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Opportunities & Benefits


Founded in 2003, the Biology Club offers its members opportunities no other organization has yet presented.  Such activities include: snorkeling, hiking, camping trips across Hawaii, visits to medical and scientific research facilities, community service projects (including the Great Aloha Run, Relay for Life, beach cleanups, Kaupa Stream Clean-up, Waimea Audubon Conservation Project), zoo trips, and various socials with other health and science organizations (just to name a few). The Biology Club is a GREAT way to get to know the island of Oahu, meet new people, make important connections with faculty and staff, and get involved in the community.  Most of all, Biology Club is a place where people can come together from diverse backgrounds (not just Biology majors), have fun, and make long lasting friendships.  

Biology Club is also a great way to get experience in the field of Biology. The club often has special speakers including professors, doctors, conservationists, and researchers from various fields. The club also offers mentorship for new UH Manoa students from all majors, and provides valuable resources in test-prep, class scheduling, and more. Some notable alumni members of the Biology Club include doctors, researchers, future professors, and many graduate students in various research fields.  

The Biology Club strives to give as many opportunities as possible to its membership year after year.  This club is solely about you, future or current members. Come and experience the Biology Club, and have some of the most memorable times of your life.  

→ Great way to experience and explore different aspects of the unique Biology of Hawaii
→ Opportunities to explore the distinctive landscape and oceans of Hawaii
→ Visit prestigious medical and research institutions
→ Speak directly to professionals in any biological/medical field of interest
→ Connect with students that share the same interest
→ Enjoy exploring "LIFE" through events such as snorkeling and hiking


*You MUST turn in your waiver form and dues in order to recieve rides or points from the Biology Club.

Membership fees25 dollars for new members per semester (all inclusive fee)
20 dollars for returning members per semester. If membership is desired for the entire academic year a discounted membership fee of 45 dollars for new members and 35 dollars for returning members is required.

Dues go to paying for club t-shirt, water bottle, admission to all regular events, food at general meetings, and for admission into special events.

FormsCompletion of the Waiver and Membership form which can be found on the "Downloads & Documents" page.

PointsActive members have earned a total of 2500 points. Points are attained through any combination of:

Meetings, community services & volunteering events, fundraisers (i.e. carwash or selling items), social activities, wearing the club shirt, bringing water bottle, contributing food/useful items to carwashes & potlucks, giving rides to & from events. Find event descriptions on the "Events" page.

Point System:
Our point system is made to honor members who show dedication to the Biology Club. Being "Active" in Bioclub is an extremely prestigious, and hard-earned, honor to have. We also strive to honor those members who go above and beyond in their support for bioclub, with classifications like "double active" and "triple-active". We always honor our most active member as well. Being an active member in the Biology Club is an excellent experience. We hope that you join us on our events, and earn some BIOPOINTS along the way.

Events: 100pts per hour 
Fundraiser: 200 pts per hour (double of regular events)
Rides: 100 pts for rides given one way, 200 pts for round trip
Club Spirit: 50 pts each for bottle and t-shirt (total of 100 points/event for both shirt and bottle)
No call/no show: 100 points deducted for no cancellation notice 24 hour prior to event, 100 points deducted for not giving notice of ride cancellation

Points will not be deducted as long as notice is given prior to the event. To cancel, please contact Maile Amine.

If you have any questions regarding how many points you have, please feel free to email Kaitlin Lopez.

Honors & Awards:

Active Membership

Active Membership requires enough dedication to the club to attain at least 2500 points during the semester. Being an active member shows that you have demonstrated excellence and commitment to the Biology Club through any number of biology-related activities including camping, snorkeling, hiking, community service projects, and educational events. It is an excellent honor to be able to put on any resume or application.

Members who show extreme commitment are also highly recognized. Those who go above and beyond and obtain more than the required amount of points are given special awards every year.

All of these members are recognized at the Biology Club's Last General Meeting or at the End of the Year Social.

Special Officer Awards
These awards are given out once a semester. These awards are not determined by points, but rather special acts or character qualities that the individual exemplifies. Individuals who recieve these awards have distinguished themselves to the officers, and deserve to be specially recognized.

Presidential Award

Perhaps the Biology Club's Highest Honor, this award goes to the person who embodies the spirit and core values of the Biology Club. This award goes to the member who, in addition to attending events, has shown helpfulness, dedication, hard-work, club spirit, and other qualities that exemplify the President of Bioclub. He or she may have been especially helpful on specific events, shown amazing club spirit on many occasions, displayed a zest for adventure, and demonstrated a commitment to service. This person has shown enough commitment, dedication, humility, and leadership to be recognized by the President. The nominees for this award are determined by the current President, and approved by the Vice-President. Any member of the Executive Board may nominate an individual for this award if he/she is approved by the President and Vice-President. The Board then deliberates and votes upon which nominee shall recieve this award.

Activities Award

This award is determined by both the Activities Officer and Secretary of Biology Club. While this award may go out to the person who has shown up to the most events during the semester, club spirit is also taken into account. The person who shows the most energy, and spirit may be given this award as well. In addition, if a person helps to plan, and coordinate events (community services, socials), this individual may be taken under consideration for the award. The Activities Officer and Secretary collaborate in deciding nominees for this award. The nominees must have the approval of both officers. The Board may also nominate an individual if approved by the Secretary and Activities Officer. The final recipient(s) are determined through the deliberation and voting of the Board.

Treasury Award

The Biology Club relies on the efforts of members to raise money for the club. Persons eligible for the award may be those individuals who help plan or coordinate fundraisers, show up to all shifts during fundraisers, sell an amazing amount of presale tickets, or otherwise help the treasurer in the logistics of the fundraiser (giving rides, bringing special items etc). This individual is nominated by the Treasurer. Any Board memeber may nominate any individual if approved by the Treasurer. The Board then votes upon which individual should recieve the Award.

Operations Award

The Biology Club does a wide range of activities and as such requires an amazing amount of logistical planning. Those individuals who help in event logistics or operations are eligible for this award. Such individuals may give an amazing amount of rides throughout the semester, help to transport equipment, and basically function as a second operations officer. Without these members, the Biology Club could not function. Nominees for this award are determined by the Operations Officer, though any Board member may nominate an individual should he/she be approved by the Operations Officer. The Board then votes upon which member should recieve this award.

Webmaster's Award

The webmaster often requires help from members to maintain the website or take pcitures for different events. Those member who provide useful resources for the website, including links, photos, opportunities for members, or other useful resources may be given this special award. These individuals often function as a club historian of sorts, or perhaps a source of useful info or other resources for the members. The individual is nominated by the Webmaster. Any Board member may nominate an individual if he/she is approved by the Webmaster. The Board then votes on which nominee should recieve the award.