Friday, January 23, 2004

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


Present:              Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Vaughn Baker, Scott Broadbent, Kathryn Fletcher, Steve George, Bev Lashley, Dan Kruse for Marge Kelm, Robyn Klein, Bev Lashley, Paul Levinson, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Wallette Pellegrino, Kiope Raymond, Suzette Robinson, Alvin Tagomori, flo wiger, Cindy Yamamoto for David Tamanaha

Not Present:    Eric Arquero, Marvin Tengan

Guest:             Lisa Correa



1.Review of Previous EC Meeting Evaluations

A summary of previous evaluations of the Executive Committee meetings was distributed and reviewed.  Noted that committee effectiveness is determined by the roles and responsibilities of the representatives and effective communication with represented groups. 


Alvin Tagomori will check with Elena on the status of a student representative.


Executive Committee minutes are available at http://www2.hawaii.edu/~cdteixei/.   Colleen will email web address to campus.



Seven representatives will be attending the American Association of Higher Education’s Building Learner-Centered Institutions: Developing Institutional Strategies for Assessing and Improving Student Learning conference.  Representatives include Pat Adams, WASC self-study chairperson; Diane Meyer, WASC Accreditation Liaison Officer; Jeannie Pezzoli, Institutional Researcher; Suzette Robinson, Acting Chief Academic Officer; Catherine Thompson, Co-Chair of Academic Assessment and Chair of the Liberal Arts Assessment Committee; Lynn Yankowski, Chair of the Campus-wide Assessment and Co-Chair of the Academic Assessment Committees; Clyde Sakamoto, Chancellor. 


3.   ABIT Update

Working with Richard Winn of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges’ Sr. Commission to apply for accreditation eligibility.  Will be remitting $5,000 fee for our eligibility application review.  Our substantive change request has been approved by the Jr. Commission; the baccalaureate has not yet been approved by the Sr. Commission.


The BCDT committee will help develop a draft announcement  to respond to student questions regarding the ABIT program.   We will ask Richard Winn to review the draft before announcements are made.


4.Beginning of Semester Issues


Enrollment::  Enrollment count as of January 23, 2004 is 2749, approximately 122 down from last year at this time and 242 down from Fall enrollment of 3001…possibly due to students seeking expanding employment opportunities.


   Bookstore:   The Bookstore does not always order as many books as the enrollment cap for classes. This results in a shortage of books in some classes.   Past experience has shown that students drop out of classes and the Bookstore is left with unsold books.  A meeting with Francine DeKom, Bookstore Manager, CAO and Unit Chairs will be scheduled to explore different options for students, e.g. purchasing books through AMAZON.com where the cost is cheaper and books are shipped directly to the student.


   Swipe Cards:  Dan Kruse reported that staff who are in the Ka Lama building are unable to get into their rooms using their swipe cards.  Problems occurred after the electricity went out.  Cindy will inform David Tamanaha of the problem.


   Emergency Procedures:  Need to look at how we get information out to folks in emergency situations.   David Tamanaha is updating emergency procedures.  Binders and flip charts are being updated.


5.Disabilities Update:  Lisa Correa

A presentation to provide the findings of an 18-month collection of data on the needs of students with psychiatric disabilities will be held on February 13, 2004 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  This workshop is primarily for stakeholders to look at developing an action plan for reducing barriers on campus.  


Suggested community participants are the Department of Vocational Rehab, the Adult Mental Health Center, Kokua Services, the DOE Special Ed person, and Michael Rim.  Campus participants suggested were  Lynn Yankowski, BK Griesemer, Lee Stein, Cynthia Carey, Rosemary Perreira, and Colleen Tester.   Faculty resistant to helping students with psychiatric disabilities should also be encouraged to attend..  


The February 13 coffee catch up was cancelled so interested Executive Committee members could attend the disabilities workshop.  Interested members should inform Lisa Correa.


