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The Journal of Chinese Philosophy was founded 23 years ago with the intent of establishing an organ for the publication of serious studies in Chinese philosophy and for the development and cultivation of that philosophy as a workable area for contemporary philosophical thinking. Many of the papers published reflect the results of serious work in Chinese philosophy while others have laid down new paths and directions for philosophical research.

The journal encourages both critical and creative work. It also invites significant comparative studies involving Chinese and non-Chinese points of view for the promotion of interculture philosophical understanding. Therefore, the journal is not only a source for insights into the form and substance of Chinese philosophy, but also a forum for Chinese-Western philosophical dialogue.

Subjects of papers published so far include Classical Chinese Philosophy, Neo-Taoism, Chinese Buddhism, Neo-Confucianism and Chinese Philosophy in the Twentieth Century, covering specific areas as Chinese Metaphyics, Chinese Aesthetics, Chinese Ethics, and Chinese Social-Political Philosophy. Symposium issues have been published on such themes as Chinese Logic and Chinese Philosophy of language, Chinese Aesthetics, Chinese Philosophy of Literature, Philosophy of Ch'an Buddhism, Justice East and West, and Studies in Taoist Philosophy, Philosophy of Feng Yu-lan.

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