Some Examples of Dominant and Recessive Traits in Selected Domestic Animals
From: Genetics of Domestic Animals - Charles E. Stufflebeam
Species Dominant Trait Recessive Trait
Cattle Black Hair Coat Red Hair Coat
Polled Horns
White Face Solid Color
Solid Color Irregular white spotting
Red Yellow
Cloven Hooves Mule feet
Chickens Rose Comb Single Comb
White Skin Yellow Skin
Dominant White Color
Colored Feathers Recessive White
Pea Comb Single Comb
Feathered Shanks Clean Shanks
Black Feathers Red Feathers
Horses Black Hair Coat Chestnut or Sorrel
Bay Nonbay (Black)
Chestnut mane and tail Flaxen mane and tail
Smooth Hair Curly Hair
Sheep Hairy Fleece Wooly Fleece
White Wool Black Wool
Brown Eyes Blue Eyes
Swine Black Hair (Hampshires) Red Hair
White Belt No Belt
Erect Ears Drooping Ears
Mule Foot Cloven Hoof
Dogs Wire Hair Smooth Hair
Black Hair Liver Color
Red Hair Yellow Hair
Solid Color White Spotting
Cats Short Hair Long Hair
Black Hair Brown Hair
Agouti (wild color) Nonagouti
Color White