6.Graduate and Leavers Survey

Discussion on the graduate and leavers survey was tabled to the next meeting.


7.Follow-up on Lecturer Resources for Spring ‘04

Jeannie Pezzoli has met with David Tamanaha and is developing a spreadsheet identifying lecturer costs.


8.Reorg-Campus and Admin and Strategic Plan presentation schedule to BOR – April at HCC

Our administrative reorganization needs to be finalized in the next month to present to the Board during their April meeting.  Our Strategic Plan and biennium budget directions will also be presented.   Feedback from our Shared Governance Retreat will be included.


Also need to look at where we are with our campus reorganization.  We have been operating on a provisional basis for approximately three years.  An assessment on the reorganization was completed and forwarded to the Academic Senate.  Dan Kruse will check with Marge Kelm on the Academic Senate’s response to the assessment.  A process needs to be developed so we can come to some resolution. 


The Board of Regents approved the temporary assignment of flo wiger to UH West Oahu starting February 1, 2004.  The assignment will be for six to eighteen months.


Clyde is working with David McClain on request to appoint Suzette Robinson Acting Chief Academic Officer.


The Academic Senate passed a resolution stating that Suzette Robinson should have a lot of say in who she would be working with.


9.Preparation for Shared Governance Retreat

The shared governance retreat will be held on January 30, 2004 in Pa`ina.  It will be a non-instructional day.  The Library will still be opened to serve students.


The retreat will start with a continental breakfast beginning at 8:30 a.m. and will cover Accreditation Standards, the Strategic Plan, Assessment, and budget priorities.


Door prizes are also being solicited. 


10.  ORS Position for Grants Specialist


   ORS is supporting a grant specialist position to provide ongoing grant development support to principal investigators.  The position will report to ORS and will support Maui Community College at 90% time and Kauai Community College at 10% time.


11.         Ho`olaulea

   The Ho`olaulea will be held on March 14, 2004 and will benefit Manao Radio, Faculty/Staff Development, and Student Leadership.  We are hoping to enlist all our college community to participate.  Telethon contributions will also be included.


   Phi Theta Kappa will have a dunking booth.  Clyde agreed to sit in the dunking booth.


   Diane Meyer requested a list of contacts for prizes.  Scott Broadbent will ask Mariyn Fornwall to forward the list to Diane.


12. Executive Committee Schedule

A suggestion was made to move the Executive Committee meetings to the 2nd and 4th Fridays to avoid conflicts with the Board of Regents meetings.  A draft schedule was distributed to committee members.  Members were asked to review the schedule and submit any comments to Colleen.


13.  Announcements

Registration for Fall and Summer will begin on the same day, April 12.  The Banner system will be down during the spring break.


Paragon Air is a less expensive alternative for those traveling to Lanai.  Round trip on Aloha Airlines is $280.  Round trip on Paragon Air is $134.  Reservations can be made on line.


Governor Linda Lingle will be on campus on January 29, 2004 in Pa`ina on her way to a Chamber of Commerce meeting.


NSF National Center of Excellence for High Performance Computing is conducting a search for a national project director and four regional directors, one for Maui Community College. 


A community meeting on the proposed windmill will be held on Thursday, January 29 at 6:30 in Pa`ina. 


The Chancellor’s Advisory Council’s new members are Del Adlawan, scholarship donor; Sue Bendon faculty donor; David Cole, Maui Land & Pine; Steve Williams, First Hawaiian Bank; Steve Holaday, HC&S and A&B Foundation Committee; Leona Rocha Wilson, scholarship donor; Ann Takabuki, Wailea Golf Course; and Bob Lloyd, Wailea Community Foundation.  The Council will focus on guiding and supporting the college including fundraising.  An orientation will be held for new members.  The first full meeting will be held in February.


   A meeting with new Maui Regent James Haynes still needs to be scheduled.


   The Webmaster position is being described.


   We have a mold problem on campus.  David Tamanaha is scheduling mold clean up during spring break.