Joseph H. Campos II, Ph.D.


Associate Graduate Faculty

Departments of Political Science,

Honors,and Peace Institue

University of Hawai`i, Manoa

Publications & Presentations


The State and Terrorism: National Security and the Mobilization of Power Ashgate Publishing, United Kingdom, August 2007  

“Joseph Campos locates his work in the nexus of critical state theory, theories of security, and terrorism, specifically focusing on the appropriations of terrorism and terror events in national security discourse and statecraft. He pushes the limits of security theory in ways attentive to the imperatives of contemporary political times and the shifting conceptualizations and practices of international security and global terrorism.”
Nevzat Soguk, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

“It a time when there is a growth industry of mundane books treating terrorism in a global age, Joseph Campos' book stands out for its intellectual rigor, conceptual power and political sophistication.”
Michael J. Shapiro, University of Hawaii, USA

“Focusing on how state apparatuses and on how Presidential discourse in particular have fashioned the discourse of terrorism to sustain state authority, this book demonstrates how the Manichean discourse of terror has been constructed. In the welter of new security discourse surrounding "terror" and the growth of new international industries and alliances revolving around a manifold discourse of terror, Campos contributes his own distinctive voice to the critical interrogation of that discourse.”
Michael Dillon, Lancaster University, UK

“This book is well thought out…Recommended.”  Choice

“…Campos achieves an effective and compelling argument for the legitimacy of the state-as-actor, and the manner in which that political unit continues to preserve its unique and historical status in an ever-globalizing and troubled world.”  e-Extreme

Modern and Historical Definitional Variations on Terrorism  (Plenary Speaker) Manchester, United Kingdom. Early Modern Terrorism Conference: November 2005

Democracy on the Periphery: An Appropriate Challenge to Western Notions of Democracy Rio de Janerio, Brazil. International Studies Association – ISA Brazilian International Relations Association – ABRI Joint International Meeting: July 2009

Whose Democracy?: The National Security State, Promotion of Democracy, and International Relations London, United Kingdom. LSE Millennium Annual Conference: October 2008

Power and Language in the Formation of Knowledge San Francisco, California.  International Studies Association Annual Conference: March 2008  

Immigration & National Security: Politicizing the Body San Diego, California.  Western Political Science Association: March 2008  

Peace, Security, and Virtue: The National Security State and Global Interpenetration. London, United Kingdom. LSE Millennium Annual Conference: October 2007

The International Myth:  De-privileging the State in the Post 9-11 Environment Chicago, Illinois.  International Studies Association Annual Conference: March 2007  

Kingdom of Conscience: Maintaining Terrorism’s Relevance in U.S. Discourse of Fear and Moral Authority San Diego, California.  International Studies Association Annual Conference: March 2006

The Aesthetics of Fear in Terrorism and the Production of a Banality of Virtue London, United Kingdom. LSE Millennium Annual Conference: October 2005

The State in a Time of Terror:  Enforcing the State through Security Istanbul, Turkey. First Global International Studies Conference : August 2005

The Trappings of Legitimacy:  Does Terrorism Enhance or Challenge the State? Honolulu, Hawaii.  International Studies Association Annual Conference:: March 2005

Language, Knowledge, and Power in the Name of the State:  National Security Discourse’s Appropriation of Terrorism. Montreal, Canada.  International Studies Association Annual Conference: March 2004

Terrorism and Security. Honolulu, Hawai‘i, Pearl Harbor Shipyard: July 2009

Terrorism, Security, and the Culture of Fear. Honolulu, Hawai‘i.  Civilian Airforce Advisory Council: August 2005

Terrorism:  The Framing of the Act and the Actor through National Security Discourse. Honolulu, Hawai‘i.  Hawai‘i Counselar Corp:  July 2005