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Friday,  January 28, 2005


1.                   IPEDS Quiz

2.                   Budget and Resource status for this and next year

3.                   Legislative activities: UH Day, PEG Bill, Commuity College Board, Legislative Inquiries and Feedback

4.                   Tech Support Committee Proposal

5.                   Housing Status

6.                   BOR Approval of Maui Oral Health Iitiative

7.                   Rural Utilities Services Proposal: Ohana Project

8.                   Maui County Proposal, Commencement, Hoolaulea,

9.                   Other Items


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 28, 2005

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


Present:     Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Kathryn Fletcher, Pam Hoopii, Nancy Johnson, Robyn Klein, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Jeannie Pezzoli, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Janet Six, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Dorothy Tolliver, flo wiger



After a short exercise, the committee reviewed statistics in the IPEDS report.  Committee members noted that it is important to understand what the statistics say and what contributes to the data.  It was also noted that we have an opportunity to select peers to create data with institutions more like ours.  (See attached IPEDS Quiz)  Everyone was asked to review the IPEDS data to familiarize themselves with the comparative differences and explore why MCC may be statistically above the norm in many cases, and below in others.



David Tamanaha distributed copies of FY 2005 and FY 2006 Preliminary G-funded TFSF     Allocations.  FY 2006 preliminary draft is incomplete, working on an assumption that what was spent last year is what we will be spending next year. 


Due to the shortfall in the spring semester tuition and fees income, we will be facing a budget shortfall of $214,000; $130,000 in unanticipated electrical costs due to demand charges and $184,000 in lectureship overruns.  To manage the finance shortages we will have to encumber the $150,000 projected carry over funds and retract the 5% indirect costs initially projected to be returned to PIs generating research and training revolving funds (RTRF) and borrowing the rest from this year’s RTRF allocation to MCC.  We are also imposing a semi-freeze on hiring and on equipment purchases.  For those in the process of filling a position, if a bonafide offer has not been made yet, then that position would be subject to the freeze.  This affects all types of g-funded positions; casual, emergency, civil service, exempt.  The freeze does not affect federally-funded positions.  Administrators will be meeting each Tuesday to analyze and determine what positions are critical and what can be deferred.  Programs planning to fill positions for the next fiscal year must be sure they have funds to cover the positions.


Suggestions offered to help with future budget planning.

          Look at availability of statewide courses.  Some of our courses being offered for Oahu are going to lose money. 

          Support formula-based funding.   Formula-based funding is being discussed by the Council of Chancellors and the Accreditation Commission wants us to move in that direction.  With University autonomy, that would have to be defined at the University level and considered by the legislature and governor.

          Resuscitate the energy committee to look at consumption and age of equipment (replacing old equipment with more energy efficient equipment.)   David Tamanaha and Don Ainsworth were members of the energy committee.

          Adjusting down non-resident tuition projections.  We have roughly 50 more non-residents this spring.

          Evaluate the need for wait lists.  Alvin and flo will meet to discuss the pros and cons of having wait lists.  We are currently the only campus in the system that utilizes wait lists.





Clyde commended Pat Adams, Mona Stevenson, and Jill Fitzpatrick for very ably representing Maui Community College at the Legislative UH day in Honolulu.  There was a great deal of interest in supporting the community colleges. 



There is a PEG Access bill specifically related to Maui in the Legislature.  Senate President Bobby Bunda is proposing that PEG funds be equally divided among government, education, and public access.  Maui CC may be testifying.



The chair of the Senate Higher Education Clayton Hee is examining the possibility of a separate Board for the community colleges.  WASC expressed concern that our present Board was not able to address the concerns facing the community colleges.  The Chancellors are currently discussing this concept.  Committee members expressed concern that having a separate Board would be more costly and that articulation issues would surface.



Chairman of the House Higher Education Committee Tommy Waters wants to deal with infrastructure issue of the community colleges.  He would like to get back the power costs of $440,000.  He is also looking at 5 to 4 and the state paying for fringe benefits through g-funds as a lump sum to the University and the University to administer on its own.  Some legislators are supportive of our CIP items, student center renovation and science building.  Our CIP requests were not in the Governor’s budget.



Copies of the Technical Support Committee Charter were distributed to committee members.  Executive Committee members were asked to review the document and be prepared to discuss any concerns at the next meeting.  The charter will be brought up for approval at the next Executive Committee meeting.  The charter may serve as a template for committees formed outside of the academic senate; e.g. security, energy.  This is a policy issue.  We need to look at our CCCMs.  Suzette will email committee members a matrix from Mike Rota on CCCMs.



