Executive Committee Meeting AGENDA              to minutes        

September 24, 200


1.       Questions, problems, etc.

2.       Continuation of CCSSE Presentation: Asst. Dean Pezzoli

3.       Status of Instructional and overall Budgets: Voc Ed Proposal, RDP: VT, HS, CUL ARTS, Online Writing - Writers' Conf: Robinson, Unit Chairs, Tamanaha, Sakamoto

4.       Nonresident Tuition Status

5.       Enrollment  

6.       KSBE. DHHL, SIC, MCC Partnership

7.       Reorg

8.       Foundation Newsletter, Alumni Association (Apana, Kawamura, McDonald, Tagomori, Honda, Okamoto)

9.       Major Gift/MCC Priorities

10.   Quong/Weinrich Visit

11.   Lahaina Education Center Progress

12.   Program Review Status

13.   Oral Care, Hlth Center Fee Status

14.   Stud Housing and other Special Funds Deficits

15.   Lanai CIP

16.   International Student Recruitment

17.   EPSCOR




Monday, September 24, 2004

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102



Present:           Kate Acks, Vaughn Baker, Margaret Christensen, Kathryn Fletcher, Pam Hoopii, Nancy Johnson, Robyn Klein, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Jeannie Pezzoli, Kiope Raymond, Suzette Robinson, Frances Segundo, Clyde Sakamoto, Janet Six, Mona Stevenson, David Tamanaha, Dorothy Tolliver



Committee members broke up into two groups to discuss how we can maintain what we are doing right and how we might improve.  The groups focused on two areas based on survey results that need to be strengthened:  financial aid and computing services.  The committee made the following recommendations.

  • Financial Aid:  Create scholarships for those who already have degrees and are not eligible for tuition waivers.
  • Dan Kruse announced that David Cole, MLP President and CEO, has given ten ABIT scholarships per year for students who are doing well in their first two years.  These are ongoing scholarships.  We also have two scholarships from Textron, totaling 12 scholarships that are available for ABIT this spring. 
  • Computer Services: 

·         Establish technology fee for replacement of computers.   

·         Apply for PCATT RFP funds for high technology.  Vaughn is working with Tech Support Committee on application.

·         Install wireless connection for use by faculty, staff, students who have laptops.  Need to research on how extensive this would be and the level of bandwidth available.  Diane Meyer will ask Sandra Swanson to check on level of bandwidth available and where available.

·         Dissemination information to students via Banner.  Students could get current news about MCC using their MCC account. 




Our report, which is an addendum to our eligibility document, is due in December 2004 for March 2005 accreditation visit.  Diane is chairing the ABIT committee which replaces the BCDT and Baccalaureate committees. Need to identify who will lead action strategy for Strategic Plan.



David Tamanaha distributed for information copies of FY 2005 preliminary g-fund and tuition fees special funds budget allocations and the 2004-05 budget planning worksheet.  He also distributed copies of FY 2005 Special, Revolving and Federal Funds Contribution to Support Costs Worksheet.



Committee members reviewed the instructional budget and discussed budget shortfall.  The following strategies were discussed to reduce costs.   


  • Look at how other campuses are printing their catalogs and schedules of classes and do a price comparison.  Inform people that catalog is available on the web.   
  • Remove the (Outreach, Academic Support) ORAS unit chair position.  It was noted that the Academic Support groups do need to have a chair supporting their unit.
  • Follow up on whether will be receiving funds to cover 5 to 4.  We received $119,000 of support last year.  Don’t know if we will be receiving anything this year.
  • Look at Fall class enrollments to see which classes should not have been offered.  Objectively look at classes to pull from the Schedule of Classes.
  • Tap into grants for additional funding.
  • Look at reorganization piece; limiting administrative management.
  • Look at Voc-Tech areas to see if they can produce alterative revenue support for classes.



There is a proposal being developed at the administrative level to cap non-resident tuition by year 2010.  Non-resident tuition would be capped at four times resident tuition.



Enrollment is at 2,996 after purges.



Moving forward with articulation agreements.



Need more discussion.   Work with Academic Senate to look at any other proposals and go forward with one reorganization proposal to the Board of Regents.



A Foundation newsletter is being developed.  Committee members were asked to forward suggestions for articles to Marilyn Fornwall.  Working on resuscitating the Alumni Association.



The Foundation is beginning its centennial campaign.  Target is 3.5 million dollars.  We have received a million dollar endowment pledge for sustainable technology education.  Re-examining MCC’ list of priorities.



Paul Quong is proposing to purchase land that is vacant between Harbor Lights and Cutter Nissan as well as the Cutter Nissan property to develop lifestyle town.  The property would house commercial businesses on ground floor and student housing on upper floors.  Clyde and David will be meeting will be meeting with another developer who has also expressed interest. 


David and Clyde will also be meeting with Agora.  Documents are being prepared for a draft study.  Assessment is going forward.  We are on schedule in permitting process.



Keoki Raymond is doing an excellent job in renovating the Lahaina facility.  The facility has been gutted.  HITS installation will generate some resources hopefully by Spring


We have negotiated a $1200/month fee which would start a year from occupancy for the 2300 sq. foot building on a 20-year lease.



Ten of 16 have been done.  Others are being worked on.  Lynn Yankowski and Catherine Thompson are coordinators.  Two draft pieces will be going to Academic Senate next month for confirmation.  They will then be presented to the Executive Committee.  We will be implementing the process once everything is approved.



Student Government passed a proposal for a Health Center Fee.  Academic Senate approved proposal with a reduced amount.  Goal is to have signed and completed in January.



The Department of Education would like MCC to be part of their campus.  MCC will have access to a huge corner.



Meeting will be held on October 14.  Raphael Boritzer will be leading effort.



Looking at proposal to bring in resources.



EPSCOR Videoconferencing:  October 1, 10:00 a.m., Ka`a`ike

Contact:  Janet Six


Leadership Conference: October 13, 8:45 a.m.-3:30, Ka`a`ike 105

Sign up if interested in attending.


Strategic Plan Action Strategies:   Added new strategies.   Email Suzette if you have any questions.