Executive Committee Meeting AGENDA

Friday, †June 24, 2005


1.                   Instructional Program Review

2.                   Annual Program Health Indicators


3.                   China Developments

4.                   MCC Foundation Updates

5.                   Summer Session Status

6.                   Jobs Bill Applications

7.                   ANNH/USDA Application-PI

8.                   Review of Documents prior to Submission to Chancellorís Office

9.                   Banner/RTRF FundsI

10.              Lahaina Education Center

11.              International Student Recruitment

12.              VP for CCs authority

13.              Current and Next Yearís Budget Status

14.              Akaku Status

15.              County: mayorís proposal/VP Johnsrudís Progress/Pres McClain Next Decade

16.              WASC Feedback from meeting in June

17.        15th Annual MCC Golf Tournament

18,       Other Items


VP Criteria Review



Does it improve learning?




Staff Support

Acknowledgment of NI differences

Lifelong Learning: Change Value of Student Support (focus on Dreams, fulfilliment)



1.                   Personnel: Judgments based on campuses of Academic MQs

2.                   RCUH/HGEA

3.                   Student Help: different rates that recognize different economies

4.                   Equitable distribution of UHCC staff resources

5.                   Resource Allocation

6.                   Electronic Decision Making and Storage

7.                   R&M

8.                   CIP




Low attendance rate from HS

Separate AA and AS Degree transfer to UHM


North Central State CC Website



Academic Articulaiton

            UH Manoa  R!: similar hall marks;  similar learning outcomes

            Focus, foundation and distribution requirements

            National research on articulation MN and FL; student experience research; UHM counselor acceptance of other CCs transfer credits

            2.75 GPA for transfer


Banner: pay as you go


Workforce  Development

            County by County approach

            Reality of Consistency: not consistency