Friday, August 14, 2003

Ka Lama 102, 8:30 a.m.



PRESENT:    Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Eric Arquero, Kathryn Fletcher, Sharane Gomes for Vaughn Baker, Michele Katsutani for Alvin Tagomori, Robyn Klein, Bev Lashley, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Wallette Pellegrino, Jeannie Pezzoli, Paul Levinson, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, David Tamanaha, flo wiger


EXCUSED:   Patricia Adams, Marvin Tengan


ABSENT:      Marge Kelm


Members introduced themselves to ASMCC representative Eric Arquero.


DCCA Hearing:

A DCCA public hearing was held on Tuesday, August 12, 2003.  We have until September to give written commentary on DCCA plan to establish a dedicated channel for education.  The University as a system is giving public testimony to DCCA relative to a dedicated channel for education for the whole state.  


Legislative Visit:

The Legislative site visit held on August 13, 2003 went very well.  Legislators and new Board members were apprised of MCC’s needs and limitations.



David Tamanaha distributed the latest budget information and summarized revisions.  David will clarify Banner System Assessment costs.   We will not know until probably the end of the 1st quarter what the financial picture will look like.   Department heads/unit chairs  should work with flo and Suzette to try and fund requirements for 1st quarter.  


flo and Suzette are working with Rural Development on the development of  a commercial enterprise funding plan for the Culinary Arts program.  We need to look at other opportunities to generate resources using RDP funds.


Other suggestions to reduce costs:

·         Have administrators teach a class

·         Have unit chairs teach an additional class

·         Reduce photocopying costs by sending class materials to Kinkos for copying.  Pharos, pay for print, will be in place sometime in fall ’03. 

·         Faculty and staff need to be encouraged to use email as means of communication.

·         Look at how facilitating services funds can contribute to support operational costs.


Administrators will need to prioritize re-establishment of reductions if monies become available.   It was expressed that the $24,000 in equipment costs for the Media Center be considered as a priority.


It was noted that now that some positions have been reduced we should have a common understanding that services will be reduced and/or changed and that we all need to be patient.    Faculty and administrators should be reminded that the level of service we were accustomed to will be affected and that we should all share in the responsibility of these decisions.  This should be mentioned at our opening session.


It was also noted that we have a temporary moratorium on all g-funded non-instructional positions.  All g-funded positions need to get clearance from Clyde except for the Assistant Vice Chancellor position.




Interviews were conducted for the Institutional Advancement Officer position.  A selection has not been made.  The committee is talking with references.  They may also be looking at other candidates who were not interviewed or possibly re-advertising the position.



College Opening:

A complete breakfast will be held at 8:15 a.m.   We will start with the blessing before breakfast.  Colleen will ask Revered Newton to arrive at 8:00 a.m.  Colleen will get maile leis for the door.  Unit chairs were asked to bring leis for their new faculty and staff.  Steve Williams will be recognized for his leadership in the Provost’s Golf Tournament.  Suzette Robinson, Dan Kruse, and Marge Kelm will lead the strategic plan activity.


Reports of Deans and Directors:

David Tamanaha:  Received letter from Wick Sloane delegating all Human Resources responsibilities to the campuses.  David proposed that the authority be delegated down to the campus but that the staff support remain at the system level.  Debbi Brown will be invited to attend our next meeting to identify what kinds of support we want the system office to provide.


A Board action memo was submitted to execute a 45-year lease for the Molokai Ag Farm.  The request will be on the October Board meeting agenda.


flo wiger:  CAO’s discussed the distribution of services and resources vis-a-vis distance education, University centers.  Also discussed the concept of revenue sharing and services to students.  She noted that this needs to be a system responsibility.


Suzette Robinson:   We need to have a discussion with Unit Chairs and faculty on 5/4.  There may be a completion mechanism put in place and there can be some accountability.  We can use the same mechanism and procedures as in the past.  Clyde noted that CC Chancellors will be getting together with JN Musto on September 3 to clarify.   He will be sharing information with flo and Suzette.


Michele Katsutani:  Darlene Dockman is coming to campus on Wednesday, August 19, 9:30 a.m. to conduct the final meeting on the compliance review.


Sharane Gomes:  The new OCET brochures are out.  We are streamlining this semester and looking for ways to get more efficient and to lower costs.  OCET made some cost saving measures that should be affecting us later this year.  The programs have become more efficient and more effective.  OCET will continue to look at staff situations.


Chancellors’ Meeting Report:

Information related to the Council of Chancellors’ meetings are on the UH website. 


The Chancellors are having a great deal of discussion on what their relationship will be with larger system and with campuses. 


New Board of Regents policy:  Requests for Board action must be submitted to the Board at least six weeks prior to the Board meeting.


Accreditation Report:  David McClain is checking to see who from the Board will be signing the Accreditation Mid-term Report and when they will be signed.


EEO Reminder:  We need to communicate to everyone that sexual harassment is not the intent or lack of intent, it is what is experienced by the person who encounters that kind of experience.


E/M Positions:  The President made a commitment to the Board of Regents that there will be no more than 208 Executive/Managerial positions.  There are five positions that are left open.


Status Report of ACCJC:  Exchanges continue to occur.   Connected with MCC’s request for approval to establish a 4-year degree program is the system-wide organization efforts.  The UH system submitted a report on its reorganization on August 1, 2003.  Major concerns:  Allocations to cc’s based on performance indicators.  All these data will affect what system rationale for allocation will be.  Program Reviews: expectations, educational effectiveness, learner outcome will be focus.


Articulation Status Report:  Having constructive system conversation on the articulation process.   Revision of  policy E2.059 is taking a while.


Banner:  We have been asked to make a contribution of either positions or resources to Banner.   We need to understand more clearly what tuition differential will be like and what has been occurring in Banner.  A committee of David, flo Alvin, Paula Purdy, Flora Mora, Kris Shibano, and Unit Chairs will meet to discuss.  flo will pass on information she received from David Lassner.


Alternate Energy Proposals:

Issuing RFP for some of the requirements we may be undertaking with MECO.  MECO has stepped forward to help us with alternative energy relationship.  We need to identify an academic person to be a representative on the energy committee.   The committee will be looking at all issues.



The campus smoking policy will be handed out at our opening session.  The committee is still trying to identify resources for physical pieces.  They have designated where smoking is appropriate.  Faculty/staff need to be role models. 




Work Study for UH Manoa Students Attending MCC:

We need to have a discussion to look at how a UH Manoa student taking classes at Maui Community College can qualify to work at MCC as a student assistant under college work study.   This is a policy issue.  We need identify those kinds of positions and work with Peter Englert to look at ways to establish those kinds of working relationships.



It was recommended that Steve George work with system to address SPAM problem.


Next meeting:  Coffee Catch Up, August 22, 8:30 a.m., Pa`ina

                       Executive Committee Mtg., September 3, 8:30 a.m., Laulima 225