Executive Committee Meeting AGENDA              Go to minutes

Friday,  May 27, 2005

8:30am, KaLama 102


1.             Program Review: Student Services

2.             Lahaina Education Center

3.             International Student Recruitment

4.             New Potential Initiatives: USDOL/National Institute of Nursing, Research; $125 million Jobs Bill; Adaptive Optics/Photonics/Astronomy Technician

5.             VP for CCs authority

6.             Current and Reserve Budget Reviews

7.             Akaku Status

8.             County: mayor’s proposal

9.             BOR Testimony re: Tuition

10.         WASC Feedback and Presence at meeting in June

11.         Other Items


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, May 27, 2005

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 105


Present: Pat Adams, Scott Broadbent, Donna Brown, Kerry Holokai, Pam Hoopii, Nancy Johnson, Michele Katsutani, Suzette Robinson, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagamori, Dorothy Tolliver         


Clyde spoke briefly about contract and agreements, the President directed Vice President Gaines to clear 240 different kinds of contracts and agreements that will use MOA’s.  The ORS staff, as well as our own, has been moving that right along very expeditiously.


Program Review (Student Services)

MCC is using national standards regarding student services.  Everyone is doing annual reviews. This year admission and records, student housing, and student activities are scheduled for comprehensive reviews, which will be based on the national standards.  Comprehensive reviews are not yet done due to expectations that require every single standard that is in the student services-counseling department review to be addressed.  A baseline of all the standards needs to be established before the start point of production. Through the program review process the identification of standards may be prioritized.  In the next round when annual and comprehensive reviews are issued those standards may be worked on.  


Housing program review is to be done by the program review committee.  The committee was chaired by Wallette Pellegrino.  Members of the committee were Shane Payba and Dennis Tanga.   Their draft was just turned in.  The Executive Committee was asked to give three names of a sub committee that can validate what the program review committee has done. 


Student activities committee members Robin Klein, Devin Crowe, Bud Clark are still working on their report and completion is expected in a few weeks. 


Admissions and records self-study was not done; therefore, we are not in compliance with what we have submitted to ACCJC in terms of program review.   A letter has been sent along with a copy of the program review report to Steve, indicating that conference and review is being shifted to next year’s comprehensive review cycle, due September 30th, 2005. An annual program review should also be done and due today, May 27, 2005


All other departments have completed an annual program review, which can be viewed at Student Services.  The program review for financial aide and counseling were examined and discussed, a copy was passed around to committee members for review. 


An educational plan was discussed in detail on what students should take in order to fulfill their goals and interests here at MCC and then transfer properly.  Herb Coyle is working on the degree audit system that will allow students to “shop” for which college suits them best for their needs and to also assess us in our accountability and the achievement of our mission statement. 


Discussion was held on EOC and Counseling matters and clientele.  Michele Katsutani and Mona Stevenson will be getting back to Clyde in regards to the number of clientele that seek their departments’ assistance.


International Student Recruitment

Alvin reported on the pros and cons in international student recruitment; e.g., on-line admission, potential cost, recreation. Dr. Boritzer is putting together a student recruitment report for student housing, 6/14/05 for this fall enrollments, 12/05 for next fall enrollments. 


VP for CCs Authority

Chancellors will be meeting with Interim Vice President to identify criteria.  Clyde will share outcomes at next meeting.


Current and Reserve Budget Reviews

David should have a rough draft on June 2, 2005 on what expenditures will look like. 


Akaku Status

MCC received $132,000 of PEG funds.   MCC is currently asking for 1/6th of PEG funds.  A Board meeting is scheduled for June.


County: Mayor’s proposal

Requesting a minimum of $140,000. 


BOR Testimony re:  Tuition

Tuition increase approval was approved, to being in fall ’06.


WASC feedback and presence at meeting in June

David Grooms and Clyde will be attending the senior commission meeting on June 16, 2005 in San Jose




Clyde called Willy Nelson with no response, will continue to pursue.  Nothing else up to this point.



Manpower is limited at this time, lost emergency hire, grounds men with no replacements. Due to budgetary concerns will revisit after summer session numbers are available next week from David.



Alvin reported on Marketing activities:

          F. Segundo paid for radio spots

          Tours on campus

          Sister cities are interested in guides, focusing mainly on Technology and Education, Ka`aike, Laulima, and Pa`ina.


Clyde Future Travel

Clyde will be traveling to China with the Governor and then to San Jose