Mission & By-Laws
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The BSW Student Service Organization enhances awareness of social work principles
to positively impact on the micro, mezzo, and macro levels through advocacy,
service projects, mentorship and family-oriented activities.


Article I

The objectives and general purpose of the organization shall be:
  1. To create a sense of community among BSW students and the staff of the UHM School of Social Work through social/recreational gatherings.
  2. To provide BSW students the opportunity for development through interface with professional practitioners in the Social Work professional community through workshops and seminars.
  3. To provide BSW students the opportunity to participate in service projects which will benefit the greater community through organized activities.
  4. To enhance the educational experience of BSW students by providing voluntary peer academic support.

Article II

Section 1.  MEMBERSHIP: All BSW students are automatically eligible.  Those not in the BSW program may join the organization.

Section 2.  PRIVILEGE:  All members shall have the privilege to vote but only BSW students may hold office.

Article III
Executive Committee

The officers of this organization shall consist of:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Committees’ Liaison.  These officers comprise the Executive Committee.

Section 1.  Duties of Officers

1a. THE PRESIDENT:  The president shall serve as the chief executive officers.  The president shall be present and preside at all meetings of this organization.  In conjunction with the vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and committee chairperson, the president shall call special meetings as deemed necessary, and shall serve as the official representative of the organization at special functions and meetings, etc. 

1b. THE VICE-PRESIDENT:  The vice-president shall come from the School of Social Work Junior BSW class.  The vice-president shall assist the president in the performance of his/her duties.  In case of a vacancy in the office of the president and whenever the president is absent or incapacitated, assume the presidential powers for duties for he duration of such vacancy, absence or incapacity.  The vice-president shall be the liaison with the University of Hawaii Committee (ASUH).

1c.  THE SECRETARY:  The secretary shall be responsible for the proper maintenance of all records and papers; shall be responsible for the correspondence of this organization; shall prepare and post the minutes; and shall assist the Executive Committee in preparing the agenda for the meeting.  The secretary is responsible for maintaining e-mail account.

1d. THE TREASURER:  The treasurer shall maintain funds of the organization; shall receive and disburse funds; shall give itemized report of receipts and disbursements as necessary.  The treasurer shall be the chair of the Fundraising Committee.  Duties will include monitoring and seeking out fund sources and the maintenance of organizations bank account.

1e. COMMITTEES LIAISON:  This position is an Executive Committee appointed position.  Duties include acting as liaison between the Standing Committees’ and the Executive Committee.  The committee liaison will work with the Committees’ Chairpersons’ in developing and implementing plans for the academic year.

Section 2.  TERM OF OFFICE:  Elected officers shall assume their office at the beginning of the Fall Semester in August and shall serve one academic year.  The Vice-President shall remain in office until new elections are held and shall be responsible for conducting Fall election.

Section 3.  RELATIVE POWERS:  The Executive Committee holds no hierarchical construct.  Each position is egalitarian in relation to the other position regarding responsibility, decision-making powers, privileges, etc.

Article IV
Nominations and Elections

Section 1.  ELECTIONS COMMITTEES:  The election process shall be conducted by the Vice-President at the beginning of the Fall semester.  The election shall be by secret ballot and the results shall be determined by majority vote.  The Vice-President will post election results one week after the end of voting period.

Section 2.  COMMITTEES:  The Executive Committee shall appoint Committee Chairpersons.

Article V
Meetings and Quorum

Section 1.  MEETINGS:  Meetings shall be determined by elected officers at the beginning of each semester.  Special meetings will be called as needed.  All meetings are opened general membership.

Section 2.  NOTICE OF MEETINGS:  All meetings dates, times and locations shall be posted regularly.

Section 3.  QUORUM:  A minimum of three Executive Committee members are needed to establish a quorum to conduct business.

Article VI
Standing Committee

Section 1.  SOCIAL COMMITTEE:  The purpose of the Social Committee shall be to plan and implement social events for the organization.

Section 2:  EDUCATION COMMITTEE:  The Education Committee will plan seminars, workshops and/or presentations by professional social workers in the community.  The topics of these activities shall be determined by membership needs and availability of practitioners.

Section 3.  SERVICE COMMITTEE:  The purpose of this committee is to plan, coordinate, and implement projects in the local community.

Section 4.  FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE:  The Fundraising Committee is responsible for planning and implementing activities that will create funds to support the organization’s objectives and planed activities.  The Treasure shall be the appointed Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee.

Section 5.  PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE:  The Public Relations Committee will be responsible for informing the BSW Organization members of upcoming events and activities through flyers, posters, and newsletters, etc.

Article VII

Section 1.  AMENDMENTS:  The Executive Committee has the right to amend these by-laws as deemed necessary by a majority vote of the membership.

Article VIII
Executive Acknowledgement

Section 1.  EXECUTIVE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  The below signatures of the Executive Committee signifies that the officers have read and acknowledge they will abide by the established by-laws of this organization.

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