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Friday,  March 11, 2005


1.                   PEG Followup FAXes,  letters, email assistance, and negotiation

2.                   CIP Statuis: Q Followup, Legislative Feedback from House

3.                   Campus and System Reorg Status

4.                   Mayor’s Proposal (Council Members contacted: Anderson, Carroll, Kane, Pontanilla, and Tavares.  County project/econ brochure; Campus Baccalaureate plan; Decisions Maui Leadership Project); Bac Plan Draft to BOR; Tanaka and Williams assistance

5.                   Program Review Process: Comprehensive Program Review  and Annual Presentation (Suzette for flo,with other Alvin, and David identifying program priorities for budgetary consideration in the next year)

6.                   Next Week: WASC Schedule, TCUP Visit, Chancellor’s Advisory Council Meeting, Tuition Hearing, BOR Meeting Student Housing Rate Increase Prep; Program Review BOR Presentation

7.                   NSF support status

8.                   CCCMs and Campus Policies

9.                   Mission Clarification

10.               Lahaina Ed Center Prep

11.               Other Items




March 11, 2005

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


PRESENT:   Kate Acks, Scott Broadbent, Kathryn Fletcher, Steve George, David Grooms, Pam Hoopii, Nancy Johnson, Robyn Klein, Dan Kruse, Jeannie Pezzoli, Eryck Quesada, Kiope Raymond, Suzette Robinson, Frances Segundo, Jill Fitzpatrick, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha


PEG Followup

Legislators are seriously considering passing bills which would reallocate Akaku funding.  The Akaku Board will be meeting next week to come up with a position.   DOE and MCC are looking for 1/3 of the approximately $815,000 income.  MCC will receive 50% and the DOE 50% of that third.    DOE and MCC are also asking for one-third of the Board seats.  Presently MCC and DOE Board members are ex-officio members with no voting power.   Three of the five members will be appointed; other educational institutions or agencies may become partners with the DOE and MCC.i. 


DOE and MCC are also looking at contributing one-third of the rental income funds to a pool to support a news program that will allow us to promote our  STEM  programs. On the news side, Akaku producers who have enrolled in and completed a course in video will be able to work in our studio.  Financial reports would be sent to DCCA with copy to Akaku Board.  


The next Board meeting is scheduled for the week of March 21.  Clyde is preparing a powerpoint presentation to galvanize our community around education.  A demonstration will be shown at the Executive Committee.  Colleen will distribute the Education Access document to committee members.  Clyde will broadcast when the bill will be in the Senate Intergovernmental Affairs Committee and the House Committee on Commerce Protection.  Executive Committee Members were asked to thank our legislators for supporting the bills.


Program Review Process:  Suzette Robinson

Suzette distributed copies of the MCC Budget Process/Relationships Overview and noted where program reviews fit into the process.  She also distributed a list of 2004-2005 review team members as well as the Comprehensive Program Review Teams Timeline.  Accounting, Nursing, and OCET have completed their comprehensive program review process and reports from the assessment coordinator, review teams, and Campus Executive adhoc committee have been submitted to the Dean of Instruction’s office.  OCET is the only program area that has a budget recommendation.   It is being recommended that an auditor come in to look specifically at OCET’s programs, their process and reconciliation of accounts. Two instructional special and revolving accounts may also be included in the audit



Campus Reorganization:  Dan Kruse

The Academic Senate has forwarded two proposals to the Dean of Instruction.  A committee will be formed from administrators and faculty to come up with a final proposal to bring back to the Academic Senate and the Chancellor’s Executive Committee.  A committee of no more than eight people will be formed to select a proposal.  Committee members will be selected from a list submitted by the ad hoc committee of the Senate.  Others may be asked to participate as reference people.  The committee should be getting their recommendation back to the Academic Senate in April. 


Questions on system reorganization can be asked of Interim President David McClain at the campus-wide meeting this afternoon at 2:00-3:00 p.m.


CIP:  David Tamanaha

The Governor released $225,000 to allow us to finish the design of the Student Center Building; we are back on schedule again.  $300,000 for the Science Building has not been released; however, the request is in the Governor’s office.  The House passed 3.5 million dollars support for the second phase of our Student Center building.


MCC Website

A concern was expressed as to how links connected to different services.   The primary purpose of the website is to attract prospective students, informing them how to apply and how to get financial aid.  The plan is to simplify navigation by eliminating most of the pop ups and having each menu be clickable.  Each will have an overview page.  My UH Portal is located on the upper right hand corner of the home page.  Logo will be added to make MY UH Portal more noticeable. 


A question was raised on what process was used to determine the purpose of web page. There is a need to also look at other issues, e.g. how are faculty/staff going to find documents.  Eryck is looking into software on managing documents.  Eryck, Dan and others interested will get together to create a sequence of priorities.   Suggestions can also be emailed to Eryck.  Eryck will also present monthly reports to the Chancellor’s Executive Committee.  Other items were noted:  Steve George will update the Leave of Absence form, Jennifer Sim has been working on making Human Resources forms fillable, International website will be in different languages.


Mayor’s Proposal

Some Council members have already been contacted regarding support for the Mayor’s proposal to provide seed money to support additional baccalaureate programs at MCC.  flo will lead a group that will refine details of the Baccalaureate plan.  We may have to make presentations at budget hearings. Clyde received feedback that  the council is supportive of initiatives in education, health, and social work that reinforces connection between County and community needs

Mayor will be announcing at his budget press conference on March 15 at 8:30 a.m..


Decisions Maui has gone to the Mayor requesting $50,000 for a leadership initiative project.  The Mayor recommended that their request be included with MCC’s request.  Carolyn Tananka, Acting Executive VP of Community Relations and Steve Williams, Executive Vice President of First Hawaiian Bank, will be assisting with our marketing efforts.  Steve’s lead marketing person will be working with MCC to show economic impact of education on Maui.  They will help deliver that message.   


Next Week

NSF national visiting committee will be here the week of March 14, 2005.



flo is working with system committee to develop CCCMs   Guidelines to develop CCCMs were to be based on present structure.  However, because the UH system is in the midst of reorganization discussions, nothing concrete will be done until decisions have been made. . 


Board of Regents 

Schedule of BOR activities on Maui was distributed to members.  Colleen will email committee members, informing them as to the times for the open sessions.


Campus Baccalaureate Plan

Vinnie reported back to Academic Senate subgroups on open forums. This seems very vague.


Lahaina Ed Center

The Lahaina Education Center is proceeding nicely.  It is projected to be done in time for summer session.  Dedication is being planned for May.  There was a concern expressed over whether we will have furniture and equipment.  Requisitions have been coming through for purchases. 


Hawaii Public Radio

Tracy Orillo Donovan is postponing her visit to the campus to the fall semester. 



Interim President David McClain will be on campus this afternoon for a college-wide meeting in Ka`a`ike 105, 2:00-3:00 p.m.


As part of the Diffusing Difficult Situations sessions, a mental health professional will be on campus on March 21st. 


Ki`ope Raymond informed committee members of the following events happening during Spring break.

Saturday, March 19th      Ho`omau Fundraiser for Hawaiian Language Preschool Puana Leo

Maui Botanical Garden Ampitheater


March 24-27                  Celebration of the Arts at Ritz Carlton Kapalua (Will also include artwork of Kathryn Fletcher’s



March 25-27                  Kalo Festival in Hana


Ki`ope shared that he met Lance Morikawa, who informed him of the success we have been having with students turning their lives around and becoming interested in higher education.  We need to tell their stories, perhaps in the Chancellor’s monthly news article, our MCC newspaper and with Pat Adams.