Joseph H. Campos II, Ph.D.


Associate Graduate Faculty

Departments of Political Science,

Honors,and Peace Institue

University of Hawai`i, Manoa


Teaching the political and bringing the political to life in the classroom are my primary pedagogic goals for teaching and learning.  I feel political science courses should facilitate students’ understanding of basic principles of inquiry and analysis.  Thus, my courses focus on established concepts, issues, and theories while providing students working knowledge of, and the epistemological tools to, explore new concepts in world politics.  My courses also strive to help students gain confidence in their own academic abilities and competencies; as well as gain an understanding through he use of multi-media, computer enhanced activities, and encouragement of independent research.  This to me is the most important goal of my courses, as I want students to take aspects of critical thinking and be able to apply them in various fields of study and research.  Part of this is accomplished by having students learn to embrace risks in thinking, thereby proactively politicizing our knowledge bases and the global cultural and political environment.
Taught Courses:

UHM-Department of Political Science
110 – Introduction to Political Science
333 – Advanced Topics in Global Politics, The Politics of (in)Security  
404 – Senior Honors Thesis

UHM-Matsunaga Peace Institute
413 – Terrorism
399 – Directed Research

UHM-Honors Program
498 – Major Scholarship Preparation