The Center for

Cognitive Behavior Therapy:

Eating Disorders Clinic


About Us:

The CCBT is staffed by individuals from the Clinical Psychology Program at UH including graduate students in the M.A and Ph.D. programs.  All members are supervised by Dr. Kelly Vitousek, the program director.

Dr. Vitousek has been involved in the treatment of and research on eating disorders for nearly 30 years.  She has been a consultant, trainer, and therapist in eating disorder programs at several different universities and treatment facilities.  Dr. Vitousek has also presented numerous workshops and papers at international conferences on eating disorders and is widely recognized for her expertise in the area

Staff members who see clients through the CCBT have typically completed at least two years of graduate work in clinical psychology, including specialized training in the nature and treatment of eating disorders.

Kelly Vitousek, Ph.D.

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