MAXIMO Workshop

Maui Community College
Computing Services
July 8, 2008

1. Must use Internet Explorer only.

2. Maximize window for best viewing.

3. In the Address bar type:

4. Bookmark this URL.

5. Click on Secure Login to Maximo Work Requests to create, complete, submit, and edit work requests.

6. Enter your UH UserName and Password. Click the Login button.

7. Click on New Work Request button.

8. Submit one problem on one computer system per work request.

9. Only use the Tab key or mouse click to navigate from field to field.
Using the Enter key will submit the request regardless if it's complete or not
(If you do submit the work request by mistake, simply select it from the Request List and edit it to completion.)

* * * * *
key to move between fields.

ENTER key will SUBMIT work request.


10. The workorder request number will be assigned automatically by Maximo. And the next three boxes are filled
in automatically by your logon information.

11. Description (Subject)
Type a short description of the problem in the Description box
(Important: If you are submitting a request for someone else, enter their name, extension, and
a brief title here.)

12. Location (of problem)
Click on for Detail Map
Click on Drilldown for Location List
Click on the next to the buildings to expand and view rooms. The will become a as notification that
the view is expanded. A view cannot be expanded any more.
(Shortcut Tip: If a particular location is routinely entered, you can type it in without using the Drilldown menu)

13. Skip the Equipment section as database is empty.

14. Service Department designates which services department receives your request
Type in CS for Computing Services. There is no Drilldown menu.

15. Request Type

Click on the Select Value icon.
When the list appears, click on the word Request Type in the header to sort by ascending types.
Click on the right orange arrow to go to the next page. Click on the left orange arrow to go back.
Find your problem and click on the blue box at the beginning of the row to select the type.
(Shortcut Tip#1: If a particular type is routinely entered, you can type it in without using the Drilldown menu)
(Shortcut Tip#2: Print the three pages of codes. For each page, right-click the list and select Print.)


16. (Optional) Target Completion Date
Click on the icon to select a date. You may enter a date, but the Administrator assigns the final target date.

17. (Optional) WO Priority
May enter a number from 1 (Top Priority) to 10 (Low Priority).
Requestor may enter a priority, but the Administrator assigns the final priority.

18. Additional Comments
Enter specific information or additional comments in this box. Remember not to hit the Enter key as it will submit
your request regardless if it's completed or not.

NOTE 1: If there is more than one computer in the office, describe the location of computer needing attention
by its reference in the office.
NOTE 2: To print requests at this time, use FILE | PRINT and select LANDSCAPE layout before printing.

19. Click on one of the choices.
Submit to submit your request or hit the Enter key
Reset to reset the form or
Cancel to cancel request

20. The next screen confirms your submission.


21. Search Fields. Use this area to search for a specific work request by number, username, date, etc.

22. Work Request List. View your requests (recent ones first). Click on link to view entire work request.

23. If you need to make corrections or additions, click on the work request number link, find item and edit.

24. PRINTING. To print the request, click on the work request number link under
Request heading, use FILE | PRINT and select LANDSCAPE layout before printing.




How do I know the status of my workorder?

Log into Maximo and at the bottom of the screen is
a list of work requests. Initially the work request
is assigned the code WAPPR - Waiting for Approval.

Other codes are:
APPR -Approved
CAN - Canceled
CLOSE - Closed
COMP - Completed
INPRG - In Progress
WMATL - Waiting on Material
WPCOND - Waiting on Plant Condition

I was in Maximo and had to leave for awhile. When I came back Maximo timed out and I found myself in the orange Maximo screen. What do I do?

Should your Maximo session time out, you will need to close the window, start from step 1, open another IE window, and log back into Maximo.

Can I view someone else's work request?

You have the ability to view work requests generated by others by typing in their username into the Reported By text field.

How do I change the status of the work request, say to cancel a workorder?

To change the status of the work request, open your request and click on the Change Status button.
Select a new status from the New Status drop down menu.
After selection click the OK button.
Click OK to leave the work request window.

How do I submit a work request about my computer not turning on, if it doesn't work?

Work requests can be submitted from any working computer. Just log into another working computer in your area, using Internet Explorer


Last modified: July 7, 2008