee opportunity to study the information and make comments and recommendations.  The budget will continue to be refined over the next several weeks as new information is obtained.


Enrollment and projected enrollment are significant contributing factors to our funding. Alvin advised the committee that the enrollment numbers for Fall are up from last year. Clyde advised that the summer revenues were up as well. He anticipates that the college will have a much stronger enrollment than last year.


One budget strategy is to fully fund the Fall semester, anticipating a strong Spring enrollment.

The budget picture that David presented is our worst-case scenario, designed to show sources of opportunity as well as projected demands..


David presented the R & M projects approved for MCC. Our top five repair and maintenance requests will be funded at a cost of approximately $2 million. One of our cosmetic requests, for interior and exterior painting of the library was also approved. Please see attachment B “Deferred R & M Listing by Category” for details.


Sources of Other Funding:  Clyde discussed other funding sources: RDP, Foundation, TCUP, VocEdGrants, RFTF. Clyde anticipates increases from most of these sources.


Clyde also discussed funding opportunities with HUD, DOD, USDA.


National Center of Excellence for High Performance Computing:  Dennis Vallaincourt presented a Power Point presentation discussing the partnerships and opportunities of the High Performance Computing Center and technological advances and opportunities.


The high performance computing market generated $5.3 billion in 2003, up 12% from 2002. By 2008, revenues are projected at $7.6 billion. 


Potential applications for Maui include telecommunications (location-based service) and data mining, such as for the visitor industry.


A copy of his presentation is attached.


Webmaster: Dr. Margaret Christianson’s appointment was announced.  Margaret is analyzing the MCC web site. She will offer a presentation to the committee about improvements to it at a committee meeting in the near future.


Student Center Renovation: MCC has a $100,000 allotment for the project Clyde, David, and Marvin will be meeting with GYA Architects to devise a schedule, then the project will go out for bid. 


Construction may begin as soon as Summer,2005. The preparation for construction will require a series of coordinated moves. One of the most important relocations is that of the bookstore.


Kaahumanu Shopping Center; Bookstore Proposal: Clyde has been in contact with the General Manager who represents the Board of   Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center to discuss possible availability of a store serving as an outlet for MCC info and products such as our jelly, plants, ceramic items, fashion tech, and other MCC-made articles as well as the potential relocation of the bookstore to the shopping center, The plan will be presented to the Queen Kaahumanu Board early August, 2004.


During discussion it was mentioned that MCC would require assurance of a long-term commitment of the store’s location at the shopping center. The store would be open to the public as well as to students, bringing opportunities for increased revenue both to the College as well as traffic to the shopping center


ABIT Update:  Clyde discussed the WASC Accreditation   He advised the committee that we are now able to publicize class offerings at the 300 and  400 levels.,,with drafts to be reviewed by WASC Jr. and Sr. prior to release.   We are awaiting a formal letter to identify bypassing a prolonged candidacy period with the prospect of a WASC team visiting MCC in Spring 2005 to review us for initial accreditation. .


Wind Project: Committee was advised that the contract was currently under review. One major component of the contract negotiation is that if the windmill does not perform at it’s projected level, that we will be able to retrofit it to its previous configuration  MCC is requesting that all of the pieces be sent to us from Germany in case the need to reconfigure arises and will share the cost of retrofitting.  The college anticipates ownership of the windmill in 5 years.


The next Community meeting about the project will take place on July 19, 2004. HIPAC Wind will work with the College to meet the County’s standards. There is no monetary investment by MCC.


Student Housing Status: The next step in the housing approval is a meeting with Mike Foley, the County Planning Director. Mike has expressed several concerns about the distance of the housing on Vevau Street (across Kaahumanu Shopping Center towards the airpost)  to the MCC campus. One of his concerns is that if the distance is too great, the students will not walk to campus, necessitating more automobile parking.


He also expressed concern about County revenues from the use of the land for student housing. If the proposed space were allocated to retail or some other business, those consumers would be more likely to spend more money than the student population will.


Clyde will meet with Mike Foley prior to his meeting with the Mayor, to clarify and identify Mike’s concerns.


MEO had proposed developing a transportation center adjacent to the proposed student housing location. However, the State of Hawaii is also interested in the property, so MEO may not be able to develop their transportation center at that location.


LRDP Status; LRDP Deliberation:  MCC Long Range Development Plans include a request for a science building  of about  84,000 sq. ft. MCC’s student population may not be able to support the cost or size. We need to take a more careful took at our requests relative to our current level of facilities use, the optimal size that MCC may wish to be, and how we might leverage state resources through a potential federal contribution that might support the presence of several federal agencies with offices on campus.  There will be a meeting with the USGS officials on August 4th.  They are interested in partnering with MCC,


MCC will be asking for $3.5 million to be approved to develop planning and design details prior to requesting the construction funds and actually constructing any new buildings.


Construction plans for 5000 FTEs would approximately equate to 9000 students. We currently have an enrollment headcount of 3000 students, at an fte level of slightly over 1,600 FTE. We need to determine what our optimal student numbers may be appropriate for and relative to a specific near term period.


With increased student enrollment, we will require another student housing facility. Clyde requested that the unit chairs help with discussion and ideas. MCC needs to think about the many implications of increased student enrollment.


Swap Meet and Soccer Field Proposals:  The current Swap Meet owner next to the Kahului Post Office indicated an interest in the kiawe grove between our back parking lot . The are offers shade and already has an 800 stall parking area next to it. MCC would ask for a percentage of his admission fees for the day and a monthly rental fee.  Clearing of the area is part of the negotiation with the swap meet.


MCC has been approached by a Maui Soccer program to use our field. They indicate that they would help maintain the area in exchange for access. If the soccer club used the field, they would need to irrigate.   It was suggested when thinning the grove, that shrubs and trees be left as a wind barrier and possible tsunami buffer..


Clyde requested that feedback from the committee and others be forwarded to him or to David.


Draft for Special Project Assistant: Position is under review: final draft position description will be distributed to the Executive Committee for feedback, MCC will advertise for the vacancy.


Lahaina Facility:  With the assistance of UH ITS and RDP, the West Maui facility on Kenui Street, MCC will seek to open the Lahaina facility in Fall, 2004.


PEG Access Status:  Clyde met with the District DOE Superintendents to learn of their interest in pursuing the restoration of funds for public education and higher education from the cable television subscriber fees. 


Other:  David Tamanaha was congratulated on the opening of the recycling center on campus. It was suggested that the location of the bins be adjusted to allow for closer access by cars for those with a lot of materials to unload. The recycling center was lauded as being the best in the County.


Pat Adams told the committee that her progress on the WASC Progress Report due in the Fall was almost complete.  She hoped to have it finalized and sent to the committee today. She advised that her report needed to be tied in to the MCC Strategic Plan, data analysis and program review as well as resource allocation..


Pat also told the committee that she was still working on the reorganization, and will complete it after the progress report.