Attendees:  Clyde Sakamoto, flo wiger, Suzette Robinson, David Tamanaha, Alvin Tagomori, Karen Muraoka, Pat Adams, Diane Meyer, Bev Lashley, Paul Levinson, Robyn Klein, Jeannie Pezzoli, Mike Albert, Sharane Gomes.  Notes taken by Marilyn Fornwall.


1.           Budget Updates: admins – We are working on the Governor’s reductions and we need to trim another $212 from the budget.  We will make every effort not to cut core classes. 

Priorities for funding? Decision making process? 

Preparation for supplemental: # number of classes Fall to Fall, Spring to Spring

            Srategies for Access - Justification was assigned to the administrators to prepare by 12:00 July 17, 2003. 


2.      Paina Blessing: Thursday Morning – deferred until Early August


3.      Notice of Channel Change; DCCA(Dept. of Commerce & Consumer affairs) MCC Implications – It would be beneficial to attend the public hearings on August 12th.  Flo was asked to work with Mike & Kate and present a powerpoint presentation on August 1 as to what will be presented at the public hearing. 


4.      Admin Decision Making Process: one Executive Committee Meeting? – We will combine the committees and move the meetings to the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month (working around the Board of Regents meetings).  The next meeting is August 1st at 2:00 in Kalama 102.


5.      Dennis Jones Presentation/Chancellor's Workshop – Jeannie was asked to look at some of our figures as MCC came in last as needing least support and on state support it shows us as needing most and receiving least.


6.            Housing developments: Mayor support, Affiliated Student Housing.   – We received a favorable response from the Mayor and we forwarded letter of request to Maui Co.  Mike Foley will work with us.  Affiliated student housing is being looked at but is very expensive on Maui and we need to hire a staff person to monitor drinking of minors.

Possibility, Letter to Mayor


7.     Calendar of Upcoming Events

Paina Blessing - July 17th, Opening - August 18th (in conjunction with the first day for staff), Dedication - Sept 4th (with the BOR),

Grand Opening - TBA

        WGBH Application July 31 – Public TV channel in Boston

        Boeing Application July 31 – Being worked on by the UH Foundation

        RDP Report Senator Inouye Visit - 2pm, August 11, - Time has been changed to 3:00

        Legislative Visit August 13 at 9am-2pm

        First Day Schedule Aug 18 – plans need to be made about first day schedule.


8.     Supplemental Budget CIP Prep

        Student Center – initial response was no but it may go through now.

        Science Building – may be supported by design funds.

        Oral Care Center – on grant funding but Dr. Mayeda has offered to help us.


9.      Other items – We are working with President Dobelle on the funding of Suzette’s position.  Leeward has a similar reorganization as us and they are sending us information.