DiDissertation Topic:

The use of cellular telephones in emergency situations
Post Emergency Location System

Blanca Polo

Advisor: Dr. Kim Binsted


January 19th, The plan

I will dedicate 3 to 5 hours per week to the research of my topic of interest. During this time I will find articles related to the use of cell phones and other networking devices in emergency situations, specifically for search and rescue operations. The background information that I will obtain will allow me to figure out the specific direction of my research. The plan outline is depicted in the main page by date. Of course this plan is subject to change.

The material that I will find will be organized in a table. For each week I will have a table entry as follows:

Time Articles Found My Thoughts
  • The time spent searching for articles, browsing the internet and different books.
  • Time spent reading
  • Time spent writing
Article title, and all the citation information. I will not make the article available online due to copyright restrictions but I will have hardcopies handy. I will write about the material that I read during the week. I will summarize the material and after that I will write my reflections and the ways (if any) in which this information will fit into my dissertation.

The following weeks: