Friday, November 7, 2003

8: 30 a.m., Ka Lama 102



PRESENT:     Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Scott Broadbent, Kathryn Fletcher, Vaughn Baker, Robyn Klein, Mike Albert, Paul Levinson, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Wallette Pellegrino, Jeannie Pezzoli, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, flo wiger, Alvin Tagomori, Steve George, Angela Gannon


ABSENT:        Marge Kelm, Bev Lashley      




It was proposed that the Student Activity Fee would begin in the Spring Semester, effective for the Kahului campus only.  Cost is $5 per 2 credits up to $15 maximum.



The current discussion is on alternate energy options, looking at windmills as a campus source of energy.  The estimated size of the space needed to accommodate the windmill(s) is 5,000 square feet.  The specifications and standards still need to be discussed and planned.  These specifications will include fencing, security and safety issues, noise requirements and levels and location. 



FY 2005 Supplemental Operating Budget

David began by distributing the FY 2005 Supplemental Operating Budget for Community College’s memo received from Mike Unebasami.  David reported that Maui’s portion of the Community College teaching load reduction request was $62,190.  He pointed out the first sheet summarizing all the community college’s items.  He pointed out that Maui’s requests were #4 Applied Business and Information Technology (ABIT) and #6 New Program Expansion – Workforce Development Programs.  Each item on the Supplemental Budget needed to fall within the governor’s high priority directives of which the University interpreted as being economic development.  As of this meeting it was discovered that both items were not approved by Budget and Finance and are in an appeal process.  David mentioned that the Supplemental Budget process requires a quick turn around from the campus.  Original supplemental budget requests are submitted early on and fine tuned with direction from the System office.  With Board of Regents approval it goes on to the Legislators.  Clyde noted that the Board of Regents did approve our submissions and there was a great deal of discussions around the Board need for more budget details for all proposals.


Maui CC has two CIP items on the list, which were #2 Fire Safety Code Compliance System wide and #7 Student Center (Building Q) renovation.  The focus this year for CIP projects was critical health and safety needs.


Workman’s Compensation

David distributed the Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment Insurance Payroll Changes memo received from Wick Sloane.  The memo lists Maui CC’s allocation amount as $39,863.


As of October 1 the Workman’s Compensation cost for Maui CC was $31,479.  This amount at a 12-month projection is $94,737, less the allocated amount of $39,863 leaves projected shortfall balance of  $54,574. 


Question arose about what steps were being taken by the Risk Management Office to deal with the high insurance and workman’s comp costs.  David explained that the Risk Management office has AON insurance company in cooperation with the Environmental Health and Safety Office conducting campus workshops system-wide such as Accident investigation, safe lifting practices, Ergonomics etc.  


Inquiry into possibly conducting workshops to help prevent stress management.  David mentioned that Maui’s cost portion coincidentally reflects Maui having an ongoing share which in some years is less and in other years more than the workers’ comp claims.  This year’s claims are higher due to greater number of incidents.  Suzette asked if groups have identified in order to work on maximizing safety and minimizing costs. 


Faculty Reduction In Workload 5 To 4

Systems office allocated $885,000 to the Community Colleges in order to cover the fill behind costs of hiring lecturers for the Faculty Reduction in Workload.  Estimated costs are approximately $500,000.  The method to distribute these funds has not been specified yet, however, it will be important for us to be able to substantiate and justify the amount with actual data generated from this coming Spring semester.  Also mentioned that the balance would be allocated to funding campus Native Hawaiian programs.


Noted that it would be extremely difficult to count each replacement costs due to the amount of non-traditional classes that Maui CC offers.  Also commented that there is a significant number of courses that are more than 3 credits.


Need to look at courses that we would have taught or filled behind in this past semester in order to clearly show our actual needs are.  The consensus is that because of budget constraints this current Fall semester course offerings fell extremely low to the point of lowerng enrollment.  Course offerings need to be brought back up to past levels. 


Agreed that we need to look at bringing the course offerings back up to acceptable levels.  Clyde stated that he would present appeals to both Sam and the President that restore lecturer funds that resulted from an initial campus deficit.  Additionally must explain that lack of resources required cuts Fall ’03 classes in anticipation of the up and coming budget shortfalls from the 5 to 4 contract implementation in Spring ’04.


Kathy inquired into the Native Hawaiian Program funding hoping to add native Hawaiian studies classes to the Spring Semester schedule.


Suzette will begin with the Faculty Reduction 5 to 4 list and Kathy will add Hawaiian Studies classes.  flo will work with Suzette in finalizing the list to increase the Spring course offerings back to “normal”.


Operating Budget

The Campus Operating Budget sheet was next distributed and discussed.  David pointed adding the Shortfall for Workers Comp and the Error in calculating Converse one more moth salary which brings the total projected carry-over balance to $293,469, less the $100,000 contingency reserve is $193,469.


This amount $193,469 less the $129,660 previously restored leaves a balance of $63,809 of which this committee has to work with.




Restoration List


Academic Senate Budget Recommendations

1.      Federal Work Study Student                                  $27,000

2.      TLC (fill behind) Converse                                        26,977                                

3.      Media (M. Albert)                                                       21,392

4.      Media Supplies                                                          10,000

5.      Debbie Nakama Student Help                                    7,000

6.      TLC tutors                                                                   2,000

      Total:                                                                       $94,369


Administrative Services Recommendations

1.      Administrative Officer (Business Office)                $21,392

2.      Personnel Officer                                                      21,392

3.      Mailroom Clerk                                                          16,701

4.      Janitor (Pa`ina)                                                         14,393

5.      IT Specialist                                                              22,119

6.      Student Help Support                                                14,300

7.      O&M Equipment                                                       90,000

      Total:                                                                     $200,297


Student Services Recommendations

1.      Student Housing                                                     $12,000

2.      Federal Work Study                                                  27,000

3.      Administrative Officer (Business Office)                  20,032

      Total:                                                                       $59,032


Academic Support Recommendations

1.      Federal Work Study                                                $27,000

2.      TLC (fill behind) Converse                                        25,000

3.      Media (M. Albert)                                                       20,000

4.      Media Supplies                                                          10,000

5.      Debbie Nakama Student Help                                    7,000

6.      TLC tutors 2,000

7.      Library Funds                                                            16,000

      Total:         $82,000                                                             



Restoration Remaining Balance:                             $63,809



1.   Federal Work Study                                                $27,000

2.   Administrative Officer (Business Office)                  21,392

3.   Debbie Nakama Student Help                                    7,000

      Total:         $55,392


Balance Remaining:                                                     $8,417        






Alvin mentioned that yesterday morning a Banner meeting was held on campus.  There is a proposal that there will be a temporary allocation of $50-60,000 from facilitating services to support the banner system on campus.  There are five areas needing support.  These areas are fiscal, financial aid, admissions and records (Student Services), instructional, and information technology.  Alvin stated that just to get the group started they demised to divide the projected $50-60,000 figure creating a total of $10-12,000 for each area. 


flo inquired as to what ever happened to the System providing support for the banner system on our campus.  Alvin stated that the support would come in the form of either money or positions located in the systems office.


Clyde mentioned the desirability of producing our own campus experts for our faculty/staff support.  The best use of support may be to strengthen our campus staff with Banner skills to keep up with opportunities and share expertise with system rather than simply providing funds or staff for the systems office to hire.  For example:  data currently needed by the Banner system in order to generate reports and IT could use more student help to assist in this area.


Vacancy Report

David noted that vacancy dates are too long, permanent counts could be reallocated to where they are needed filling permanent needs.  Funds for these positions could result from careful data analysis.  Converting temporary into fulltime positions could result in shortage of lecturer funds and underloaded fulltime faculty.   Suzette needs to have discussions exploring our options and resources.



Clyde stated that all other agenda items will be deferred to the next meeting.


10:20 a.m.