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September 13, 2004


1.       Problems and Concerns beginning this Fall: Everyone

2.       Enrollment, Revenues for Fall 2004

3.       WASC Communications and Responsibilities

4.       CCSSE Review and Implications for College Decisions

5.       Advancing our Mission -  Strategic Plan Action Committee Next Steps

6.       IPEDS, Peer Institution, NCHEMS Preparation

7.       Banner Status

8.       Kaahumanu Shopping Center Status

9.       Lanai Education Center CIP

10.   MLP Proposal for Sustainable Living Institute

11.   Web Master Supervision/Organizational Structure

12.   Other followup Items


Monday, September 13, 2004

8:30 a.m.,  Ka Lama 102



Present:        Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Margaret Christensen, Jill Fitzpatrick, Kathryn Fletcher, Sharane Gomes for Vaughn Baker, Pam Hoopii, Michele Katsutani for Alvin Tagomori, Robyn Klein, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Jeannie Pezzoli, Kiope Raymond, Suzette Robinson, Frances Segundo, David Tamanaha, Dorothy Tolliver



Resident enrollment is at 2846, non-resident at 137 with two non-resident appeals occurring.  Total enrollment is 3012.


Chancellors are speaking with the President regarding non-resident determination.  Non-resident conversions will not be automatic; we are looking at a more restrictive approach.  Students requesting residency status will need to provide evidence putting student physically in Hawaii prior to registering, e.g. having registered to vote, a Hawai`i driverís license, and/or a place of residence for one year prior to residency.  Other statesí criteria under review.


WASC Communication

After some concern over publicity language which has been clarified, we are now on track.  Next step is payment of $6,000 invoice for candidacy.  After payment is made, we will be receiving a packet of instructions.  A joint visit will occur on March 15, 16, 17, 2005. 


Suzette will review initial draft of press release.


CCSSE Review

Jeannie distributed and reviewed CCSSE review information.  Though we ranked very high, we need to look at areas that fell below the average, e.g. financial aid response, computing services.   We also need to look at what practices MCC could improve.


Margaret Christensen will mount the CCSSE report on our website.  Members were asked to view the website and come to the next meeting prepared for an exercise.  Unit chairs were asked to take information back to their respective groups and bring suggestions/ideas to the next Executive Committee meeting.  Jeannie will check on the definitions of full-time and part-time student. 



David Tamanaha reported that revenues were at $1,374,000; our target was $1,329,000.  Our target for Spring is $1,380,000.  Michele Katsutani will check with financial aid on tuition waivers and scholarship strategies.  We probably wonít get assessed for systemwide marketing.  Campuses are now being assessed Banner support cost that was being paid out of the central Chancellorís office.  There may still be a Governorís restriction (efficiency reserve).


We may experience some relief in Banner cost.  UH Manoa contribution will be forthcoming and President may be giving money as well.  We may want to make some contribution to accelerate payment and registration application on line.  Michele will check to see how many students have registered on the web versus here on campus.



David distributed copies of the first draft of the LRDP site plans.  This is a 10-year plan.  Adjustments may be made down the line.  The plan is based on a 5,000 FTE student enrollment.  Changes will be made due to distance education and outreach. The Science building is our next priority as well as additional student housing.  Fine Arts, Performing Arts may follow.


Members were asked to take a good look at phase 1 and unit chairs were asked to share with faculty.  Forward any comments to David or Clyde.  Phase 1 might be happening in the next six to eight years.


Kaahumanu Center

After meeting with Joey Char, Kaahumanu Center Manager, it has been determined that having a storefront on a continuous basis is not a profit making endeavor; it would be difficult for MCC to keep a constant inventory.  We are now looking at having two weekend events which will be MCC focused.  One weekend experience will be in the Fall and one in the Spring.  MCC programs will be highlighted.  Programs will have an opportunity to showcase their products for two weeks.  Customers will be able to purchase these products.  We are currently looking at the ERA office on the second floor towards the parking area as a possible space for MCCís use.  Weekend experiences are planned for the last two weeks in April and November with hopes of having the first weekend experience this coming November.  ERA will need a minimum of 60-days notice to move out.


MCC will be able to set up the storefront as a gallery where we could display student artwork.  The County store in the Maui Mall is another opportunity to display and sell student products.


Robyn has developed a draft of a business plan.  She will forward a copy to Clyde.  David Tamanaha will check with Joey Char on insurance requirements.


Lana`i Education Center

Lana`i is developing a P-20 complex master plan where anything related to education will be in one spot.  Suzette shared a diagram of the proposed development.  MCC will have a space of 1800 sq. ft. and sharing another 2000 sq. ft. which is the present administration building.  MCC will also be able to use other facilities after 3:00 p.m. when DOE closes for the day.  Alternative scenario suggested that would allow MCC to expand. 


Maui Land and Pine Proposal

Ann Emmsley described the BS in Sustainable Systems program.  Copies of the PowerPoint presentation will be forwarded to Colleen for distribution. 


Webmaster Supervision

The Webmaster position will be under the supervision of the Director of Administrative Services. An advisory group may also be formed.



Dan Kruse announced that Acting President David McClain met with the All Campus Council for Academic Senate Chairs.  Four items were discussed.

1.     Curriculum:  There are two new initiatives; doctoral programs in Pharmacology and Hawaiian Language both at UH Hilo.

2.     Reorganization:  Acting President David McClain will be eliminating the Vice President of International Affairs office and the Chief of Staff and Vice President for External Affairs positions.  Sam Callejo will then become the Vice President for Administration.  This will amount to approximately four hundred thousand dollars in savings.

3.     Biennium Budget: There are three additions that were not in the original plans; a building for Performing Arts, money for internal auditors and for the medical school for the next two years.

4.     Process is being created where All Campus Council for Academic Senate Chairs will be used for consultation.  Senate Chairs will take information from the All Campus Council to campus to get feedback.