Alvin Tagomori shared information from a document outlining recommendations for UH technical fees.  The document is a draft and will be forwarded to the Council of Chancellors when finalized.  Alvin will forward copies of the recommendations to committee members for their information.  It was noted that is essential that students participate in developing recommendations.  It was also noted that this proposal may not pass with tuition increases.  Bob Wehrman will be meeting with students as part of the Technical Support Committee.   It was suggested that Clyde and Elena join that meeting.  Tech fee proposal needs to be put on fast track.  Maui’s Academic Senate has approved having a tech fee.  Dan Kruse was asked to check with other campus’ Faculty Senates position on tech fees.



Following up on development.  We have been requested to submit a list of aging equipment for replacement from each of the outreach centers.  We also need to identify 15% matching funds.   Tech fee funds were proposed and approved as a possibility for the MCC matching requirements; will need to further confer with Sandra Swanson.  Proposal is to outfit classrooms and faculty offices in outreach sites with new equipment.



This is an Agora project.  The application has been submitted to the County of Maui.  The planning department is looking at the application for completeness of information.   When satisfied, they will be farming out the application to other departments for review.  From there it will go through a planning commission hearing.  We are hoping for groundbreaking to take place late spring or early summer with a completion date of July 29, 2006.



Investors have decided to keep their commitment to the project.  They are now looking at another strategy to complete the project.  As a last resort, we are also looking at doing a request for proposal to acquire a “performance” contractor.



The Oral Health Initiative was approved by the Board of Regents on January 13, 2004.



MCC’s request for a health center fee should be coming up for approval at the February Board of Regents’ meeting.



The WASC team will be visiting MCC on March 15-18, 2004.  The Board of Regents will also be here from Wednesday evening March 16 to March 18.  The Board will be meeting with the WASC team on Wednesday evening.



Clyde will be seeing Willie and Annie Nelson to lock in a date for the Ho`olaulea.  The event could be moved to the fall semester.  We are looking at performances from both headliners as well as local talent. 



Nursing, Accounting, and OCET have completed their self-study.  Nursing and Accounting validation teams have completed their reports.  The program review process and timeline will be loaded on the MCC website including budget implications of program review process and budget process flow chart. 



The Excellence in Education Conference will be held on March 4, 2005.  This is a non-teaching day.   Everyone is encouraged to participate in the all-day activities.  Tentative agenda includes Program Review and Strategic Plan discussion from 9:00-12:00 (10-minute windows for each program, ending with students from the University Center), lunch (on own), professional development activity in the afternoon.  Moving to a trimester system will also be on the agenda.  Suzette was asked to send out a campus-wide email notifying folks of the date of the conference.  The steering committee will be meeting on February 7 at 2:30 p.m. in Suzette’s office. 



Suzette will be regularly reporting on OCET activities at the Executive Committee meetings.  She reported that some OCET accounts are in the red.  OCET staff is generating ideas to improve.  Some ideas being discussed are to make partnerships and connections with the community, working together with the credit program, and planning more events.  A coffee hour is being planned to invite faculty to the OCET facility.  OCET is partnering with the University Center on PCATT proposal.  They are also looking at connecting with the credit programs for the technical piece.  



With a limited budget for marketing, Mona asked committee members for suggestions on economical ways to advertise from March – June.   In addition to press releases, recommendations were to have a college fair on campus and to register students at high school sites (Lahainaluna high school has requested on-site registration).  Counselors could guide students through My UH Portal at the high school sites.  We could also open Ka`a`ike 108 for registration and have counselors assigned to assist students through on-line registration.  The Learning Center and Business Labs could also be used.  Also have counselors work one on one with the students on-line.  Should issues come up it can be dealt with immediately.   



Alvin will distribute the common calendar which has been worked out through spring ’09.


Campus needs to be reminded that scheduled meetings should be listed in both the room scheduler and meeting calendar to avoid overlapping of meetings



World Hula Conference:  July 24-30, 2005 (Preconference – week before)

National Educators Conference:  July 11-16, 2205

International Small Island of the World Conference:  July 29, 2006


Pat Adams reported that faculty, support staff, and administrators from St. Anthony High School were on campus on Thursday, January 27.  Teachers were elated to hear of what MCC has to offer.  Those needing to upgrade their skills were especially excited about the University Center programs.  Debbie Nakama did a wonderful job in planning the day.



The next Executive Committee meeting will be held on Friday, February 11, 8:30 a.m. in Ka Lama 102.